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Many people ask a question – what exchange to choose for mining and trading? Consider the stock exchanges of browser mining, and just exchanges that like miners, and do not banish them, as well as choose the best. Maining on the stock exchanges produced with video cards, asycks, processors and cloud mining. We will consider the best cryptovrency exchangers for mining.

Майнинг биржа

There were problems, on exchanges like poloniex. When it was bathing, for the fact that the miners used the stock exchanges for mining and as a storage. So we decided to gather the best mining exchanges cryptovalyut. Wallets that are safe and convenient to mint on. Which I’ve personally tested for over a year.

Best Exchange Mining

And so let’s start our list – the choice of the exchange for mining and trading, and a short description, as well as pros and cons.

Exchange  Binance


Binance – I consider the best stock exchange mining in 2018. The big plus is that there’s no minimum amount to enter the crypt currency. It’s also a convenient interface for trading, a lot of currency pairs. And so de has its own crypt-currency, using which you get a 50% discount on commission. Of the disadvantages – there is no fiat and no built-in methods of output.

We also have an article- How to get out of Binance.

Stock ExchangeExmo


Exmo – I think this is one of the most convenient exchanges for mining. And it’s a very good exchange for ether mining. Of the advantages – there is a fiat in the form of dollars, euros, rubles and hryvnia. There are built-in methods of output. Many produce mining for the purse of the Exmo exchange. Very convenient for beginners. Tested by mining it for more than three years.

There is also an article. – Exmo output.

Stock Exchange Yobit


Yobit – оthe bottom of the best Russian-speaking exchanges. On the plus side, the mining exchange gives you all the hardforks in accordance with the balance, a lot of currency pairs. There are also a lot of built-in methods of output, and a fiat in the form of rubles, dollars and euros.

There is also an article. – Conclusion Yobit.

Stock Exchange Livecoin


Livecoin – one of the best stock exchange majors. From pluses it is a fiat in the form of dollars, euros and rubles with built-in methods of output. There’s also a sumo mining on the exchange, not big commissions.

Stock Exchange CEX

CEXCEX -Very interesting cryptographic exchange, which is suitable for mining. The big plus is that it can safely buy bitcoins using visa cards or master cards.


Stock Exchange Stex


STEX – A good exchange for mining, not in vain entered the top of the crypt currency exchanges, convenient and many different coins that can be obtained with the help of mining. Interesting interface.


Stock Exchange Kucoin


Kucoin – a fast-growing cryptographic exchange. There is Russian language, and measurements in rubles, which is very convenient. Also very user-friendly interface, small commissions.

There are many other interesting features.

Stock Exchange mercatox

mercatoxmercatox – an increasingly popular exchange, with a user-friendly interface, you can credit safely to other users, and make money on it. Sign up and see for yourself.

Stock Exchange c-cex


c-cex – as a normal alternative to the exchanges listed above. Many currency pairs, user-friendly interface.

Exchange for mining which you should choose. As new exchanges appear or the old ones change, the article will be updated. We will add new exchangers, if the old ones lose their relevance. But only after checking in real conditions (we will be mining them, and make a survey).

All these exchangers are also perfectly suitable for trading.

Thank you all for your attention, have questions or comments, write in your comments.

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