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How to verify on exmo

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What is exmo verification, and why is it needed. Let’s consider in more detail.

Since January 9, 2020, the exchange has warned that for trading, mandatory verification by exmo is required and requires passing it (at least the first 2 points).

Article updated!

In this article, we will help you how to pass verification on exmo me faster, based on experience and mistakes that should not be made.

By the way, if you are not yet registered on the exmo exchange, register and earn with it. The best exchange for beginners.

Exmo верификация

Is verification on the exmo.me exchange necessary? Need – to confirm your identity, that you are the owner of this account, which gives verification on exmo:

For us: so that we can use the built-in output methods, and without restrictions. It also happens that if you log in from a suspicious IP address, all pins can block. And verification will be required. And now mandatory verification is needed, exmo will not work without verification. But for compulsory verification only 2 points are required, more on that below.

For the exchange: this is required by laws – to suppress attempts to finance terrorism and the spread of drugs and other illegal actions. And also in order to prevent mistakes, fraudulent actions and more.

Does Exmo need verification? What is the result:

If you want to trade, use the built-in withdrawal methods, or you have blocked all conclusions, then that’s why verification with exmo. While it is possible to withdraw without verification – how to withdraw funds using the built-in withdrawal and withdrawal methods without verification, the guide is in the article – how to withdraw money with exmo. Now let’s start the guide on how to pass verification on the exmo exchange.

Exmo perform verification

What the exmo exchange requires for verification:

  1. ID confirmation
  2. Selfie photo with document
  3. Proof of address
  4. Verification of your bank card

Exmo пройти верификацию

You will need documents for exmo verification, first go to the link – exmo.me/ru/verify (verification exmo address).

For verification, it is enough to go through the first 2 points, the rest are optional, they are required to unlock some withdrawal methods.

1. Proof of identity – verification of identity on exmo. You fill in your data, and must confirm this data with an identity document, the most popular is a passport.

Exmo me верификация

Everything is simple here. Fill in the last name, first name and patronymic, date of birth. Series and number for example passport. Who issued the country of the document. If you have a Russian passport, then it does not indicate the date until which it is valid. But according to our laws, a passport is changed upon reaching 20 and 45 years of age. That is, put the date of your birth, and calculate the year manually.

Next, upload a scan or passport photo, and then attention, it’s easier to scan and there will be no problems. If there is no scanner, you can take a photo, but the photo should be:

High-quality, the photo will not work on an old phone.

The document must be valid and the scan or photo must be made from the original.

The picture should be on a plain background, or without a background, but for the document to be in the photo completely with corners.

There should not be any foreign objects in the photo, for example, a popular mistake, a document is photographed holding it with fingers, and fingers are visible in the photo. Such photos do not accept 100%.

Also, the picture should not be less than 500 kb or more than 5 mb.

Download the scan or photo, then click send for verification, and while we wait, we will go to the next item only after you pass the verification of this when the green inscription “Verified” is displayed.

2. Selfies with an identity document.

It’s simple, you need to write the word EXMO, date, attach the opened document that you downloaded in the first step, take a photo and send. Below is a diagram.

Exmo селфи

That’s about the same as in the picture.

Attention! The photo should have good quality. All the data in the document should be visible, so look at the quality and that your fingers would not cover the data on the document.

EXMO вер

Next, select your photo, and click Send for verification, wait for it to be completed, that’s all, these two points are enough, if you want to use all 100% of the output, then go to the next step.

3. Confirmation of the address of residence, verification of the address on exmo.

Exmo account verification is so harsh that it even requires confirmation of the address, and this is the hardest step.

Верификация аккаунта exmo

Everything is clear here, we write our full address (country, region, city or town, street, house, building, if any, apartment number). Then simply indicate the city, your zip code (your address).

And then you need to fill out the data of the document, I immediately say the scan of registration in the passport will not work. Verification of exmo address which documents accept:

Документы для верификации exmo

And besides this, the document should not be older than three months, and your full name and home address should be visible on it.

Sberbank said that she does not give such statements, or something like that.

The utility bill was not understood, since the apartment where I am registered is not registered to me.

I didn’t go to the tax office, but they suggested that it was also nonsense.

The only thing left, and in my opinion the simplest. A document confirming your registration, I went to the management company at my address with a passport, where I was given a statement that I was living at this address without any problems upon application.

After you have received your document, fill out the country of issue, and the date of issue of the document.

Do not forget the rules, the same as with the passport. Scan or photo current from the original, high-quality, without unnecessary items. And send for verification.

Now the last point.

4. Card Verification

And the last point where you need to take a selfie with a payment card, about the same as in point 2, write a date and the word exmo on a piece of paper, a card next to it, and take a selfie against your face.

Что дает верификация на exmo

From the picture I think it’s clear how to take a selfie. The first 6 and the last 4 digits should be visible in the photo, the rest can be hidden, they must also hide the date until which the card is valid. Also remember, the card should be with a surname and name, or rather with your name and surname. It is also necessary to throw off the photo of the back of the card, I don’t understand why.

EXMO карта

But you need to hide the CVV code (a 3-digit code on the other side of the card, hide it), either with a piece of paper or cover it up.

We send the photo and wait.

It should look something like this:

Биржа exmo верификация

Here it is verification passed on the exmo exchange. As a result, for verification on exmo what documents I needed – a passport, and a certificate stating that I live at the indicated address, a map and a selfie.

Are there any risks with exmo verification? Well, if you are not engaged in illegal activities, I think there are no risks.

I also advise you to read – How to withdraw money with exmo, with verification and without it.

And another top – Mining exchanges, choose the best exchange for mining and trading.

If you still don’t understand why you need exmo verification, then ask in the comments or mining forum.

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