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Best Crypt currency exchanges, top rating

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Let’s consider the list of the top exchanges on cryptovite, learn the pros and cons, as well as detailed information and how to work with them.

Earlier we had similar themes, but here in more detail.

Best crypt currency exchanges

Top of the Cryptic Currency Exchanges: What to Pay Attention to When Choosing a Marketplace

If you are purchasing cryptovolves using cloud mining, you should consider converting them into fiat money or exchanging them for other cryptovolves. If it is a one-way exchange (e.g. a one-time sale or purchase of the crypt currency) without further sale, it is more appropriate for the trader to consider the crypt exchange than the exchange. Transactions through the exchanger are performed much faster, and the amount of commission is similar to that of the exchange.

Today the network has a large number of platforms for working with the crypt-currency, so novice traders often find it difficult to make the right choice. What to pay attention to when choosing a platform for trading? It is necessary to take into account:

  1. Daily trading volume – this indicator is the main component of the success of the site and its impact. The more transactions are conducted within a day on the platform, the greater the prospects for each of the users. Please note: trading on the exchange with the daily trading volume below $50,000 is unlikely to bring high profits.
  2. Reputation and Reliability Rating – preference should be given only to proven platforms that collect positive feedback from traders. Detailed feedback on the work of crypt currency exchanges can be found on such portals as bitcointalk or Reddit.
  3. The amount of commission for bidding. The work of any crypt-currency exchange, as well as of any other exchanger, is based on the extraction of its own profit in the form of commission deducted from the amount of each trade performed. The average commission amount is 0.1-0.2%. Recently, popular platforms do not clearly set the commission amount: it depends only on the trading volume according to the rule “the higher the volume – the lower the commission deductions”.
  4. Proposed number of currency pairs. The more currency pairs the exchange offers, the more ways traders have to earn. However, it should be remembered that the availability of various cryptov currencies is not always the key to success: it is much more important to have an optimal set of currency pairs, which will bring fast-growing dynamic profits.
  5. Available payment options. Some exchanges only support payments using cryptov currencies, others support payments using cryptov currencies and fiat money (dollars, roubles, euros, etc.). The wider is the set of payment methods, the more transactions a trader can make.
  6. Verification is another important component from which a choice should be made. Some platforms allow you to work without proof of identity, including – remain completely anonymous, while others have higher requirements for passing the verification (including in several stages). When working through an account that is not verified, a trader should remember that in this case special withdrawal limits can be set.
  7. Proposed user interface. The more tools are offered to traders, the simpler and more efficient the further work and trading will be built. Another important detail is the availability of statistics on all performed operations, graphical and technical analysis tools that allow to correctly determine the current market situation.
  8. Localization of the crypt currency exchange. It is often the case when the platforms are oriented to work in a certain country or a number of countries, being closed to foreign traders. A vivid example is the exchanges of South Korea and Japan, which have attractive conditions, but are focused only on a certain range of users.
    Рейтинг криптовалютных бирж 2019



Binance – a relatively young Chinese cryptovoltaic exchange operating on the market since 2017. Despite its small age, the exchange was able to gain popularity among users. According to official data, today Binance is among the five leaders in terms of daily trading volume.

Among the advantages of Binance’s crypt currency exchange.:

  1. User-friendly and straightforward interface. Besides, traders have an opportunity to use professional tools for analytics and trading.
  2. Fast transaction processing speed.
  3. Voluntary verification at the trader’s request.
  4. Complete absence of commissions for entering crypto currency.
  5. The minimum fee for trading on the platform is 0.1%.
  6. The presence of the Russian version, which greatly facilitates the work and bidding. Other popular languages – English, Japanese, Spanish, French – are also available.
  7. High performance – more than 1.4 million orders are processed on the exchange in just a second.
  8. Possibility to work with a large list of cryptovalues: for each of them you can start a separate wallet.
  9. There is a special mobile application for working with mobile devices. Please note: today the Binance exchange is supported by the largest companies – “Accenture”, “SBI Group”, “Morgan Stanley”. In addition, Binance’s work strictly complies with legal requirements, which makes it absolutely legal.



The Russian-speaking crypto exchange Exmo has been operating since 2013. Today traders can make transactions in rubles, dollars and euros. Special attention is paid here to security requirements: that is why the emphasis is on the major cryptov currencies, rather than a large number of trading pairs.

Sign up for EXMO, I recommend!

In early 2019, the exchange launched its own crypt currency – EXMO Coin (EXO), which was the first step towards decentralization. In addition, in early 2019, EXMO entered the top ten leading cryptovoltaic exchanges in Europe.

Among the main advantages of EXMO:

  1. Fast speed of work: transfers inside the exchange are made in a fraction of a second, withdrawals are made within 5 minutes to half an hour.
  2. One of the lowest commission amounts among the best exchanges is 0.2%.
  3. Minimum amount of commissions for account replenishment: through the bank – 1%, Yandex.Money – 5%, Qiwi – 5.9%.
  4. Small commission for withdrawal: PerfectMoney – 0.5%, bank cards – 1%, WebMoney e-wallet – 2%. Other ways to withdraw commission do not provide.
  5. The impressive daily turnover – about 58 million dollars.
  6. Quick registration and simple verification of identity (with any document) and address (using receipts and statements).



British Cryptorage BTC-Alpha is trusted by professional traders since 2015. Particular attention is paid to safety: that is why BTC-Alpha is among the TOP 15 safest exchanges according to ICORating. Today the resource is available in two languages – Russian and English.

Giving preference to work on BTC-Alpha, a trader can be confident not only in the safety of personal and payment data, but also coins and currencies used on his portal.

Among the advantages of BTC-Alpha:

  1. Fast registration and verification…
  2. Increased account protection with two-factor authentication.
  3. Simple and intuitive interface, complete with professional features and options – even the novice one can understand.
  4. Minimal trading fees – from 0.1%.
  5. Wide choice of coins and trading pairs: today BTC-Alpha platform offers traders more than 100 coins and 200 pairs.
  6. There is an opportunity to deposit and withdraw fiat money.
  7. There is a possibility to make transfers inside the exchange without commission by means of Alpha Code system. In addition, there is no commission for the transfer of funds outside the exchange, as well as for the use of cryptov currencies in points – exchangers of partners.
  8. Availability of own referral program that allows earning even more. Thus, in April 2019 BTC-Alpha announced an update with which traders can earn up to 50% of the commission paid by referrals.
  9. A qualified support team, working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  10. A mobile application designed for iOS-based smartphones.



Huobi – one of the oldest crypt currency exchanges in the market since 2013. Today Huobi is a popular platform for professional traders. Initially, the platform was focused exclusively on working in China, but already in 2017 it acquired the status of international.

Huobi takes the third place in the rating of cryptovoltaic exchanges by the total volume of trading operations – for 24 hours there are transactions for more than 550 000 000 000 dollars. In 2019, the Huobi exchange also launched its own NT crypt currency to finance its activities.

Among the key advantages:

  1. Improved security – Huobi uses a special distributed protection system against hacker attacks.
  2. Excellent security and means – 98% are stored offline in secure wallets with digital signature.
  3. Presence of priority-compensation system and fund of protection of users.
  4. Ability to work in multilingual interfaces, including – Russian.
  5. Own referral program: for an invitation under the link, the trader can get a cacheback of 30% of the deducted commission for transactions.
  6. Own mobile application for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac-based devices.
  7. Professional support service – any user question is solved in the shortest possible time.
  8. Technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Cryptobirge Kucoin – relatively young, but already very popular platform, which is trusted by both beginners and experienced traders. Among the nearest prospects is to enter the TOP-10 and hold the leading positions: the chances of bypassing the Vipanse platform are quite high.

The Exchange has its own crypt-currency – KuCoin Shares, the owners of which can claim to receive pleasant daily dividends. And these are not all advantages: traders working with KuCoin Shares can also claim reduced withdrawal fees and trading discounts, as well as access to the unique features of the platform.

Among the advantages of the Kucoin exchange:

  1. An impressive number of exchange pairs – in 2019, traders can take advantage of more than 300 options.
  2. Compared to other platforms, verification of the account to start and withdraw is an optional procedure.
  3. Some of the lowest commissions for transactions in the market (available and completely free options).
  4. Increased security of clients’ assets.
  5. Professional technical support service, working without breaks and weekends.
  6. Available professional tools for analysis, a strategy chart for more convenient work.
  7. User-friendly and simple interface, which can be understood even by a beginner. The Kucoin platform works in 13 popular world languages, including Russian.



Multicurrency exchange OKEx is a platform for trading digital tokens. Today the project enjoys high popularity not only among Chinese audience, but also gaining momentum in a number of European countries. OKEx – a service, which is debugged and effective work of the best experts in China, South Korea and Japan.

Today OKEx platform works on three language interfaces. The main international languages are Chinese and English. Despite the fact that the platform has been operating on the market since 2017, the volume of transactions within a day here exceeds 160,000 BTC, which is proof of demand.

Among the advantages of OKEx platform:

  1. Extensive functionality – both beginners and professional traders have access to more than 500 currency pairs that trade with popular cryptov currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether.
  2. Ability to work with the built-in API.
  3. Handy mobile application for iOS and Android devices.
  4. Ability to perform operations with futures contracts.
  5. An extensive choice of various tools for trading.
  6. Voluntary Verification.
  7. Increased security during work due to verification codes authentication, e-mail notifications about actions and transactions, additional passwords for trading operations.



Kryptovalyut Exchange LiveCoin is popular not only in Europe, but also among Russian and CIS traders. LiveCoin today is a reliable platform for both professional and beginner traders with a Russian language user-friendly interface.

The LiveCoin team is constantly working to improve the platform’s features, providing traders with an increasing number of options and tools.

Among the main advantages:

  1. Ability to quickly replenish fiat money (dollar, ruble, euro) to the user’s account, which greatly simplifies the work with the crypt currency.
  2. Verification of the account at the user’s request.
  3. Availability of a convenient exchanger that allows you to perform any actions with money: exchange, sale, purchase.
  4. Convenient tools for analytics, which are easy to deal with even for a beginner trader.
  5. A large number of trading pairs – 191.
  6. The minimum amount of commission for a transaction is 0.1-0.2%.
  7. Small commission for account replenishment: for example, commission for transfer from a bank card is 1%, from a Payeer wallet – 1.5%, PerfectMoney – 1.5%.
  8. Higher level of data protection due to two-factor authentication and secure encryption.
  9. Ability to withdraw funds in both the ruble and dollar equivalent.
  10. Quick helpdesk – the answer to your question in Russian is available in a few minutes.



CryptobirgeYoBit offers traders a large number of trading pairs, including the new altocoins, recently introduced at ICO. The YoBit platform not only allows you to sell and exchange crypt currency, but also gives it away for free.

Impressive and daily volume of trades – on average during the day at the exchange YoBit transactions totaling more than 15,000,000 dollars. Here you can buy even the rarest and most exotic cryptov currencies that are not available on other exchanges.

Among the advantages of the YoBit platform:

  1. A variety of ways to deposit and withdraw funds. The platform is oriented to work in Russia and CIS countries, that is why it supports Russian payment systems – Yandex.Money, KIVI, bank cards of the World.
  2. Input and withdrawal of funds is supported even in Fiat (rubles, dollars).
  3. The debugged and convenient interface, clear even to beginners.
  4. The Exchange provides not only the possibility to perform operations with crypt currency, but also tools for coin accumulation. In addition, YoBit offers traders to unravel a special cappuccino to get free crypt currency.
  5. The ability to add your own cryptovite using AddCoin for developers.
  6. Low commission for trading – no more than 0.2%.
  7. Increased account protection through notifications and two-factor authentication.
  8. Traders can increase the amounts on their accounts by participating in special lotteries.
    Instant money withdrawal with low commission – from 1%.



Coinbase -This is not only a highly capitalized and impressively traded cryptographic exchange, but also an internet wallet. Here, authorized users can not only earn money from trading operations, but also safely store available cryptov currencies.

Coinbase platform has been working since 2012. During the first two years of its existence, the number of users has reached several millions. Today Coinbase is trusted by residents of the United States, Europe and Russia. At the end of 2018 Coinbase Payments received a license from the British regulator and the ability to conduct transactions with electronic money in the European Union.

Among the positive aspects of Coinbase:

  1. High reputation of the site and an excellent system of protection of personal data of traders and funds – for all the time of work there was no registered hacking of the site.
  2. Insurance of any type of deposits.
  3. More than 98% of funds are stored in special “cold” offline accounts, which is a guarantee of security.
  4. All currencies of the exchange are very popular and volatile.
  5. Availability of own platform for trading crypt currency Coinbase Pro.
  6. For traders from most countries it is available to replenish with fiat funds.
  7. Ability to sell bitcoins using PayPal.
  8. Fast execution of purchase orders for cryptovite. Coinbase buys and sells currency directly from users, which allows to exclude the expectation of the second party to make a deal.



The HitBTC crypt exchange is distinguished by its impressive experience. The trading platform with almost five years of history is characterized not only by a well-functioning interface, multicurrency support, but also by an attractive design.

Over time, HitBTC trading volumes grow in arithmetic progression. Transactions of more than EUR 10,000,000 are performed here during the day, which contributes to increased liquidity and reduced difference between sellers and buyers. Undoubtedly, it is quite profitable for traders.

Among the undeniable advantages of the platform:

  1. Improved security of personal data and funds. Users can set up the “Automatic Logout” and “Log in from other devices” options themselves. The two-factor Google Authentication used for login is another guarantee of secure operation.
  2. The ability to withdraw and upload in fiat currencies (roubles and dollars).
  3. Verification procedure is not required for trading.
  4. A large number of currency pairs, focused on major markets.
  5. User-friendly interface, convenient system of analytics.
  6. Ability to work in a demo mode, which allows you to gain experience of real work in market conditions without monetary investments.
  7. Low commission for transactions – only 0.1%.



Poloniex is one of the oldest and most popular. You can buy almost all currency pairs here. Having appeared in the U.S. market in 2014, Poloniex quickly gained popularity among both beginners and experienced traders due to its high reliability. The trading volume here exceeds $347,000,000 during a day.

Experienced users (and their number is more than 45,000 people) abbreviatedly call the Poloniex exchange simply “Polo”. It attracts traders not only with a high level of security, but also with a large number of different pairs.

Among the competitive advantages:

  1. Convenient tools for analysis.
  2. High liquidity.
  3. Minimum commission for input and output – from 0 to 0.25%.
  4. Over 107 trading pairs.
  5. Prompt technical support: despite the large number of miners, you can get an answer to your question in an online chat within a few minutes.
  6. Intuitive interface – despite the fact that the exchange works exclusively in English, it is quite easy to understand the work through the built-in translator.
  7. Increased security – user data and tools are protected with encryption and two-factor authentication.
  8. Specially designed mobile application for Android devices.

Please note: every user at Poloniex must pass a two-stage identification system, after which the deposit limit is automatically increased to $25,000 per day.Kraken


The Kraken platform is another one of the leaders of the cryptovoltaic European exchanges. Operating since 2011, the platform collects a large number of positive feedback from the miners. By daily trading volume Kraken platform is the second largest in the world. Despite the fact that at present Kraken works only in Japanese and English, it does not prevent traders from participating in trading from Russia.

Kraken characterizes:

  1. Fast and smooth operation thanks to the user-friendly and simple interface.
  2. Low commission for trading – only 0.2%. As the trade turnover increases, its size decreases.
  3. Large number of currency pairs – over 100 (including cryptov currencies and real money).
  4. Support of margin trading.
  5. Extensive trading functionality – tools for analysis and effective options for orders are presented.
  6. Availability of a specially developed mobile application for iOS-based smartphones and tablets.
  7. Three modes for creating orders.
  8. Ability to deposit fiat currency to your account.



The Bitfinex cryptovoltaic platform is aimed at the residents of Europe and the USA, but despite this, the platform supports the Russian-language interface. In the beginning the platform was oriented to work exclusively with Bitcoin, but soon other cryptovalues started to appear on it. The Bitfinex platform is one of the leading platforms in terms of daily trading volume – up to $2,000,000,000 per day. Here you can also find the rarest cryptovalues, such as IOTA or SingularDTV.

Bitfinex platform has many advantages:

  1. The platform supports deposit and withdrawal of fiat funds, resulting in the possibility to use 20 currency pairs.
  2. The ability to quickly exchange absolutely any crypt currency for dollars with a minimum fee.
  3. Availability of mobile application for iOS and Android devices – togas can be carried out even from a phone and tablet.
  4. Ability to start working with a demo account, which is especially attractive for beginner traders.
  5. Support for margin trading, all kinds of coins and tokens.
  6. Absence of set limits for withdrawal.
  7. Large number of pairs (103) for effective trading.
  8. Voluntary passing of account verification.
  9. Small commissions based on “Maker-Taker” principle.



The Bittrex crypto is widely popular in Europe and the USA. Currently, the platform is not in demand among traders from Russia and CIS countries. Bittrex supports an impressive number of currency pairs, but today only Bitcoin can be withdrawn into dollars. Bittrex platform is perfect for miners that work with rare crypt currencies.

The platform characterizes:

  1. The impressive daily turnover – over 296,000,000 dollars per day, which once again proves the popularity and demand for the exchange.
  2. The presence of more than 180 digital coins, similar to Bitcoin.
  3. Increased security of user accounts due to two-factor identification.
  4. Small commission for transactions – up to 0.25%.
  5. Wide list of tokens, which are rarely found on other platforms.



English platform CEX has been working in the market since 2013. Initially, the platform was focused exclusively on cloud mining, and later the project was re-qualified as a cryptovrency exchange. Today CEX is more than 750,000 raiders all over the world and offers favorable conditions for trading. Daily trading on the CEX platform is carried out for the total amount of more than $90,000,000, which provides high liquidity for all assets.

The CEX platform also supports the Russian language interface. Every year the platform becomes more and more oriented for traders from CIS countries.

Among the advantages:

  1. Voluntary verification at the trader’s request.
  2. Profitable affiliate program – with each transaction made by referrals, a trader receives 30% of the exchange commission.
  3. Ability to quickly purchase cryptov currencies at the current market price.
  4. Ability to withdraw and deposit fiat funds. In addition, fiat funds at the CEX exchange are also represented in currency pairs.
  5. Margin trading using leverage, which significantly increases profitability.
  6. One of the lowest commissions in the market is 0.2%.
  7. High liquidity. Today only 5 cryptov currencies are available on the CEX exchange, which allows achieving impressive trading volumes.
  8. Free application for milking smartphones and tablets based on iOS and Android.

Let’s summarize.

All the cryptovoltaic exchanges presented in the rating are characterized by high reliability and enhanced security. We do not recommend giving preference to doubtful resources that promise huge profits in a short period of time.

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