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Mining on Poloniex how to work

# Exchanges

I also decided to leave the old info about mining on poloniex, or rather a piece of info, how to mine a mugwort’s zkash, on this example, you can make another currency, just to specify it in the search instead of zcash.

Why did you take that piece away? – Because it started to receive a lot of complaints about this exchange, because it does not like miners, but only traders.

How do you minimize on poloniex

And so we go to poloniex.com/signup and register (also read –
How to derive from poloniex)

регистрация в poloniex

In the water Name (first line), Last name (2nd), choose your country (3rd), Phone number after the number +7 necessarily put a space (4th), then e-mail, immediately talking to the domain mail.ru does not like (5th), Then your password – a minimum of 8 characters (6th) and repeat the password (7th).

Make a kappa and make sure you tick the box below I agree to the Terms of Use. Confirming agreement to the rules of the exchange.

Now go to your email and confirm your email. Next, you drive your e-mail and password.

It’s got to be like this.

биржа poloniex

At first glance it looks complicated and not clear, but in reality it is simple, and after a while you may enjoy playing and trading on this exchange, which will increase your income.

Next we need to know the ZEC coin purse.

Click “balances” below DEPOSITS & WITHDRAWALS

кошельки poloniex

Next on the search page, type “ZEC”.zcash кошелек

Click Deposit and here’s our zkash address, copy it, and leave the page open (this is where the money will come for minefins).

Here’s our purse, which we have to put into the miner, and it will start to come with mine-money.

Also, now learn how to withdraw –
How to derive from poloniex

Now many people ask what poloniex zec temporarily disable means – it is a problem with the network and wallets zcash, with such an inscription it is not desirable to mine them, because you can lose money on the mine.

I also advise you to read it.

How to start mining

What do you need for mining

Mining Zcash

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