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Mining on Hitbtc

# Exchanges

This article is about how to mine on the HitBTC exchange, in our example there will be Zkash, other currencies are the same. You just need to search for them in the search.

And so we go to the exchange Hitbtc and register

Reg hitbtc

Click Register and see.

 hitbtc Registration

In we drive the e-mail address (first line), below we enter the password, Always in English letters, there must be at least one capital letter, and numbers

Now go to your email and confirm your email. And….

It should work like this

 Hitbtc Main trading window

At first glance, everything is complicated and not clear, but in fact everything is simple, and after a while you may like to play and trade on this exchange, which will increase your income.

Next, we need to find out the wallet for ZEC coins

zcash hitbtc

Click “Fund” (red arrow) then in the search we enter “ZEC” (purple arrow), Click Fund only where the white arrow is. Where the white oval is click Generate adress and here is our address zkash (yellow arrow), copy it, and leave the page open (here will come to the main money)

Thank you all.

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