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Polonies problems, an alternative to poloniex

# Exchanges

Hello everyone. Since many complaints started coming to the poloniex exchange, I decided to consider the problems and an alternative to poloniex.

Account frozen poloniex

This means that poloniex has frozen the account. The reasons for this, the main reason for complaints is that the polonix exchange does not like miners. They do not like that the miners use them as storage and do not trade. They get their main income from trading. And after that, poloniex blocked you. Also, if you are a trader, but do not trade, but just store, the same thing can happen to you.
< h2>Poloniex how to defrost

First, you need to write to poloniex support. Complain to the support service that you have earned this money for a long time, that you will not do it again, but try not to talk about mining.

How do I write to poloniex support? It’s simple, the poloniex support service is located at poloniex.freshdesk.com/support/home. Correspondence in English, use a translator.

Usually, the field of long correspondence rolled, the account was unfrozen. After that, I advise you to withdraw all your funds either to the card or another –
how to output from poloniex. Or transfer them to other exchanges, and also go to work with other exchanges.

Alternative to poloniex

I want to provide you with an alternative, good cryptocurrency exchanges, even better than wormwood.

EXMO is a good reliable exchange, there are all the major currencies for mining, but there are few alternative currencies. There is a built-in money withdrawal, as well as a profitable withdrawal via EXCODE. Russian language, and a clear interface.

Yobit is a reliable exchange with many alternative cryptocurrencies. There are built-in withdrawal methods, one of them is on qiwi without commission. Good trading volume. There is a Russian interface.

Cryptopia is a reliable exchange with a large number of alternative cryptocurrencies (EXP, lbry, Sigt, Daxx and others). Large trading volumes. But English-speaking.

Livecoin – Also a good Russian-language exchange, a normal number of currency pairs.

Here are some great exchanges. I only use them myself.

There is also information on how to withdraw from them:

Output from exmo

Output from yobit

Output from cryptopia

Now let’s look at other popular poloniex problems. Or as the traditional answers to questions.

If you didn’t come to poloniex, there may be several reasons.

1. The minimum input amount is 1 etc. They won’t come until she gets it.

2. The problem with the transaction, you need to track it, and write to technical support.

3. The problem with etc wallet – here you have to wait, if you have not come for a long time, then write to technical support.

The ether did not come to poloniex – the reasons are similar, but the main one is that the minimum for ETH water is 1 coin. And until it is typed, they will not come.

Poloniex is not credited with zec – this happens, especially when there is an inscription temporarily disabled poloniex zcash. This means that the zec wallet is blocked. No coins will be sent to it. They usually fix it for a day.

Why poloniex does not work, there can also be many reasons. It’s just that their server is buggy, ddos attack, and other problems.

Poloniex problems with withdrawal – there may be reasons for freezing, or checking the transaction, if the money has not been transferred for a long time, write to support.

Poloniex reviews our brief:

poloniex and miner? not compatible, since there is a chance that they will ban you, so use the alternative that I wrote above.

poloniex or exmo? I choose exmo! There are fewer problems with it, and if you think about it, you can withdraw it without interest.

Thank you all for your attention.

I also advise you to read – How to mine for beginners.

How to mine Bitcoins.

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