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How to know ping to a pool (server) of mining


Hey, guys. I’m sorry it’s been a long time, I’ve got a lot to do, here’s a new article for you.

And so, how to learn ping or ping the server pool for mining, it’s actually very simple, it’s the same as ping the server games, sites and so on.

Why ping? In order to choose a better pool when, for example, you like a few pools, of course, the less ping the better and earnings a little higher.

In our example will be ping server mining dwarfpool.com/eth

And so click Start – Execute.

Пуск выполнить

Then a window appears in this window, write CMD and click on okay.

cmd mining

A command line appears (picture below), now let’s enter the PING command and the address of the server of the mining pool, which you write in the mattress of the miner. Since I am in Russia, it is more profitable and better to maneuver on the server eth-ru.dwarfpool.com.

And so we get and enter ping eth-ru.dwarfpool.com and press enter.

пинг eth пула сервера

In the green highlight, you can see how we punched the server

And so I got ping time=11ms is my ping to the server and 11 is a great result, acceptable for mining is ping to 70 – 80ms.

I hope my article helped you.

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