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Dwarfpool authorization and setting of the minimum payment and output eth and others


Hello, friends, fellow miners. I wrote a quick article because dwarfpool changed something. By the way, who wouldn’t be able to tune up the dwarfpool’s broadcasting.—
How to Maintain Beginners.

dwarfpool mining-help

Attention this method is suitable for all other currencies (zcash, xmr, exp).

And so now the minimum auto payout on dwarfpool is 1.01 ether by default, but you can set it to at least 0.05 eth. Agree to dial one ether long. Withdrawals to dwarfpool occurs 6 times a day when the minimum amount you have set up.

dwarfpool минимум выплата эфир

And so let’s start – Setting up a minimum payment and output eth to your wallet and how to log on to dwarfpool:

To start with, you need to know your Ip address, the one from which the mapping of the air and from which to set up. Come from a computer or farm where the broadcast is bored, the site 2ip.ru, here’s your Ip.

Узнать ip адрес майнинг

Copy your ip address. Now with our ip address we need authorization on dwarfpool. Let’s go to the page of statistics of your mining at dwarfpool from the same computer or farm on which the mining was located and get your ip address.

Dwarfpool авторизация

Here is where it is highlighted in red in the picture, enter there your Ip which was copied earlier, (by the way, before entering, there is a hint, the last three digits are the numbers that should be in your Ip address for authorization). And click “Authorize”.

And you should see this:

Dwarfpool авторизация

If you see this, then the authorization on the dwarfpool was successful, now where the red arrow, select the minimum for payment, click Change and that’s it, setting the output dwarfpool ready. I hope it helped you.

It’s a popular question:

How to withdraw and withdraw money from dwarfpool manually?

Answer: You can do it manually if you press “manual payment”, but still the payments are made 6 times a day and the minimum is 0.05 or automatically when dialing the set minimum.

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