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Etc ether mini org how to withdraw, set up payouts


Greetings, friends. Not many people know that the minimum payout of etc ethermine org is 1 etc, which for some, especially beginners, is a large amount. In this guide, we will learn how to reduce it to 0.1 etc. But this method is also suitable for the ETH pool.
< h2>Ethermine payout settings

As I said, the minimum payout is 1 ether classic. And if you do not receive etc payments on ethermine org, this may be one of the reasons. Since 1 etc is typed slowly. I also advise you to read –
how to mine etc.

Now the actual setup, or how to output from ethermine org. First, you need to find out your ip, exactly the one from which mining is going on. We go from your farm or from the computer from which the mining is going to the site 2ip.ru and we see.

 ip mining

And under the label “Your IP address” , it is copied. Now we set up the payouts themselves.

Etc ethermine org payouts

We go to etc.ethermine.org, and insert your wallet.

 etc ethermine org payouts

Click Check Status and see

 how to withdraw money from ethermine

Click Settings (red arrow), then where the blue arrow is indicated when typing what amount to output (at least 0.1 etc). And where is the purple arrow there we enter your Ip address which we copied above to 2ip.ru.

Everything! I hope I answered ethermine’s question on how to withdraw money.

There are also other problems.

Ethermine invalid ip provided – here you will need to cut off the farm, and wait until it turns red in the statistics. After that, start mining again, find out your IP from the same farm or computer, and after 15 minutes, try to configure it again.

How to withdraw money from the ethermine pool where simple ether is all the same one-on – one, so you just go to ethermine.org.

Thank you all for your attention.

I advise you to read it.

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You can also – Help the site.

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