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Bleutrade how to withdraw money


Today we will talk about how to withdraw money from Bleutrade, for example, to a card, a new but very good and functional exchange, withdrawal from Bleutrade is similar to withdrawal from other exchanges.


Bleutrade how to derive

If you do not have a Bleutrade account, you are advised to register. – Bleutrade. It’s a very good exchange.

And so, conclusion, as everywhere else. The most advantageous way is through the bitcoins. I mean, special services that change the bitcoins to rubles to cards. If you have a different currency, you first exchange it for Bitcoin and then make a conclusion.

And so on, I will describe the services through which it is better to output, through which I output myself, and then more detailed video how.

1. 365 cash – good exchange, good courses!

2.  x-pay -reliable service, with a good course. I change a lot through it.

3.  tytcoin – is a good exchanger, too, I recommend it.

These are proven exchangers, on which course it is better to watch and check you.

It’s also on the website bestchange you can find a good course. If you trust their exchangers.

There will be a video with sample output via x-pay, and text via 365cash.

We’ll start with365 cash, make sure you register for a discount

We’ll be taking out the bitcoins. If you have a different currency, you can take it out, or better yet, exchange it for bitcoins. So, for example, if you’re on the air, we’ll exchange it for bitcoins.

Bluetrade btc

Choose a bunch, in our case BTC/ETH (red arrows), then where it is highlighted in blue:

Amount ETH – the number of airs you want to exchange.

Ptice (BTC) – the price per air in bitcoins, automatically put the market.

Total Cost – the number of bitcoins you will get.

And press Sell ETH.

Now let’s go to the balances.

Bluetrade выводим

Click on your account, then My balances further find BTC click “+” and then Withdraw.

вывод на карту с bluetrade

Where’s the red arrow, here’s the amount we want to deduct, where it’s circled in red, the amount we get minus commission. We copy it and go to 365 cash, do not forget to register for a discount.

Btc на сбербанк bluetrade

Let’s choose the direction for the output, in our case Bitcoin (red arrow) on Sberbank (blue). Where it is highlighted in purple:

In the column you give, enter the amount which we withdraw from the exchange minus commission.

In the column you receive, the amount that you will receive will be automatically displayed.

And below we enter the number of the Savings Bank card and click to exchange.

365cash bluetrade

This is where we quickly learn the information and click on.365cash btc

Here we enter the name of the cardholder and the e-mail address below. Click below.365cash обмен btc

Check the data, check that you have read and agree to the terms and click to exchange.365cash

Where it’s marked in red, that’s the address to drop the bitcoins, back to the exchange.вывод на карту с bluetrade

Where is the yellow arrow we insert the address, enter the login and password from the exchange, and click OK, Confirm Withdrawal (blue arrow). After that we confirm the conclusion by e-mail.

Return to the exchanger, flip to the bottom.


And by clicking I paid, the money comes within an hour.

Next watch the video, with a detailed description of the output from x-pay.

Bleutrade output

Before outputting the video, register on x-pay, you’ll get a discount after you register.

I hope the video makes sense to you. If you have any questions, please ask them in your comments.

And as promised, screenplay.

Bleutrade вывод

Thank you all for your attention!

I also advise you to read it.

Where it is profitable to buy bitcoin.

Expanse mining.

Any questions? Write a comment, bye, everyone.

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