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Withdrawal from the STEX exchange


In this article, we will describe in detail the process of withdrawal of money from the STEX currency exchange crypt. There are several options for withdrawal, it is simple, to more complex, but also more profitable.

Stex вывод

Stex – A good cryptographic exchange loving the miners, with bonuses and a user-friendly interface.

Stex output

This exchange has an opportunity to withdraw a Fiat, in rubles and dollars. It has a slightly lower commission, but requires verification of the account. Since verification is a separate topic, and takes place more than one day, we will choose a simpler way. Later there will be an article about how to go through the verification and output with the Fiat.

We will output bitcoins, get rubles on the map, without verification.

How to output with STEX

For starters, if you don’t have bitcoins, you need to convert all the currency into a bat. If you already have the batcoins, you can skip that step. To do that, enter your account and trade mode.

Как вывести STEX

And we go down below, looking for the currency to change, in our case Callisto(clo).

Обмен на Stex

In the search where it is highlighted in red, we look for our currency and click on it below. The current price is shown next to it.

Перевод BTC stex

Where the current price is highlighted in red, you can bid more and wait for it to rise. For a quick exchange, place the current price. Where blue is highlighted, enter the amount you want to exchange for Bitcoin, and below the “total” column will be the amount that you will get in btc. Next, click on sale (yellow arrow).

After the exchange is completed, we enter the balance. But first, we will choose through which service we will exchange. I advise several of them.

1. Tytcoin – A good, honest exchanger, I’ve trusted him for a long time. It’s a good course.

2. 365cash – It’s a good alternative. Quick conclusions.

Our example will be by tytcoin, you can choose the one on which the course is more profitable.

There’s also a service bestchange,you can find more profitable exchanges there, but I haven’t checked the services.

Let’s keep going, let’s go to Tytcoin, if you want a discount, we’ll be sure to register. Discount becomes more, with each exchange.

Let’s choose the direction of exchange, in our example will be bitcoin to Sberbank.

Вывод stex tytcoin

We chose a direction, then:

Обмен stex на сбербанк

Where circled in red, enter the amount of bitcoins that we want to exchange, below where circled in blue, will be the amount that we will receive (rate as of 05.07.2019). Further we enter card number, and on whom it is registered. As we specify the email, we put checkmarks and we press to exchange.

Обмен на tytcoin

See this window and click to proceed to payment.

Адрес стекс

Where marked in red, this is the address where we need to translate the bitcoins from the exchange, in our case 0.01 btc. Attention, each customer service gives an individual address, transfer money to the one that the service will show you.

Now we return to stex.

Вывод BTC из stex на карту сбербанк

Go to your profile, then the balance, search for BTC, find and click on the output.

Выводим BTC

In the address column, enter the address that gave us tytcoin above, and continue carefully! The sum we enter together with the commission, at the moment the commission on a conclusion 0.001, it means that we should enter the sum 0.011, and on the button of a conclusion the sum which will come to the address will appear, in our case all correctly “a conclusion 0.01”. Click on the output, confirm by mail, if required. Return to tytcoin.Адрес стекс

Click “Back to Request Page” and wait. There will be the status of processing, usually the money comes in 10 – 30 minutes. If you have any questions, write to the comments.

I also advise you to read – what’s more profitable than an asynchronous or video card?

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