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How to withdraw money from the exmo exchange to card, yandex money and others.


Hello, miners and players of the exchange exmo. A lot of people waited for this article for a long time, but there was little time, and finally I found it. And here’s the question, how is it profitable to withdraw exmo from the stock exchange for mini money, bitcoins, etherium to the card sberbank, yandex money and other payment systems. By the way, if you don’t know how to do it, I suggest you read… – how to mine novices. So now the exmo needs verification, we’ll talk about it too.

Exmo вывод

How to output with exmo

Withdrawing money with exmo is simple, but there are 2 ways sometimes one is more profitable than the other. You have to try both each time, calculating, and which one is more profitable and use. By the way, if you haven’t registered yet, register sooner. – EXMO registration. First let’s choose the output method, and then show how to output more profitable with exmo video.

1. The method is the easiest and safest, to output through exmo itself from a ruble wallet, before that all the cryptovrency to exchange in rubles.But verification of identity is required.

2. Withdraw via Bitcoin exchange services, i.e. all currency is exchanged into Bitcoin, and then into a card or other payment system.Identity verification is not required.

Now let’s take a closer look at each of the ways to withdraw money from exmo.

How to withdraw money from exmo

1. The way – withdrawal directly from the exmo to the card sberbank and others, as well as on yandex money and other systems. This method is simpler, exmo takes commission on withdrawal and exchange. And so first we exchange all the crypt currency and funds for rubles, dollars, euros, hryvnias – depends on which account you will transfer to, in my example there will be rubles. This way is safer, but exmo me requires verification.Many built-in output directions require verification, how to pass it and why it is needed, read more here – Exmo verification.

And so to get the rubles out:

If to a bank card, the minimum amount to withdraw 3000 rubles, the Commission is 4.5% + 50 rubles. If you don’t get 3000 rubles, the 2nd way is more suitable for you.

If the money on the yandex then the minimum amount of 100 rubles, the commission to withdraw 1% (I think that the withdrawal of money on the yandex is more profitable only this way).

So let’s start, go to the exmo under your account and go to the auction.

выводим с эксмо деньги

Next, choose the direction, we need to exchange all the crypt currency in rubles, in our example will be the air, choose ETH/RUB as in the picture above (for other coins in the same way), red arrows, then choose the market, for instant exchange we go down and see:

Вывод ETH в рубли exmo

Choose on sale quantity, for example 1 ether, in a column cost how much to you will arrive in roubles, and press to sell eth, further pass in a purse

вывод рублей на карту с exmo

Find your roubles and press to bring them out:

вывод на карту с exmo средств

And so there is a lot to withdraw, all the withdrawals similar in our example will be withdrawals to the cards of banks (Sberbank, Wtb, Tinkoff, etc.). Choose Visa/mastercart, then write “the amount of withdrawal” which is necessary, in the column “you will get” will be the amount that you will get minus commission, here it is more cotton, perhaps the second method is more profitable, and sometimes not how to determine what is more profitable will be described after the second method. Then we give the card number, and after the card number the name of the cardholder, i.e. who the card is registered to, it is important! After that you click on Withdraw funds, you will be written that the instructions will be sent to your e-mail. You need to go to the e-mail to which the exmo account is registered, find a letter from them and confirm by clicking on the link in the letter, confirm and that’s it, now you have to wait, the transfer takes 30 minutes to 3 working days, in my experience I will say that usually about an hour.

If you don’t understand something, I have recorded a video for you, it may be easier to understand.

And since it’s a video that you can output from exmo com:

So they described to me how to get the money out.

Now let’s look at the second way to exit exmo without verification:

How do you deduce from exmo without verifying

2. Output through special services. This time we translate all our cryptic currency to bitcoin. And then via exchange services we output money to a card or yandex. I recommend several services. This way is advantageous, because you don’t need to accumulate minimum 3000 for payout, but from 0.01 bits or how to output bitcoins to exmo.

Tytcoin – The minimum amount per output is 0.02 btc, the system of accumulating discounts. Many times exchanged everything ok. But only on the Savings Bank card.

X-pay – The minimum quantity on a conclusion – 0.003 btc, system of discounts, deduces on Yandex money and a conclusion on cards of many popular banks – Sberbank, Wtb, Alpha bank, Tinkoff. All ok.

365cash — The minimum number per output is 0.02 btc, ok. Displays on cards of popular banks.

We will describe the method of withdrawal through X-pay so the minimum for a payout is a very small 0.01.

For starters, almost all the same thing go into your account on exmo. And immediately in the auction just need to exchange all your currency for bitcoins, in our example will be aired on bitcoins.

Меняем эфир на биткоин exmo

Select ETH/BTC and click on the market for instant exchange (red arrows).

Етх на бтц эксмо

Choose the desired amount of air, in the column “Cost” will be the amount of the bit that you will get to your account, copy it and click to sell eth. Then we go into your wallet:

вывести bitcoin с exmo

We find the btc and press to bring it out. Next:

Red arrows – The sum of the output, here enter the number of bitcoins you want to output, the graph you will get, this is how much you will get for you commission shield, copy this number. And leave this tab open, then go to a special exchange service I recommend two:

Tytcoin – The minimum amount per output is 0.02 btc, the system of accumulating discounts. Many times exchanged everything ok. But only on the Savings Bank card.

365cash — The minimum number per output is 0.02 btc, ok. Displays on cards of popular banks.

X-pay – The minimum quantity on a conclusion – 0.003 btc, system of discounts, deduces on Yandex money and a conclusion on cards of many popular banks – Sberbank, Wtb, Alpha bank, Tinkoff. All ok.

WW-PAY – low minimum 0.01151, good service. Displays popular banks on cards.

50cent -The minimum amount per withdrawal is 0.05 btc, Sberbank and VTB cards. OK .

Also, if you know how to use any exchangers and trust them, I advise you to use currency monitoring bestchange.

But as I wrote above, I’ll describe by way of example Tytcoin and X-pay, don’t forget to register for a discount on your withdrawal.

Let’s start with an example on Tytcoin, we register for a discount. And we choose a direction:

exmo вывод btc tytcoin

We give the bitcoin, the count gets the bank, and then we see.

Обмен exmo btc на сбербанк

Where circled in blue, the bitcoin amount minus the commission we copied to the exmo (above), below will automatically show the amount of rubles you will receive.

Where circled in red, enter the number of the card and the name of the person it is registered to.

Below is the e-mail address, and click on continue.

Обмен btcYou agree to the rules of the service, and click to create an application.

exmo tytcoin

This is what we will get, where it is highlighted in red, bitcoins should be listed on this address (all addresses are different), we will return to EXMO.вывод бабла exmoWhere is the yellow arrow, insert the address where to send and click to withdraw, then it is necessary to confirm the withdrawal, you will receive an e-mail to which you registered exmo account, a letter will come in it confirm, then return to tytcoin.

exmo tytcoinAnd press “I paid” and wait, usually the money comes in 10 minutes to 2 hours.

Now, an example of… X-pay, make sure you register for a discount on the exchange. So booked, go to the page exchanges and choose the desired exchange, in our example, bitcoin (red arrow) to the card Savings Bank (blue arrow).

вывод биткоина с эксмо

Where circled by a blue dotted line, we enter the amount of bits from the “output sum” window which were copied earlier (above) to the exmo minus commission. Where circled in red, the amount of bits you receive. Now where the yellow arrow enter the card number, and the name of the cardholder, necessarily F.I.O. of the one on whom the registered card, confirm the captcha, put a tick “I agree” and press go to payment. This will appear.

обмен bitcoin на рубли

Where the red arrow copy the wallet, copy carefully without spaces leave the tab open, and go back to the exmo tab which left open.

вывод бабла exmo


And where the yellow arrow inserts the number of the wallet with x-pay and press to withdraw, then you will write that you need to confirm the conclusion by mail, go to the mail on which the exmo account was registered, see the letter and in it we confirm the conclusion further return to the tab x-pay.

Обмен bitcoin на рубли


And I paid for it by clicking. We all wait for the money to come to the card, usually about 2 hours, although they write that to 3 working days. It’s also a lucrative way to exit exmo without verification.

And now for the fun part:

How is it more profitable to output with exmo

Now we need to calculate which way the first or second is more profitable, how to calculate the video I recorded, the text is difficult to describe.

Video output exmo:

I think that’s it, everyone. Thank you.

Now the reviews and our review of exmo

Basically a good exchange, with easy withdrawal and entry, did not fail me. A little bit more commission than on poloniex, but with poloniex is heavier plus the latest reviews are not very good.

Now the answers to popular questions:

Question: Exmo vs poloniex what is better?

Answer: Exmo is more reliable at the moment, Wormwood doesn’t like miners, the only thing on exmo is a small variety of currencies.

Question: Do you have an exmo wallet?

Answer: Not at the moment.

Question: do you have an exmo zcash?

Answer: IS.

I also advise you to read it:

How to withdraw money from poloniex.

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