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Withdrawal and exchange of money for a card, yandex money, etc.


Hello friends, in this article we’ll talk about withdrawing money and funds from the exchange. cryptopia (cryptopy) to a card or other electronic wallets such as Yandex money.

The output principle is the same as in the article, poloniex mapping. But for convenience, we decided to write separately.

Cryptopia conclusion – we have 2 ways, which I will describe.

1. Transfer all currency to Bitcoin, and then its output through the exchanger.

2. Transferring another currency, (not always a good way because there are not enough currencies to output on exchangers).

Probably the best first way to start with him.

Cryptopia how to get out

You have either typed lbc, zenhush, zclassic and other currencies in your trades, we need to exchange them for btc, that is bitcoins.

The exchange of cryptopia takes place on the market, if you want to withdraw instantly. In our example we will exchange Lbry’s currency, other currencies as well.

And so we go to the exchange and go to the cryptopia exchanger by clicking on the exchange.



Обмен lbc на btc

Next, in the search enter the currency you need to exchange, in our case lbc, in Markets leave Bitcoin and below choose the direction of LBC/BTC.

Next, look to the right and see the column Sell LBC (do not confuse with Buy LBC).

Продаем и выводим lbc

Red Arrow – The number of coins you want to exchange for Bitcoin, in our case lbc.

The green arrow is the price in bitcoins that we want for our coin, of course at any price will not change if we want to instantly change, we put the price on the market and it is in the green Last price mug. Only the price can change quickly, if you enter a long time, the price may change, to find out the real price you need to refresh the page.

The blue arrow is the number of bits you will get.

And then you press Sell LBC.

That’s it, now we have the bitcoins. Next, we need to get the bitcoins out of cryptopia on the map.

To do this, we need to select and register in special exchanger services (at registration there is a discount on the output). Consider the most profitable and reliable of them.

Tytcoin – The minimum amount per output is 0.02 btc, the system of accumulating discounts. Many times exchanged everything ok. But only on the Savings Bank card.

X-pay —The minimum quantity on a conclusion – 0.003 btc, system of discounts, a conclusion on cards of many popular banks – Sberbank, Wtb, alpha bank, Tinkoff. All ok.

365cash — The minimum number per output is 0.02 btc, ok. Displays on cards of popular banks.

50cent — The minimum amount per withdrawal is 0.03 btc, savings and VTB cards. OK .


WW-PAY – minimum 0.01151, excellent service. Displays on cards of popular banks.

Also, if you can withdraw on your own and trust other services, use the monitoring of exchangers. bestchange and find a rewarding course.

You have to choose where the course is more profitable.

In our example, I will describe the conclusion through Tytcoin and X-pay because they have the smallest minimum amount per output, plus very reliable, I use them myself, on the other output is similar.

Let’s go to cryptopia and we go into balance as in the picture.

Wallet Cryptopia

Bitcoin and Wallets. We see a lot of currencies and in search we dial BTC.

in Searth, you type BTC, then click the Withdraw BTC icon (red arrow at the bottom left) and you see this.

btc cryptopia

Where the red arrow is, we enter the number of bits that we wish to output.

Green circle – fee is commission, Net is the amount we get to copy it.

Cryptopia withdrawal

Let’s start with an example of tytcoin. Let’s go in and register for Tytcoin, for a cumulative discount

Cryptopia вывод btc tytcoin

We choose the right direction, in our case we give Bitcoin, get Savings Bank.

Обмен cryptopia btc на сбербанк

Where circled in blue, enter the amount that will come from the exchange, which was copied above (Net – The amount we receive). Below is the amount that we will receive. Where circled in red, we write the card number, and who it is registered on. Then the e-mail address, and click on to continue.Обмен btcWe check the data, agree with the rules of service and click to create an application.

cryptopia tytcoin

Where it’s marked in red, that’s the address we need to translate the bitcoins to, everyone’s different. We copy it and go back to cryptopia.btc cryptopia

And we insert the address where the yellow arrow is, then click next. We agree, we confirm the conclusion by e-mail, then return to tytcoin and click I paid. And we wait, the money usually comes in within an hour.

Now, Example on x-pay, let’s go to… X-pay and make sure we register for a discount. And then we see

x-pay cryptopia

In the column Give me, select Bitcoin (red arrow), in the column get what we need, in our case, the card Savings Bank (blue arrow). With the Yandex money and other similar, but we need to select them.

Where circled blue there in the water the amount copied above on cryptopy (Net – The amount we get). Where circled in red there will be the amount of money which we will get on the card. Next, where is the yellow arrow, enter your card number and below the name of the person on whom the card is registered, it is important! Next confirm that you are not a robot, put the arrow “I agree” and click to proceed to payment. And we see.

x-pay btc

Where the red arrow copies the purse address, only without spaces and return to cryptopia.

btc cryptopia

Where the yellow arrow you insert this address and click Next, then confirm the withdrawal, which you agree with, if necessary – confirm by e-mail to which the letter of withdrawal will come, after confirming, return to the tab with x-pay.

x-pay btc

Push. I paid for it. We’re all waiting for the money to come to the card. Usually it takes up to 2 hours, although it says 3 days.

Way 2 is similar to way 1, but choose the currency you want to withdraw.

The same about withdrawal to yandex money and so on choose the exchangers that you withdraw money to yandex.

Profitable exchangers output from cryptopia to yandex money:

X-pay — The minimum amount per output is 0.003 btc, there was an example on it

365cash — The minimum number per output is 0.02 btc, ok.

I think that’s it.

By the way, how do you minimize on cryptopia? I suggest you read the example – Mining lbc on cryptopia

Mining on cryptopia works great with supernova.

I also suggest you read – how to output from exmo to card.

You can also help the site – Help site about mining.

How to deposit cryptopia account? In reverse order.

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