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iobit net output


This article will discuss the withdrawal of earnings and cryptocurrency from the yobit net exchange. By the way, a good exchange, with built-in withdrawal facilities. To begin with, if you are not here, then register on Yobit.

 Yobit output

Yobit net how to output

Output from yobit has built-in output facilities, similar to EXMO. Register on Yobit and withdraw your money profitably. Yobit net withdrawal can be made in 2 ways, through the built-in withdrawal of funds or through special services, which is more profitable to calculate yourself. Consider in detail:

1. Yobit net withdrawal via built-in funds – here you need to transfer all your currency, in rubles or dollars. But since we are from Russia will be an example in Rubles, with dollars in principle, it is similar. There is one big plus if you withdraw to a QIWI wallet or card, the commission is 0%.

2. Yobit net withdrawal of money through the services-here all the currency must be exchanged into bitcoin or another that the service supports. Sometimes this method is more profitable, it all depends on the courses.

How to withdraw from yobit is more profitable, see you. It is necessary to try both methods, without exchanging money, but just to estimate.

How to output from yobit net

Let’s start with the first method, it’s a little safer. Here you can withdraw to a visa/mastercard card (Sberbank, VTB24 and others), to kiwi, webmoney, payeer, to your phone and Yandex money. Here, to begin with, we need to convert all our currency into rubles. In our example, there will be SIBcoin in rubles, other currencies are similar, just look for them.

Yobit net how to exchange. Go to Yobit under your username. And so on:

 Yobit exchange

In the market column, in the search, we enter the currency that we need to change to rubles, in our case SIB. Next, choose a bundle of our currency with rubles in our case, SIB/RUR (red arrows). Selected, then go to the sale column (circled in red). And then we enter:

Quantity – here is the amount of coins that you want to exchange, in our case sibcoin.

Price – here is the price of one of your coins, for how much you will exchange it. If you want to exchange instantly, then you need to set the market price, usually it is set by itself, you can also find it in the column below (circled in blue). There are prices at which they sell.

Total – here is how many rubles you will get for the sale.

Next, yobit net commission 0.2% well, I think it is clear further. And click sell, all the exchange occurred.

Now go to the balances:

Next, in the search, type RUR and click on “-” in the output column. And we see this:

 Yobit output to the map

We are interested in yobit net withdrawal to a qiwi card or wallet as it is without interest and yobit net withdrawal to a Sberbank card, VTB24, Tinkoff and other VISA/Mastercard cards. Here we go.

How to withdraw from yobit to qiwi-select QIWI then enter where the “Wallet address” is the phone number to which the kiwi is registered, then the number of rubles, and click request.

How to withdraw from yobit to the card-Select VISA/Mastercard then enter your card number where “Wallet address”, pay attention to check several times, the number of rubles and then request.

After all this, follow the instructions. You will need to confirm your transfer via email.

In principle, everything, I think about the withdrawal from yobit to Sberbank, the card and the kiwi is clear.

Now the second way.

How to withdraw money from yobit net via the services

The principle is the same as above, only you change all your currency to bitcoin or to the currency that the service supports. Exchanged for bitcoin, then as shown in the screenshot above, go to the balances, enter the BTC in the search and click withdraw.

 yobit BTC withdrawal

The address of the wallet here you will later enter the wallet that the service will give you.

The amount of BTC is the amount of bits that we want to withdraw.

Get it – there will be a sum that the service will receive minus the commission, so we need it, copy it and leave the tab open.

Now select the service. There are many ways, you can withdraw to the card of different banks, Yandex money and much more. In our example, it will be output to the Sberbank card.

So choose a service, I recommend the ones I tested:

Tytcoin is a good service. Minimum 0.02 BTC. But only on Sberbank.

X-pay is a good service, I like it, a good convenient minimum of 0.003 BTC which is very convenient.

365cash – A good service, outputs to popular bank cards. Minimum 0.02 BTC.

Also, if you trust and know how to configure through other services, there is currency monitoring bestchange, there you can find a favorable rate.

The example will be on Tytcoin and X-pay. You can also view each one and choose a favorable course. Attention before using the service, be sure to register on it to get a discount. Also, after the first exchange, the discount will be more and will continue to accumulate.

Let’s start with Tytcoin, go in and register for a discount.

 yobit withdrawal of btc tytcoin

Choose the direction, give bitcoin, get Sberbank.

Exchange yobit btc to sberbank

Where highlighted in blue, here is the number of bitcoins that we withdraw from the exchange, minus the commission.

Where highlighted in red, first the card number, and then the full name of who the card is registered to. Below, enter the email address, and click continue.

btc exchange

We agree with the rules of the service, and click create a request.

yobit tytcoin

There will be a page where it is highlighted in red, this is the address to which you need to throw off bitcoins (it is different for everyone), copy it. Back to the stock exchange.


And in the column ” Wallet address (ADDR), insert this address, and click request, after which you confirm the withdrawal by email to which you registered the exchange. Then we go back to tytcoin and click I paid. And we wait, usually the money comes within an hour.

The following example is for x-pay.

Now go to X-pay and register. We go to the exchange page and see:


(do not look at the course screen old)

Select the exchange, in the give column, select bitcoin (red arrow). In the column I get what you need, in our example, Sberbank (blue arrow).

Where is the blue dotted line, enter the amount that we copied above (get (BTC)), on the yobit exchange we had 0.1299.

Where the red dotted line is the amount that we will get.

Where the yellow arrow is entered, enter the card number, and below the name of the person to whom the card is registered.

Then you confirm that you are not a robot, and check the box I agree( to), and proceed to payment, and we see:

btc vivod

Where is the red arrow, copy this bitcoin address, leave the tab open, and return to the exchange.


And insert the address in the column ” Wallet address (ADDR)” and click request, then confirm via email, we will send you an email, after you confirm the payment, you return to x-pay:


And click “I paid”. And you wait for the money to come, I always received it in less than an hour, although it is written that up to three working days.

With the conclusion all, I hope the article helped you.

Now, if you want to learn how to mine on yobit net, the article – Sibcoin mining. Yobit net mining is well described there, although on the example of the Siberian chervonets, other currencies are made in the same way.

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