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How to output with antpool


Greetings, folks! Since we recently purchased and wrote an article about Miner s9. We decided to also write an article about output from one of the most popular bitcoin pools, this is Antpool. In our example there will be antpool output to bitcoin wallet. For other currencies, everything goes in the same way.

Как вывести с antpool

How to bring out the antpool

Withdrawal with antpool is simple. First you need to create a bitcoin address for an antpool wallet (if you don’t have one) to which you want to withdraw money.

You can use a local wallet. But I recommend exchangers. As they are easier to exchange for real money. And it’s easier to use. For today, I recommend 2 exchanges.

Yobit – It’s a good exchange, but it’s harder to manage. There are built-in output methods. Good bitcoin mining wallet.

Exmo – good exchange, easy to use. Hello Miners, but there is a minimum deposit of 0.001 BTC. And the minimum withdrawal to Antpool is also 0.001 so it fits. There are built-in withdrawal methods.

While my choice fell on Yobit, the example will be on it.

And so we go in. Yobit and we register, after registration we confirm our mail and go into our private office.

Как вывести биткоины с antpool

Go into balances, find BTC and click + Enter. Then we see our Bitcoin wallet.

Btc antpool

Where the red arrow is our Bitcoin wallet.

Antpool is how to withdraw money.

And so let’s continue the theme of how to get the bitcoins out of antpool. Now go to your personal account at antpool.com.

ЛК antpool

After we’ve come in, we need to set up the output.

Как настроить antpool для вывода биткоин

Заходите в Settings, и далее у вашего аккаунта куда майнится жмете редактировать.

Как вывести деньги с antpool

Where’s the red arrow we enter our bitcoin address. And where it’s circled in red, we pick PPLNS. And click to save. Okay, now the output will be once a day. The minimum withdrawal is from antpool, it’s not like that. Fee for withdrawal in PPLNS is 0%.

After the money has gotten to you on Yobit. And you have saved the right amount of money, you need to withdraw it, for example, on the card. How to do it in more detail. – Conclusion yobit.

Sounds like everything, I hope you understand how to get the money out of antpool. Any questions? Write a comment.

I also suggest you read – Antminer s9 review. And antminer s9 mining setting.

Thank you for your attention.

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13 December at 15:25
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