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Bitcoin taps: features, varieties, advantages


Bitcoin faucets are sites (it can be one or more pages), which are designed to give users a certain amount of cryptographic currency. As a rule, satoshes (bitcoin units) are distributed.

Cranes are specialized advertising resources. Entry to such sites is completely free. In some cases, registration is required. This procedure takes a few minutes. It involves filling in several fields. The user should enter his bitcoin wallet and e-mail address. To get the Satosh, you should wait a few minutes. Which Bitcoin Snap Taps should be selected? Why are they in demand? The answers to these questions are of interest to many users who want to get money.

Биткоин краны

Crane varieties

Before starting to review the most popular resources, you should be aware that bitcoin taps that pay are the following:

  1. Savings. Users use them to accumulate the amount of winnings. It increases even if the computer is switched off. The winnings are recorded and sent to the user’s account. The counter, in turn, is reset to zero at that moment.
  2. Discrete. The peculiarity of such a bitcoin crane is that the reward is issued after a certain time. The process itself can take from several minutes to 24 hours.

Creators of cranes strongly recommend that users perform the following manipulations regularly:

  • to take part in specialized games;
  • press the banners;
  • play the lottery;
  • open the cells.

Instantly earning bitcoins through cranes and other cryptographic software is possible if the user performs the following actions:

  • creates a third-party crypt currency wallet;
  • enters the official page of the crane;
  • checks if there are funds in the account (if there are none, no bonuses will be issued);
  • indicates its wallet number immediately after the completion of a specific procedure (entering a cappie, antibot, game);
  • clicks the “Get bonus” icon (in different taps the name can be changed, but the essence remains the same).

In order for the Bitcoin Wallet faucet to bring the user a win, he will have to put a lot of effort. Since such services require registration, and the withdrawal of bonuses can be implemented only after the accumulation of a certain amount, such earnings can be called quite difficult. To get the long-awaited money, you have to wait.Как работают биткоин краны? За счет чего они существуют?

Bitcoin taps with payouts exist at the expense of the following:

  1. Owners of various Internet resources place commercials, banners, flyers on the crane site.
  2. Users, in turn, they are clicked and automatically appear on the site of the advertiser. The more such passes, the better the earnings. Thus, the users collect Satoshi.
  3. A very important role now plays the period of the visitor’s stay on the site. Previously, this was not a priority, because such resources were quite rare. To date, the creators of cranes require users to long stay on the resource.
  4. The button “Enter VTS wallet number” does not appear immediately after entering the free bitcoin crane. Users have to wait for some time (1-2 minutes). In addition, the creators of such resources have set the periodicity of this button. On some cranes it can be seen in 30 minutes, on others – 24 hours. That is why the Satosh hunters should choose only the best bitcoin cranes.

Most popular and demanded Bitcoin Cranes in 2019

Bitcoin crane is an effective tool, which is in great demand among the participants of the cryptovoltaic exchange. Which Bitcoin Cranes 2019 users choose? What is the reason for their popularity? The most popular resources in 2019 include the following:

  1. Freebitco. This project is ideal for people who use Bitcoin cranes as their main income. It can be attributed to the most reliable and popular resources. It is also stable, so users can trust it.
  2. dailyfreebits. It was included in the top Bitcoin cranes in 2019. This moon project has proven itself in the best possible way. It allows the visitor to get the bitcoin cache absolutely free. As for payments, they are made at Coinpot.
  3. 3btc. The essence of this resource lies in unravelling the recapturers. Having registered on this crane, the user can receive coins every hour. Here you can get 8 different kinds of cryptovalut.
  4. DiceMine. This crane is new. It’s designed to collect MONERO.
  5. BonusBitcoin. It is in demand because the user is credited with Satoshi every 15 minutes. The account can be anyone. At the end of the day it receives a 5% Bitcoin Crane bonus. The only disadvantage of this resource is that advertising is not always displayed correctly in browsers. This is why users may not see the account and balance buttons. Bitcoin output is 10000 Satoshi.
  6. FieldofBitcoin. The resource occupies a leading position because it makes it possible to get Satoshi every 10 minutes. First the user has to click on the “Start Game” button. He will see a picture that looks like a chessboard. After clicking on a square, the user will be able to see the sum of the winnings. If he is not satisfied with it, then he should go to another field. To do this, you need to click on the Try Next Chance button. But it is important to remember that after performing this action, the previous winnings will be automatically deactivated. The user has three attempts. The output threshold is 10000 Satoshi.
  7. FrogFaucet. This crane has original graphics. The main character is a toad jumping and eating coins. Journey stops if it is swallowed by a crocodile. You can play this game at least once in 10 minutes. Payment is made every Friday for accounts with a balance of 25000 Satoshi. With the withdrawal of problems also does not arise.
  8. CoinCollecting. It’s a 10-minute crane, which is considered quite profitable. To see the sum of the winnings, you must clear the yellow circle against the background of the coins. After that you should click the “Next” button and enter the captcha. The final step is to enroll Satoshi bitcoins in your ePay account.
  9. PentaFaucet. It’s a time-tested crane. Its main disadvantage is that Satoshas are not often distributed (once in 60 minutes). This has the advantage of double protection. First the Huser injects the capsule and then clicks on the antibot.
  10. Milli 99. The undeniable advantages of this resource include regular payments, annoying advertising, stable operation, user-friendly interface. Every 5 minutes the user can receive 75-10000 Satoshi. But it is important to know and that top rewards are charged very rarely. This is what repels some visitors. The disadvantage of the site can be attributed to a double capsule, but even it is quite justified in such a small timings. Winnings are credited to the FaucetBox.
  11. Freenem – the best crypto currency crane that collects nem.

These are the best bitcoin cranes 2019, which have never failed users. They are used every day by more and more people who want to make good money.

Collection of cryptovolta by rotators

Specialists strongly recommend the use of rotators for collecting cryptovolta. So what are they? Rotators are resources that contain many links to popular Bitcoin cranes. They have a convenient and clear interface, so with their principle of operation and functionality can easily understand even a beginner. To do this, the user must specify your wallet number and enter the cappuccino in a separate window. Such resources very often check for the facts of payments cryptovalyut users. The number of visitors and their income depends on the actions of the administration.

You have to take your choice of rotator seriously. Its undeniable advantage is that the user can add items to his own lists of bitcoin cranes.

Use of rotators is recommended for the following reasons:

  1. They greatly simplify and speed up the work. A person does not have to bookmark Bitcoin taps with instant payment. They will all be stored in the rotator.
  2. With a rotator, a person can increase their income. This is because the list of Bitcoin cranes is constantly updated. This option saves the user the trouble of finding new and more profitable resources. He does not need to enter the phrase “Bitcoin crane earn bitcoins” in the search engine and carefully examine each link in the output.
  3. Rotators save valuable user time. Since they offer a rich selection of faucets, a person has the opportunity to choose the most suitable one without effort. Bitcoin addresses are filled in automatically, so there is no need to enter the code.
  4. All rotators have their own referral base. Users do not have to spin each crane individually as the rotator has a good affiliate program. Only one link to a resource will have to be advertised.

Best rotators

How fast can you find a Bitcoin crane in Russian? The best rotators are the following:

  1. Faucethub.io. It’s a micro wallet that’s been around for a while now. With it, a user can earn Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin. It has a simple interface, works quickly and offers a rich choice of sites that give away cryptovalut. Its disadvantage is the absence of a Russifier.
  2. Faucetsystem.com.com. It’s a foreign rotator. It is convenient, easy to operate. Even the person who does not know English will be able to deal with its options. This rotator reacts to “fraudulent” or “dried” taps of the bitcoin machine in time. Unfortunately, this resource indicates very few sites. This is its main disadvantage.
  3. Epay.info. This resource was created in order to become a wonderful alternative to the site Faucetbox, which stopped working in late 2016. Such an English-speaking rotator has a simple and clear interface even for a beginner. Registration does not take much time, and the list of sites is quite large, so the user can quickly find the most suitable. All sites are grouped into 8 different types of cryptov currencies.

Is it realistic to increase my earnings by several times?

There are several ways to increase your earnings from foreign cranes by 3-7 times. To do this, you need to change your IP address to European or American. This manipulation can be done with the help of a number of methods:

  • of the TOR browser;
  • extensions like Hola, anonymoX, ZenMate, Browsec;
  • VPN activations.

Why does IP change play a very important role? The fact is that the user’s earnings directly depend on his location. The solvent audience in each country is different. That’s why people who perform all manipulations by changing IP-address to European and American get more money. This is due to the fact that in these countries the solvency is higher than in the CIS.

Multicurrency projects

The most popular multicurrency projects are the following:

1.Securepayment.cc. Participants in this project confirm that about 20 different types of cryptovoltaic currencies are distributed here.

2. Rena-faucet. To earn money, this project offers users 5 services. It is very convenient, because it contains a lot of cranes. Uzer must first pass registration. After that he has the opportunity to get percoins, bitcoins, dodgecoins and other popular cryptovalut.

3. Cryptospout. It can be ranked among the most profitable. It offers users two types of crane. The first provides income every hour, and the second once a day. There are about 20 different types of cryptovoltaic.

4. Cryptoblox. The main feature of this project is that it gives visitors the opportunity not only to earn money, but also to get the necessary information about the earnings itself. Before starting work, the user should familiarize himself with all the nuances and functions of the resource. This crane allows you to earn 12 coins. Its undeniable advantage is that here are quite exotic currencies (IXCoin, I0Coin, PiggyCoin).

I hope you understand the subject of Bitcoin taps. If you don’t have a Satosha wallet and you need one, I suggest you read it.- What a bitcoin wallet to create.. The crypt currency is the future.

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