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Which bitcoin wallet to create


Do you want to store or trade bitcoins, and make money on it? First you need a Bitcoin purse, but you don’t know how and where to get it? You and I will take a closer look at what bitcoin wallet to create, and choose the best one, you will choose the one that suits you. In the article will be online Bitcoin wallets, and local wallets (cold).

Биткоин кошелек

Create a personal Bitcoin Wallet

We will consider the most popular and current types of bitcoins wallets, and they are proven by us and time.

1) Online web wallet – usually through a browser or smartphone application, a popular trend are crypt currency exchanges. Which are very easy to exchange, trading, which have a structured methods of output.

2) Cold and local bitcoin wallet – programs on your computer, plus from online wallets – more reliable. But very inconvenient to exchange for real money. The exchange goes through special services.

3. Webmoney wallet program (new, updated, convenient). A new method, appeared with the last update!

I think it’s the most relevant, there are still hardware wallets, but I think it’s not necessary.

Let’s start with the most popular online wallets.

To register a bitcoin wallet online.

There are several types – exchanges, simple online wallets, smartphone applications. Exchanges are more convenient to use, very good for quick exchange and trading, I mostly only use them.

I think I will describe the crypt currency exchanges, where you can create bitcoin wallets with output on the card and other payment systems. Also, these exchangers are very well managed from a smartphone browser. And so, we create a bitcoin wallet on the exchange.

1. Exmo – an excellent exchanger, if there are problems – are solved through technical support quickly. Very convenient and understandable for a beginner. An example will be on it.

2. Yobit – a good exchange, a lot of different currencies. But it is heavier to manage.

3. Livecoin – If the first two exchanges did not like it, this one is a good alternative to them.

How to get a bitcoin wallet on the exchange cryptovalut exmo.

And so, begins the registration of a bitcoin wallet on Exmo It’s all in Russian..

Как получить биткоин кошелек

We click on registration and see:

Биткоин кошелек биржа

We create a login, fill in an email, give passwords, agree to the terms and conditions. Unravel the capsule, and click registration. Then confirm your mail if necessary.

Как завести биткоин кошелек

Click your wallet, find it in the list of BTC (bitcoin) and click to refill. And here it is, Bitcoin wallet on the exmo exchange.

Номер кошелька биткоин

That’s where the red circled is your Bitcoin wallet number on the exmo crypto exchange. Attention each has its own Bitcoin wallet (individual).

Here is an example of another address bitcoin wallet 1Kkf9De84XzmWB6FYs9J2MRAJZM6F3vT8k. It seems to have explained everything, I hope my instruction on how to create a bitcoin wallet for free, you understand. If you have any questions, write in comments.

If, for example, you have earned on growth, and want to withdraw money to the card, that is a useful article – how to get rid of exmo.

On the stock exchanges Yobit and Livecoin the procedure is almost the same.

And so now let’s go – the next type, where it is better to create a bitcoin wallet (local), let’s examine in detail.

Open Bitcoin wallet on your computer

So, which bitcoin wallet should I choose? Sometimes a cold Bitcoin wallet is local. Its disadvantage is that the computer is clogged with a full chain of transactions, which is about 300 gigabytes of memory. And you have to wait for it to boot up. If you’re willing to do that, you’d better have an official Bitcoincore wallet. But I advise another local Bitcoin wallet that is very reliable, does not require loading the entire chain, optimized, requires little resources of your personal computer.

Bitcoin wallet electrum

How does the Bitcoin wallet look like, the screen below, I have been using it myself for 3 years.

Биткоин кошелек electrum

Electrum is a local bitcoin wallet, a program that is installed on your computer is in Russian. For me it is the best bitcoin wallet for a very long time in storage of bitcoins. And so I use mostly exchangers.

And so I decided to shoot a video – How to open a bitcoin wallet in Russian:

I hope you understand how to make and get to know the bitcoin wallet through the client electroroom, if not, ask questions in comments.

You can download electrum bitcoin wallet on your computer at the official site electrum.org, in the dowload section.

If you have started an electrum, I advise you to read – Electrum how to get it out..

I think that’s enough, I’ve described the most relevant ways. Which bitcoin wallet is better for you to decide, but recently there is another good wallet, and previously known to all!

Webmoney wallet

There is also another safe, convenient method to create a Bitcoin wallet in Russian, it is through webmoney. I did not describe here in detail, wrote a separate article!

Learn more about webmoney wallet.- Webmoney Bitcoin Wallet.

Another popular question of the commission bitcoin wallets, they are all different, but fixed. For example, the commission of the electric purse is regulated, you can do less, you can do more, you can remove it at all. But the smaller the commission, the slower the transfer. On the stock exchanges the commission is usually from 0.0001 to 0.001 BTC, as you understand it is fixed.

The topic of the article on how to start and check the bitcoin purse I hope you understand, if you have any questions, write in the comments. Soon there will be an article on how to bring Electrum to the map. And now we’ve written… – Electrum how to get it out..

How to top up your Bitcoin purse

There are many methods, but some with very high commissions, it all depends on where you created the new bitcoin wallet. I have a full article on where it’s more profitable to buy a bitcoin. – Where to buy bitcoin is profitable..

It describes everything in detail. I think that’s it, thank you all, bye.

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