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Where to buy Bitcoin for rubles cheap and profitable.


Greetings. I’ve wanted to write this article for a long time. But I couldn’t reach it, I was lazy, I had no time or forgotten. But the topic of how to buy bitcoins is very important, especially when it fell and will grow in the future. There are several convenient and profitable ways to buy bitcoins for rubles. We’ll describe where it’s better to buy bitcoins.

Как купить биткоины через

Buy Bitcoins for rubles

And so there are several ways to buy bitcoins for rubles, we will list them in order, starting with the most profitable ways.

1. Through the P2P exchange – that is the P2P exchange (exchange between users). One sells, the other buys. The exchange, for example, I’m your bitcoin, and you’re my savings bank.

2. Through crypt currency exchanges – through simple exchanges, where there is a built-in deposit of money. After you have entered rubles through kiwi, for example, and then you can buy bitcoin on the exchange or any other crypt currency.

3. through the service exchangers – simple exchangers, where you can buy or withdraw bitcoin (btc). There is one person who sells or buys everything and earns commission.

4. Other methods, but for a longer period of time. Also a new good method, through Webmoney.

Also, all methods have a description of how to buy bitcoin for dollars.

Where to buy bitcoin

And so, let’s start with a more profitable, p2p exchange like localbitcoins.

But there’s a little bit more to it than that. It’s not always instantaneous exchange. Because a user who changes, for example, your bitcoins for your rubles in the Savings Bank online, he may be offline, and will have to wait for it to become online. You can also buy it for dollars.

There are two good p2p exchanges. We’ll start with the most popular localbitcoins.

Localbitcoins -one of the best ways to buy Bitcoin cheaply. Because of this, competitors often finish it off and try to crack it, but they failed. There are many ways to buy Bitcoin through kiwi, savings bank, yandex money. And many other ways and banks.

And so sign up for Localbitcoins, and below in the video, I’ll give you the details…

Localbitcoins how to buy bitcoins, overview


I hope from the video you have understood how to buy Bitcoin through Sberbank online, tinkoff, for cash, Yandex and other banks. The service is reliable, there is no fake, because the sellers’ funds are blocked on the exchange.

I also put a video on the Bitcoin wallet. Where to get a bitcoin wallet is a detailed article…- What a bitcoin wallet to create.

Alternative to localbitcoins

If you localbitcoins with something you didn’t like, there’s an alternative.

Megachange -P2P exchange, in Russian. A good alternative to localbitcoins, the only minus that traders are less. Here you can also buy Bitcoins for Yandex money, visa and other ways.

Through these two services, you can top up your bitcoin wallet with any bank card.

And the next way.

Buy a bitcoin from a card

And not just from the map, through the crypt currency exchanges. We don’t have many exchanges with built-in money in. Let’s look at the best of them. You can also learn how to buy bitcoin without commission on some payment systems.

Which exchange to buy bitcoin on


1. Yobit -It’s a good exchange, I’ve been using it for a long time. There’s a fiat currency, roubles, dollars. Methods of introducing rubles qiwi 6%, advcash 3%, Payeer 0%, Capitalist 0%. Dollars qiwi 6%, advcash 3%, Payeer 0%, Capitalist 0%, Perfectmoney 0%. It’s good to buy bitcoin for rubles on the yobit exchange.

2. Exmo – It’s a good, reliable exchange. There’s a fiat currency, roubles, dollars, euros. Methods of introducing rubles qiwi 5.9%, advcash 10%, OKPay 3%, MoneyPolo 5%. Dollars advcash 6%, Payeer 7%, MoneyPolo 0%, Perfectmoney 3%, OKPay 0%, also possible with a bank card and other systems, but verification is required. Euro Payeer 2%, OKPay 0%, advcash 6%, MoneyPolo 0%.

3. Livecoin – It’s also a good exchange. There’s a fiat currency, roubles, dollars, euros. Methods of introducing rubles qiwi 10%, Capitalist 0%, Payeer 5%, advcash 10%. Dollars advcash 10%, Payeer 4%, Capitalist 0%, Perfectmoney 4%. Euro advcash 10%, Payeer 4%, Capitalist 0%, Perfectmoney 4%.

The most popular method through crypto exchange is to buy bitcoin for kiwi.

And so let’s start with Yobit. Рand then we go to Balances.

Купить биткоины Yobit

Then find the currency you need, in our example there will be rubles. And press + (input). And then on:

Как выгодно купить биткоины за рубли

And enter the phone number of your Qiwi wallet, and then the amount you need, and click on.

Как купить биткоин

Then a window appears with the exact amount to be transferred and the kiwi wallet number where to transfer money. Attention should be paid not to the phone, but to the kiwi account number. After you have sent the money, click “Yes, I sent the money” and after that after a short time they appear in your account. And after that, you can buy a Bitcoin coin for rubles at the exchange. And so, how do you buy a bitcoin.

Купить биткоины за рубли онлайн

All right, let’s go into the trade. Then we choose the currency we want to trade, in our case RUR (rubles), then we choose the currency we want to buy. In our case, BTC (Bitcoin). Where marked in red there we enter the amount of rubles on which we want to buy bitcoins. If you want to buy immediately, you have to put a market value, where circled in blue, the upper one is the market value, the lower one is the one you put. And click to buy, all the bitcoins are yours. That’s how you buy the bitcoins for rubles online.

If you want to know the number of your bitcoin wallet on Yobit then:

Кошелек BTC yobit

Go to balances, find in BTC (bitcoin) list and press “+”.


Where it’s circled in red and has your wallet number. There is also an interesting article, for example, if you want to withdraw money from Yobit after you have earned on growth. – Yobit’s conclusion..

The Exmo and Livecoin exchanges are almost the same, but soon I will write articles separately on how to buy bitcoins for rubles on the exchanges. Exmo and Livecoin.

And so the third way.

Bitcoin to buy online.

You can buy bitcoin through exchangers (services), almost from any payment system, and from any bank card. There are no commissions, the rate is fixed which they will set. I will highlight a few services.

1. Payget – It’s a good exchanger, it’ll set an example. I use it all the time.

2. X-pay – Good exchanger, lots of good reviews. I use it a lot, too.

3. 50cent -I’d also like to highlight this exchanger. That’s fair.

Which of the services is better, choose you, look at what is more profitable exchange rate, there and take the bat. An example of how to refill a bitcoin wallet will be through the service Payget. If you don’t have your own bitcoin wallet yet, then create one.-  What a bitcoin wallet to create..

And so we register for Payget. And we begin the exchange. Attention, be sure to register for a small discount.

Купить 1 биткоин

After registration, click on “Start exchange”. Where circled in red choose what you will pay, in our example, the card Sberbank. And enter the amount, in our case 5000 rubles. Where circled in blue, choose what you want to get, in our case, bitcoin, and it will be written the amount that you get.

Next, specify the surname, name and patronymic of the cardholder with which you will pay, then the card number, and wallet number. If you do not know where to get a wallet, there is a detailed article.- Which bitcoin wallet to create. Then you enter your email address, solve the cappet. Tick the box “I agree with the rules of the service”, and click to exchange now. Then you have to verify the card:

Купить биткоин 24

It is designed for your safety, do not be afraid, the front side of the card in the photo does not carry any danger to your funds. Take a photo according to the instructions. Throw the photo on your computer, then click to select the file, select the photo, and click to continue.

Wait 2 – 3 minutes and see:

Хочу купить биткоины

Follow the instructions, you will be given the details of where to transfer the money. Attention in the second screen 15000 rubles, because I myself later increased the amount. After making the transfer, click the application is paid. And after a short time cryptovalyut bitcoin will be bought, and will be on your wallet.

On the other services that I advised, in the same way.

Also on the website. bestchange – monitoring more profitable exchange rates, you can use it. But I still recommend these services.

I hope you understand how and where it is profitable to buy bitcoin.

And the last few methods, but they will be useful if you know for sure that you will keep them for a very long time.

Buy bitcoin at the rate of the price…

There are two other ways I’m gonna do this.

1. Not quite buy it, it’s a bitcon.

2. Buy bitcoin through webmoney.

We’ll start with the bitcoin mining.

You can mine them with asykam or cloud mining.

Cloud mining is good because you don’t need to know how to configure your hardware, and besides accumulating bitcoin, you will earn more than you invest in it, for more details. – Real cloud mining..

If it’s asynchronous, it’s hard to get it, and you need to know how to set it up. But you can make good money, more about the popular asyk…- antminer s9 обзор.

You can also buy bitcoin via webmoney. In this famous program, there is a WMX wallet for bitcoins.

The pros:

+ It’s easier to buy and deposit webmoney with simple currency and exchange.

+ Easy to use as on your phone as on your computer.

+ Reliability

+ Opportunity to pay – phone, internet, credit and so on.


– There are commissions for withdrawal

– Your Bitcoin rate, not as profitable as through the exchange p2p.

– If you don’t play on the exchange, you may exchange at a bad time, because you cannot place orders.

– Wallet is internal, there is no way to send bitcoins to other standard addresses and wallets.

– It is profitable to change only for the internal currency – wmr, wmz and so on.

In the new version of webmoney, all the crossed out disadvantages are gone!

And it’s easier to deduce.

In general, if you plan to keep the bitcoins for a long time, and to exchange them in the end only for the national currency, then this method will suit you. And now you can even discount to standard addresses (with the new version).

We decided not to describe the purchase process here, and write a separate article on how to buy bitcoins through webmoney. – webmoney bitcoin wallet.

Warning! Many people ask a question – how to buy and sell bitcoins? Where to buy bitcoins cheaply I think I have answered, but you can sell bitcoins in the same way through these all ways!

I advise many people to buy Bitcoin currency, as analysts say – its growth is inevitable.

Following my instructions you will learn how to transfer money to a Bitcoin wallet, and how to put it on a Bitcoin wallet. I’m trying to chew it as hard as I can to make it clear to you.

That’s it, wait for new articles. Okay, bye.

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