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Setting up antminer s9 and connection

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Hey. We recently did a review of the Asik. – Antminer s9 review, read it, it’s interesting to see the specifications. Now we’ve decided to give you detailed instructions for connecting and configuring antminer s9 from bitmaim miner.

Setting antminer s9

First we need to learn how to connect antminer s9 (s9i), to the internet and so on. But I think you can plug the block in and out, it’s simple. Let’s look at the physical interface.

Note the difference between antminer s9 and s9i is only in consumption, s9i consumes about 100 watts less.


Установка antminer s9

And so, in order.

SD card – a slot for the flash drive, with which, if necessary, we can make firmware antminer s9. As long as it’s not required.

IP Report – a button, when pressed, a special program informs which local IP is the asynxis. In our case it’s easier to find out through a router.

ETH – Ethernet input for our locale cord through which the asyk will be supplied by the internet.

Reset – A small button, when you press on which the asynxis goes to the factory settings. You need it if you have not set it up correctly – you can no longer connect to the asycek.

And two light indicators, Normal green and Fault red. Normal says that everything is fine and the asynxis is working. The Fault says it’s malfunctioning.Attention – after starting the first time can (about 5 minutes), can burn Fault, it is normal, then extinguish.

Installation of antminer s9

And so after putting it in a convenient place, we connect the asyk to the Internet. The easiest way is to connect the LAN wire to a wifi router, or to a switch. The standard router has 4 LAN ports and usually comes with a short LAN cable. If you want a long cable, go to a computer shop and they will make you a cable of any length and crimp it with connectors. I am using a simple router from Asus and I am powered by the Internet. And from it go cables to the Asians, as well as Wi fi. Once you’ve connected it to the Internet, you need to configure the mining itself.

Mining on antminer s9.

Now we need to know the IP address of our asyk. We access the router through the computer connected to it (shared network), no matter by cord or via wifi fi. To enter the router, you need to enter its address in your browser. This is usually or

Интернет antminer s9

After that, we provide a login and password. If you haven’t changed anything usually by the standard it is:

Login: admin password: admin

Login: admin password: 1234

Login: admin password: 1111

So come in, I have a router asus, but you’ll have the same.

Ip адрес antminer s9

Click “Clients” and see the list. The list will have antMiner and the address of our miner next to it, I got You may have another one. Next, we type that address into the same browser.

Асик интерфейс

If you haven’t changed anything yet or are running it for the first time, you have the root login and the root password by default. Let’s go in and see the web interface of our asyk miner.

We know that the antminer s9 miner runs on sha256 algorithm.

Now we have to configure the mining itself. First we have to choose a pool. Don’t forget that antminer works with sha256 algorithm, and what currency or what to choose to minimize. But I will make an overview of the most popular Bitcoin.

Pools for antminer s9.

Antpool – holds approximately 18% of the entire network bitcoins, more user-friendly interface (there is a Russian language), PPLNS payments without commission. User-friendly interface. I choose it, there will be an example on it.

F2pool – 20% of the entire bitcoin network, but the interface is heavy. And a PPS payout system with a 4% commission.

And so, since I chose Antpool, and I think it’s a better start.

We go to account.bitmain.com/sign_up and register.

Регистрация antpool

In the water e-mail address, then the password. Confirm it, the code is to the right (captcha). Check the box that you agree, and click to create an account. Then you will need to link your phone number, the code will come from the sms. Are you registered? Let’s move on.

Go to antpool.com and click login.

Вход antpool

Entry data in the driver’s seat. The first time you login you will be asked to enter your User ID.

User id antpool

We drive it and be sure to remember (userID), in our case mininghelp. Next, we need to create a wrapper.

Worker antpool

We go into the panel, then into the corker, and click Create Worker, make an attribute. The easiest number, and click to create. All the wrappers are created. And do not forget this page of our statistics. Now we return to the web interface of our asyk.

Настройка antminer s9 на antpool

Go to Miner Configuration, and to general settings. And we take the URLs and ports of our pool. In our case, Antpool.

stratum+tcp://p2p.antpool.com:3333 and stratum+tcp://p2p.antpool.com:25. In pool 3 we leave everything clean.

Next, the userID that we entered during registration in our case mininghelp and through the point of the wok that we created above, we had 1. we got “mininghelp.1”.

You don’t need to enter anything in the passwords. After that we press Save&Apply and wait for 5 minutes. If the mining didn’t go reboot. To find out if the mining has gone, go to the Miner Status tab in your web interface. There should be the speed of your miner there. And after a while we go into the statistics and watch. Attention, the statistics does not appear right away! Wait at least 30 minutes for the statistics to appear.

Antpool статистика

I think it’s clear here. Total is how much you’ve earned in all this time.

Also many people ask why the interface of antminer s9 doesn’t have information on acceleration, temperature, and fan speed. It does, but only in a hidden menu. How to open it later. But there’s no temperature info.

And wait for the article soon how to output it with Antpool. We’ve finally written the article. – Conclusion with Antpool.Have you earned it? Get it out! There’s a Bitcoin Mining Wallet.

I think that’s it. Any questions Write in the comments.

Bye, everybody.

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