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Hello, beginners and more, miners. In this topic we will talk about where to buy Bitcoin Mining and choose the best Bitcoin and Altcoin Mining. I am asked a lot of the same questions about bitcoin mining and simple mining, I want to answer these questions in this article. There will also be information about the best equipment for mining. There is a very big library on our site about it.

Лучший майнинг

We should probably start with the Bitcoin mining. For those who don’t know, it’s been a while since you’ve minted bitcoins on farms and video cards. As the complexity has grown, and the Chinese have long invented a new device for bitcoin mining, they call it asic. You can buy bitcoin mining equipment now, the price is expensive, but since the price of bitcoins has fallen, and the price of miners too, now the average price is 180.000 (2.03.2018), it’s still a lot. But if it rises again, the S9 miners will cost 300,000 roubles again, which is very expensive, it already happened in December.

But for that you will need good wiring, and it is impossible to maintain such miners at home. Consumption of one asyk miner, for example the most popular antmine s9 is about 1300 watts. And it makes a lot of noise, like an airplane.

If you did find a room and want to mine, the best asyk for bitcoin mining is antminer s9!

Лучшие асики для майнинга

If you still do not have the opportunity to buy or place asykes, there is a good alternative is cloud mapping bitcoins.

Buy Bitcoin Mining

There is such a cloud mining, I will tell you what it is – there are such companies (services), which at the expense of your investment, buy or produce equipment for mining, and you as if rent it from them. The contract is concluded from year to year. Usually you go to the plus, and earn during the contract more than you invest. But you have to calculate in advance, and you have to wait for the good price of the contract. For example, now the bitcoin rate has dropped and we wait for the contract price to go down. But we do not forget about the prospect of bitcoin growth. There is an approximate calculation, but about it later.

I will give you below the best cloud mining services that I personally use (cloud mining top).

Best Cloud Mining

1. hashflare – in my opinion, it’s the best cloud mining, a very comfortable interfacing. There are always available sha256 (bitcoin) power, also there is an opportunity to buy other algorithms. For example, ether, zkash.

2. genesis-mining – a good alternative to hashflyer, but not always available bitcoin capacity, alternative mining currencies such as zcash, monero, eth are purchased for 2 years!

I wrote you the best cloud mining top sites. Next choose for yourself. Hashflare has a very user-friendly interface, and there are discounts. There are reinvestment features.

And as I wrote that there is a rough calculation, I suggest you read the article…- Reliable cloud mining.In the article there is a live example of calculation of profit and payback, as well as information on how to begin to minimize on hashflare, a detailed guide.

Let’s sum up the best bitcoin mining for you. Everybody has their own possibilities to place equipment or money, as well as time.

Now let’s talk about mining altokoinov, or rather choose the best of the basic equipment.

Best Mining

As many people know, many altokines, such as the popular EPIR, are minted on video cards. And sometimes even more profitable than bitcoin mining.

The pros are that video cards and components have a big warranty, up to 3 years. Buying is easier, though not always, with a sharp increase in cryptovalyut video cards are raised in price by half, or disappear from the shelves. Naturally, it would be more efficient to collect mining farm, consisting of several graphics cards.

Лучшая майнинг ферма

There is an example of such a farm on our website.- Mining farm 1060. It is also possible to keep a small number of houses or apartments compared to the asycees. Let’s start with more important equipment.

Better video cards for mining

I have compiled the top graphics cards for mining according to my experience.

1. gtx 1070ti – In my opinion, the best mining video card is good for both air and zoom. Good solutions presented by Palit, asus, msi.

2. RX 570, 580 – They pay off even faster than the card which is higher, but I put it in second place because I have to sweat with it a little. Namely, to stitch the bios and install a block driver. There’s an example… – mining rx 570 msi. Good solutions is Saphire, asus, msi.

3. GTX 1060 – also good cards, inexpensive. Payback is good. There are solutions 3gb and 6gb. But 3 gigabytes will not soon be able to minimize the air, like in 2019, but the payback is much faster in three gigabyte versions. The good solutions are Palit, asus, msi. There’s an article – mining на gtx 1060.

And last place I’ll split between gtx 1070 has a detailed article – Mining on gtx 1070 msi. And the RX vega 56, which is a very good mini monero.

If you’re new to it, there’s a very detailed article for you on how to customize your mining. – Mining for beginners, how to start.

Best Mining Risers

It’s also a popular question. There are several types of cruisers. The main thing is to find a good salesman who has no marriage, or a minimum marriage.

Лучшие райзеры для майнинга

Which version of the Raisers is better, I will not describe, as there is a detailed article about it.- Mining Raisers.

Which windows are best for mining is very good for Windows 7 and Windows 10 and you need to have 64-bit (x64).

Which is the best power supply and the best motherboard depends on the number of graphics cards you put in. The main thing to remember is that you should take a minimum of power supplies with a Bronze certificate, look at sample power supplies and see which farms are running on them under- Power Units, as well as information on motherboards in the section – Motherboards(section to be replenished).

Best Mining Wallet

For each currency, your wallet. But if you are not going to keep it for a long time, the stock exchanges, where many different currencies with wallets are good. In exchangers that are good you can quickly exchange currencies and withdraw it to the card, for example. I’ll bring you a few exchanges that I use myself:

1. Exmo -a good exchange, with built-in output methods. Russian language interface. Exchange loves miners, and welcomes them, and by right it can be called the best exchange for mining.

2. Binance – is also a good exchange, with the Russian language. The miners didn’t have any problems. It’s also a good choice.

3. Yobit – a good, problem-free exchange. Not against the miners, plus the fact that it calculates forks, such as bitcoin automatically. Unless, of course, you have it in your account. Very popular among Russian language users.

There are also several exchanges. Such as… Livecoin and Bleutrade.

By the way, about the stock exchanges. If mining isn’t for you, but you want to make money. You can earn on the growth of bitcoin, as it only goes up, or earn on the growth of other currencies. You should buy it and just wait for it. There’s a detailed article where and how to buy bitcoin…- Where to buy Bitcoin for rubles.

I think it’s time to finish my article about top mining. Which mining is better for you to decide, as everyone has his knowledge, requirements and means. Thank you for your attention, any questions? Ask them in your comments.

A full overview of antminer s9 and customization is available here.

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