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Profitable mining cryptovalyut, asyki or video card what to choose

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Spring-summer 2019 brought us not only warm weather, but also delighted the miners with a sharp rise of the crypt currency rate. Of course, it gave rise to a new wave of interest from ordinary users who want to join the number of virtual money earners and many ask a simple question “How to start? Let’s consider a classic POW extraction, based on the performance of various tasks using specialized Asic devices or GPU – video cards. Processor (CPU) mining is not actual any more in view of structures of architecture of the processor, and FPGA devices cost huge money and are actually inaccessible to the usual user. In view of it, all wishing to be engaged in extraction cryptovalyut two variants on a choice are accessible: asyk or a video card. In order to choose the right device for yourself, it is worth considering many nuances, most of which we will consider below. To understand the picture in general, we will consider the payback of the equipment, which inexperienced users consider the main criterion for selection.

Асик или видеокарта

Let’s begin to look at all the factors that should help you make the right choice and answer the question: a video card or an asynk that is better used in the mining of cryptovoltaic?


  1. Buying the right equipment mining

Asic devices can not be purchased in any technology store, even large retail chains are not engaged in the implementation of such equipment. There are several options for purchasing Asic devices: ordering through international services, or buying from local campaigns involved in the implementation of mining devices. Both options exclude any obligations on the part of the seller. Of course, some miners manage to make a large order directly from the manufacturer, but it is extremely undesirable to order small batches because of the high customs rate or even the possibility of confiscation of goods upon import of uncertified equipment. Buying asycks makes sense only when there is a real opportunity to test them, in order to eliminate the factor of deception by the seller.

GPUs (graphics cards) and other necessary components for assembling a good farm can be purchased from a regular computer store. Of course, there may also be some small difficulties, because there are a lot of options for the selection of components. If you have any difficulty with this – read the latest articles on the competent assembly of the farm. If you decide to buy a new or used video card from your hands, also be sure to check its performance and test it in several graphical tests.

Choosing the right Asik is much easier than choosing the right graphics card and all PC components. If you are not an expert in computer hardware and you have a purchase offer in your city with the possibility of testing asyk equipment – take a closer look at this feature. If there is no such possibility, the only correct option is to build a farm on the basis of graphic adapters.

There is something on equal terms.

  1. Warranty obligations  Basically, the official warranty for aschi is not more than 180 days from the date of shipment to the customer, so at the time of purchase of equipment from the seller it will be noticeably less than this period or no longer at all. Some sellers who are confident in the quality of the product being sold offer their own 1 month warranty, but most often you will only receive verbal promises about the reliability of the device. This means that when you buy an asynchronous device, your warranty situation will depend solely on the seller you choose.
    Purchase of the same computer components implies a full guarantee, not only in stores, but also with the hands, in the presence of a receipt and warranty card, because usually the service maintenance of video cards lasts about 2 years. Thanks to this, you have the right to count on the fulfillment of all service obligations offered by the campaign, repair or exchange of the adapter under the law on consumer protection.
    Asic or GPU: Warranty obligations play an important role, especially if you purchase a large number of components at once and you don’t have the opportunity to check everything on site when purchasing. By the way, the warranty is a must for overclockers who want to overclock equipment that, while boosting performance, leads to increased wear and tear. Under normal use and proper maintenance (periodic cleaning and maintenance of the cooling system), both graphics cards and asynchronous devices work smoothly beyond the warranty period. If you put service obligations at the forefront, you should choose to buy a new adapter from a shop. When you buy a GPU from your hands, you are likely to lose this feature, and in this case you can state the equality between graphics cards and asynchronous devices.
    That’s plus the farms on the video cards.
  1. Assembly and preparation for work

All you need to do with the asynchronous miner is plug it into a socket and plug in the Internet cable, then in a special menu set the parameters of the selected pool and start working.

Before you start extracting cryptovite with the help of video card, you need to assemble the farm. To do this, you will need: a frame (open stand, purchased or homemade), a motherboard with CPU and cooling installed, a drive, power supply, power dealers and graphics cards. For the correct assembly, you need at least an understanding of the PC device and, ideally, experience in the assembly. When you are successful in building the finished riga, a whole list of actions will follow: OS installation, drivers, system configuration, installation and configuration of miners. These actions can cause a lot of problems, even compared to building a farm.

Asic vs GPU: For connoisseurs of computer hardware, not by hearsay familiar with the assembly and configuration of the PC or the farm, you can safely recommend buying a set of several graphics cards, although setting up asycks will not be difficult for such craftsmen. For inexperienced PC users, we can recommend the purchase of asykis miners. Thus, you will deprive yourself of many problems that arise not only when building and configuring the farm on powerful GPUs, but also in its maintenance.

That’s plus an asyk.

  1. Work and maintenance of equipment mining

Operation of the asyks is virtually trouble-free, such equipment is extremely reliable and does not require you to have specialized knowledge to care for them. Conditions for continuous operation include: periodic dust cleaning and maintenance (lubrication) of fans, which are considered much more reliable than on standard gaming video cards.

In addition to general knowledge of PC components, maintenance of farms built on the basis of a set of GPU accelerators will also require precise data on operating frequencies and temperatures of specific graphics cards. You may also face the problem of configuring software mining or the operating system itself, which often causes failures in the mining process.

Asic or video card: when using a large number of equipment (hundreds and thousands of devices), the best option is to use asynchronous miners, due to the extremely low time and cost of maintenance. As we wrote above, GPU farms are not recommended for use by users far removed from computer knowledge.

Here again, the asyk is in front.

  1. Noise from running mining equipment
    Ashiki makes a lot of noise at work. As an example, people in the same room as the equipment is working have to talk quite loudly, almost screaming.
    The GPUs on the farm operate in a comfortable enough noise range, especially when the cooling mode is set correctly. Some graphics cards with the right settings are able to operate almost silently, without affecting the cooling system efficiency.
    Asic or GPU: When selecting suitable cryptographic devices, few seriously consider noise, although this is one of the most important factors, provided the work is done in a residential environment. Even if the room where the device’s asynxis is installed is not residential but is in an ordinary house, in moments of silence on the street neighbors will be able to hear the noise from running equipment. Of course, there are various ways to improve the cooling system and make it silent, such as an immersion bath, but this will increase the cost of the project by 2-3 times. Buying asycks we recommend only those who can allocate a whole, non-residential premises (offices, garages, warehouses, etc.) for the operation of devices.
    There is a plus video cards if you mini home.
  1. Mining of cryptovoltaic

Aisks are capable of working with only one algorithm and can only mine one or more types of cryptovalues.

Video card farms, in turn, are a universal device for extracting a huge number of cryptovalues, provided that the miner is selected and preset.

Asic vs GPU: With the help of asycks you can directly mine Bitcoin and its forks, and video cards can only produce altokines, which are subsequently exchanged for BTC, and therefore, BTC is easy to exchange on special trading floors and exchanges. With the use of GPU farms, it is possible to extract little known cryptovolta, which in the future, provided its growth can be sold and make good money. Also mining on video cards will allow you to change the mined cryptovoltau at any time and choose the most profitable of the available. Ashik devices in this regard lose, because of the only mining algorithm and poor choice of several types of virtual currencies.

It’s double, but I think it’s all the same plus asyk, because at the moment, they produce more.

  1. Relevance of cryptographic extraction equipment
    Specialized Asic equipment quickly becomes obsolete, as each subsequent line is 2-5 times larger than the previous one. At the peak of cryptovoltaic popularity, it used to be that new asycks were released once every six months and their performance increased by 10 times. It is considered that the term of validity of such devices does not exceed 1 year, then the outdated equipment sharply devalues.
    Actuality of GPU lasts at least 2-3 years, it is about 1-2 new generations, the difference in performance of which does not exceed 15-30%. At the same time, video cards do not lose their price so dramatically and remain in demand on the secondary market for several years, especially among gamers.
    If you do not want to update your equipment frequently and stay on one assembled farm for as long as possible, then your choice is video cards. By that time, in the future you can safely count on selling outdated adapters at a rate of 20-40% of their initial cost.
    Here, plus the video cards.
  1. Payback of mining devices
    In the long run, asycks pay off faster than graphics cards, but because of the frequent updates to the lineup of devices, you can not count on large excess profits. It is always necessary to consider for purchase only last, the most productive decisions and before it to find in a network of comparisons between various models of devices.
    The payback of a farm on the basis of GPU adapters will take more time, especially at use of powerful decisions. However, if you can find and engage in profitable cryptographic software, you will get a good increase in revenue.
    So what’s the best choice, an asyk or a video card in 2019? If you have plenty of time and are ready to monitor the cryptovolta market and switch to mining the most profitable solutions, the GPU farm will pay off sooner. For others who want to simply set up their hardware and leave it to lightning, we recommend Asic devices. To find out the approximate payback of the proposed equipment, it is worthwhile to use online calculators of mining.
    That’s a plus for Asicam.
    Asic has one more plus.
    Brief summary: Asics will be a real catch for those who can provide non-residential space for power generation, especially for their work will not require much knowledge, time and money for their maintenance. To choose the best and most profitable asyki you can read the article here.
    Graphic adapter farms are great for home use, but will require you to know a computer and a lot of time to maintain such equipment. Also, in order to increase the profitability of GPU riga will need to constantly study the market in search of the optimal cryptographic software for mining. If you’re having difficulty and can’t classify yourself into either the first or the second user group, then look again at all 8 factors and select the most important ones for you and try to make a decision based on that. If you are not ready to spend money on equipment or allocate space, it is always possible to try cloud mining, which is devoid of almost all the disadvantages of physical farms, in addition to the high price and risks of resource closure.
    So what to choose a novice, asyk or video cards? I think it is worth looking in the direction of an asyk, but if the budget is larger, it is better to take for example 2 asyk and one farm. It is also worth noting that if the crypt comes to an end, which is lied to, video cards have more opportunities, including the sale, than the asyk.
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    Thank you all for your attention, any questions? Write in the comments.
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