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How to start cryptographic mapping for beginners from scratch (start) on a video card, etc., step by

# Mining

Welcome friends, this article, by the way, is the first on this site about mining (the article is constantly updated), it will talk about how to start mining on a video card (GPU) and where to start. If you are too lazy to read, there will soon be a video at the end of the article about how to start minimizing for Beginners. But first of all, I advise you to read the first 2 paragraphs on how to start minimizing for beginners.

Майнинг начало

Start of Mining

In this article we are talking about, as you have understood above, mining on the video card and step-by-step instructions. This mining guide is for beginners. We will set up mining, connect, install software, disperse the video card and so on.

Mining Getting Started

That we need to start the mining from scratch.

Step-by-step mining

And probably the most basic for molding on a video card is a video card (GPU), at least one, as well as a less modern one, about 3-4 years ago, and not a budget one. (It’s also possible to mint on asycek, processors, hard drives and cloud mining). If you want to find a video card, here you can find the best cards, tables and the top.

  1. Naturally a computer (system unit) or farm with the operating system (Windows x64) installed. Exactly 64-bit version
  2. He’ll decide on the currency we’re going to use. It depends on the video card, in our example and the description will be the shaping of the air. On Nvidia it is better to minimize at the moment (28.12.2017) ZCASH – about it below. Now it’s airing.
  3. Since the mining is online, we need the internet. Speed is not needed fast, but a good ping is desirable, about this below.
  4. Choose a Pool (POOL) where we will minimize ethereum (do not confuse with ethereum). Next, select the miner program and configure it.
  5. Choose an exchange or a purse where will drip and copy our meinennye coins ether, and the same services where you can transfer our earned coins to rubles and put on the map.

Mining instruction beginning

And so to begin with, you have a suitable video card and all of the above listed in paragraphs 1, 2, 4 which are above and necessarily installed drivers. If you do not have a video card, please read the article which   video card for mining is better to choose and buy. If you do not have video cards and equipment, please click here for more information on what kind of equipment you need for mining.- What do you need for mining.

Let’s determine what kind of cryptovolta is to be minted. For today (05.01.2020) and in principle it will be so long,

on AMD Radeon maps it is profitable to get (Mayni) air, on maps

Nvidia Zcash is also on the air. In principle on the new nvidia series 1000 (gtx 1060. 1070) the air is also good.

we’ll have an example of mining for the beginning. Next, we’ll write examples on other cryptov currencies. If you want to minimize bitcoins (they are not minimized on video cards), then read the article- How to Maintain Bitcoins.

Also, if you do not want to configure the equipment, suffer from the search for video maps and asycks, there is an alternative – cloud mining with which you can also make good money, more details- Real cloud mining.

In our example there will be Windows 7 x64 operating system (by the way, only x64 bits of the air are rated), two AMD Radeon Sapphire RX 470 4gb video cards. The processor doesn’t matter, in principle, as well as the amount of RAM, but it’s recommended from 4 gigabytes. The easiest set for maning for beginners. UPD 3 Gigabytes and lower versions of video cards are no longer suitable for manning the air, if you have 3gb and less you should look for an alternative. There are other algorithms and currencies for mining, a list of – HERE.

2x rx 470 sapphire amd radeon ферма

You don’t need a fast Internet, but with a good ping. If you connect via cable, it’s certainly better than the option with Wi-Fi, but the wai file will work (I’ll write about it later), as well as you can read- which Internet for mining.

How to start a mini

Pick a pool where we’ll mince the coins of the air:

At the time of writing, I recommend a few pools for minting.

1. ethermine.org

The pros of this pool:

+Larger pool power

+ Small and honest commission 1%

+Nice ping


Pool in English

It’s a bit of a strange site for beginners, but we’ll use it as an example to describe how to configure it.

2. dwarfpool.com/eth

the perks:

+ for those in Russia, they have a server in Russia which is good for pinging.

+ small commission 1% which is not secretly overstated

+ Good pool power

+ Easy manner of configuring the miner


– A bit of an obscure site (for beginners)

3. www2.coinmine.pl/eth/

The pros:

+ Honest small fee 1%

+ Good ping

+ Good power

+ better protection


– More complicated manner setting

– There’s a problem with the site, too.

4. eth.nanopool.org/

+ Simple site

+ Easy manner of configuring the miner

+ High power


– Among the miners There are rumors and many claim that the declared commission of 1% is well undervalued.

Better yet, the pool with less ping, read the article to… –
Find out which ping to the server pool.

At the moment I have selected and will be showing the setting in example 1 – ethermine.org open the site in your browser.

So the pool was chosen now you have to choose your wallet or exchange in advance. What’s a purse, Ethereum Wallet? This wallet is on your computer, it receives coins, then from this wallet through the services they can be put on the map, which at this point is not profitable, it is more profitable to transfer to the bitcoins, and then the card in rubles, but it can be done at the exchange. But the wallet is much safer than the stock exchange, soon I will write an article on how to create

the wallet.

But for newbies, it’s better to work with stock exchanges.

  1.   Binance – a more professional exchange, a good exmo alternative!
  2.   Exmo – a great exchange, especially for newcomers, loves the miners.
  3.   Yobit – a good Russian stock exchange.

– There are a lot of them, but let’s start with the simplest one, then with experience you will move to a more interesting exchange, I also advise you to read the list of the good ones. exchange mining.

And so we chose the exchange Binance click on the link

You will go straight to the registration page, if yes you can skip the next screenshot, if not then click on registration.

Binance биржа майнинг начать регистрацию

Sign up for mining binary exchange


We register by entering a login, your email address.

регистрация на binance бирже

So don’t forget to check the box that you’re over 18 years old. Your password must contain at least 8 letters and numbers, at least one letter must be capital. Click to create an account, solve the captcha and confirm the e-mail address, there you will need to enter the numbers that will come to the post office.

It should be like this.

Binance биржа

Next is .

choose the miner program to start setting up the most popular and functional graphics card for mining at the time of writing Claymor’s Dual Ethereum 7.4, there is a new version 15.0, download it further, it fits both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards..
Download here. (15.0).

After downloading the archive with the miner in a convenient place for you, the folder in which you unpack preferably that was named in Latin (in – English). This is the content you should get.

Claymore s dual miner eth эфира файлы

Now let’s get to configuring the miner and mining

Next, file Start.bat, right click on it, and choose to change. If the button to start it appears, click on it.

Редактируем start.bat claymore s dual miner eth amd nvidia

Here’s the code of our file that we’ll run

редактируем код start.bat клеймор майнера

and we need to edit it for your pool, and your wallet.

-pool and then specify the address of the pool because we chose ethermine.org, we should be able to:

-epool eu1.ethermine.org:4444

(This is the address and port for mining, for other pools you can find on the pool site)

Do not close the text editor.

Then we go to the Binance exchange, where we have previously listed. Enter under your login purses click (grey arrow).

Кошельки бинанс

then we type eth in the search, circled in red.

Баланс binance

Next, open the hidden balance for convenience (red arrow), then click on the deposit green arrow) and see the following:

binance eth

Here will be a character set (circled in red), it will be your wallet number, click “Copy address” (red arrow).

And go back to our test editor, and in the line -ewal instead of someone else’s address we insert our own

It’s about like this.

-ewal 0x2a8dba001857ac96336d65efaa6b3059789ef070

Next we see the following.-eworker flex2

Where “komp1” is the name of your workman, you can call it whatever you want, it is necessary for convenient monitoring. At the end, add a pause – this is necessary if there are errors so that the miner does not close. We leave the rest unchanged.

It’s got to be like this.

EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool eu1.ethermine.org:4444 -ewal 0x2a8dba001857ac96336d65efaa6b3059789ef070 -eworker flex2 -epsw x


only naturally with your wallet.

Mining how to start

now launching our start.bat Waiting for time and seeing something like this.

работа майнера claymore s dual miner 7.4 amd nvidia eth

All mining has begun. If there are any errors or something – it does not work to write in the comments, I will help you.

Now go to the site of the pool ethermine.org and a little to the right is a scoreboard miner adress (Statistics).

worker stats адрес для статистики

and enter your address there (which we copied from exmo and pasted into start.bat -ewal) by clicking enter, and you can see the statistics of your woker, the statistics appears in 5-30 minutes, depending on the speed of the mining.

Ethermine статистика воркера ферм и майнинга

Unpaid balance (red arrow) – your balance in coins that have not yet been paid to your wallet in the exchange (one coin costs from $100 to $1000 depending on the exchange rate)

Estimated Earnings (blue arrow) – Estimated Earnings is your estimated income, the right setting for which period, correctly shows only after 24 hours of continuous mining.

Reported (pink arrow) – Your current speed in the miner.

Average (yellow arrow) – Your average speed over the last 6 hours. It will show correctly after 6 hours of continuous mining.

Current (green arrow) – Your effective power for the last 60 minutes, will show correctly after 2 hours of continuous shaping.

Next, scroll down the page and you can see

worker name ethermine pool имя воркера

Name – remember in the mining we set up in the file start.bat -eworker flex2, here is a list of wrappers of running miners in my case 1computer running, where it says last seen this is your last ball, and if it was more than 30 minutes ago, maybe you do not work or your miner is down, you should check. Usually if there is a problem with the miner (wrapper) then the background where the speed is shown is not blue but red as in the screen below.

Не работающий воркер

Everything now you have a mining of the air, first they will appear in the statistics dvuhrfpula, and then after a while in the binans exchange will appear coins on the air, after what time they will appear, depending on the speed of your video cards. If she alone sometimes will have to wait a long time. Attention ethermine has made auto output 1 ether by default, which is a lot, but it can be reduced to 0.05 to come to Binance faster, as read here – tomorrow we will write an article!

Hopefully our step by step instructions on kettleboarding or teaching kettleboarding are clear to you, there are questions to write. Now you can start earning money on mining.

How to withdraw money from the Binance exchange to your card.

To mini? You do not know how to withdraw? We read . How to put it on binance.

If you don’t have the equipment, I suggest you read –
What do you need for mining.

Also, if you do not want to worry about configuring and buying hardware, there is a cloud mining solution. – Reliable cloud mining.

If you want to mince Bitcoin, read –
How to Maintain Bitcoins.

Video of this article will soon – how to create a mining.

Mining in Russia is developing, so develop you with us in 2020, all good luck in mining, now you are not a mining novice!!!

If you have a map less than 3 gigabytes, then you can choose another algorithm, the list of – here.

Write questions in a comment.

You can also ask your questions on the forum, and be sure to get an answer. – Forum.

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