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What’s it gonna take for Mining 2020

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Hello, everybody, I wanted to add a new article to the section for newbies, as everybody is worried about what is needed for mining, so I decided to sign it, of course, for 2020. The article will describe what you need, as well as links to detailed configuration.

Майнинг что нужно

Naturally, you need to decide what kind of mining you need, I’ll divide it into two categories:

1. Mining on your equipment (requires the cost of iron, electricity, some knowledge, monitoring, cool).

Cloud mining (requires capacity rental costs) 2.

We will start with the first part of this mining on our equipment what do we need for mining cryptovolta?

Of course our equipment, there’s also a 2-part unit.

Mining on video cards and mining with the help of asykes. The second variant for today 2019, more convenient (asykes). We will start with mining on video cards. Now you need to decide whether you want to mine on your computer or assemble the farm, we will start with the farm.

What do you need for farm mining

What is needed for the mining farm – the farm is basically the same computer, only having more video cards from two and above, and for it make a special case, which can be done with your own hands and then we need to determine the components and iron. Farm example.

пример фермы для майнинга

First you need to decide on the main thing – how many video cards you need for mining, the more and the more powerful the video card, the more money per month and naturally more power – and at the same time more electricity costs – so you need to find the best option.

Which video cards are needed for mining – in 2019 I would recommend several optimal variants, if from Nvidia then gtx 2060, 2070 (in extreme case 2080 ti) if you take a decision from AMD radeon then rx 570580, 470, 480. Why do you need video cards when you’re mining? – They play the main computing role on popular algorithms. You can see here the top graphics cards in profitability and payback.

 – Top Mining Video Cards

What kind of motherboard you need for mining a – it depends on how much you decide to put the video cards, the best solution is under 4 video cards, there are fewer problems and glitches, you can more and 5 and 6 and even 7, but here you can face difficulties, When choosing a motherboard, you should pay attention to the number of PCI express slots, namely “PCI express” can be both x1 and x16, then you should choose the lasers for them, how many video cards, the lasers are like extension cables from the motherboard to video cards, so that everything would be conveniently located. Many people ask how much video memory is needed for minting, any number of cards can be used to mint any currency except the air, but from the above mentioned cards, you need at least 3 gigabytes of video memory on air this year. Here we go:

Which processor you need for mining, any 2-core cheapest processor will do, the same celeron is the main thing that it fits the socket to your motherboard, the cooler for it is better to take the boxing that is native, because they are more reliable.

How much RAM you need for mining – 4 gigabytes is enough for comfortable mining, the bus speed and frequency are not important, also it does not matter one or two of this bar. And so naturally it is possible and more.

Which hard drive and how much memory you need for mining – a regular HDD will do, but better of course SSD than? In the first place will be faster boot and reboot the computer, will consume less power, at a price of 60 gigs, it costs as well as 500 gigabytes of ordinary, but we 60 gigs per eye for mining.

What kind of power supply you need for mining – this question is also important because the stability of video cards and their technical safety depends on the power supply unit, you need to take at least 80+ bronze certificate and above, the same way that all the current would be in one twelve volt line, the more amperes the better (12v1), the power supply unit you need depends on the type and number of video cards, for example, for 4 video cards rx 570 or 470 you need a block or 1000 watt with a certificate of bronze, or 850 but with a certificate of gold.

For mining you need the Internet! Naturally, to work with the network algorithm, what is the speed of the Internet is needed for mining – enough 2 – 3 mb / s and you need to be a small ping, as possible mining through a 3g / 4g modem, if the network catches well. For example, I have 3 farms in my garage working through a router that powers a 4g modem, all OK.

And it remains to assemble the hull, before setting up, the hull is made of wood laths, as you saw in the picture, everything is simple, soon will make a detailed article on how to assemble the hull.

What programs are needed for mining – the software is an important point, for a start I advise everyone to build trusses exactly on Windows 7 x64, especially if you have creams up to 5 video cards, with it the least problems, and it is 64 bit version. You will also need drivers for the video card, which is basically a standard, as well as a program for overclocking and managing the video card, while I advise MSI affterburner, also if you have a farm purely for mining, then you need to manage it from another company, laptop or phone, via the Internet, for this purpose TeamViever and the miner itself will be good, which you need to configure for mining, more details how to configure the miner by clicking the link. – How to Start Mining a Beginner. I’ll tell you right away on the video cards the altocoins are minted, and it’s very profitable, but if you want to mince the bitcoins, read it.- How to Maintain Bitcoins 2019.


It is also necessary to register on the stock exchanges where you will keep on the minted coins:

Exmo – a good exchange, but few currencies, of which the top ones are BTC and Ether.

Hitbtc – many currencies, but in English



Cryptotopia – all currencies, but it’s heavy.

Everybody is in the princess, and those who minite on the computer ask – which computer is needed for mining? All the same just video cards 1na or 2e, and all in the case. The fact that the video cards in the case is a minus, they warm up more, which is bad for mining and equipment. Also, if you’re going to play a game on your pk, you should turn off the miner.

I think if you have such equipment or a video card, or what you need to do with your broadcast, read this article. – How to boil a newcomer, step-by-step boiling 2019..

Asiks for mining cryptovalut

Asics are very profitable at the moment, they need less supervision and are easier to set up. Of course, if you have a free socket, the payback is very fast, but good asykis, very expensive.

Here’s a list of the most current asycks – Top Asians 2019.

With the rise of the bitcoin rate, asyk mining became profitable, the main thing is that the complexity does not grow quickly. Learn more about ashik. – Antminer review


With the help of asykis minyat bitcoin, dash and many other currencies. What you need for bitcoin mining is either asykis or cloud mining, which is much simpler below.

Real Cloud Mining

Now I will tell you about Cloud Mining, here you only need to rent power for a certain amount, and a couple of settings – pros and cons:

+You don’t have to buy your equipment.

+Not to pay for electricity

+Don’t need a heavy setup and assembly of equipment, everything is done through the site.

+Don’t heat up your room like video cards

+No breakage

+If you buy sha-256 (bitcoin) then the power is bought indefinitely (forever).

Now the downsides:

-You can’t play games like on a video card.

-you can’t resell it if you get bored with the mining.



In general, cloud mining is a good thing, for those who understand little about computers. Plus little hemorrhoids, and you’ll sleep better. Renting power for money comes out the same as buying equipment, but you do not pay for the light and do not bother with it. With the help of cloud mining you can minimize the air, Bitcoin, Dash, Zkash and much more. The main thing is to find good services, learn more about settings and good services and how to start by following this link. – Reliable cloud mining in 2019.


Now it’s traditional to answer popular questions.

Question: why do we need mining?

Answer: a very interesting question, we need it to earn money, but in general why it is invented and the principle of its work, you can tell half a day, to conduct safe and anonymous transactions, about Satoshi who invented all this, in general, there is a detailed film, YouTube and search for help, it goes about an hour.

Question: Do you need sli for mining?

Answer: it’s not needed at all, just like Cross Fire.

Question: Why do I need a monitor emulator in mining?

Answer: if you have a mining computer or a farm purely for mining, and there is no monitor connected to it, you should install the emulator, so that when you control it over the Internet, there is a normal resolution, for convenience, if there is no emulator or monitor, the resolution is 640×480.

Question: What kind of power is needed for mining?

Answer: the more the better, but for example, if you take the air and feel at least some earnings you need at least 10 mh/s.

In principle, everything so far, I hope you understand the principles, everything so far, want to know more about everything, the site a lot of information, all so far.

I also advise you to read:

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Also if you like the site and you want to help it, or you need help configuring your mining here – Website and Miner Help.

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