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How to Maintain Bitcoins 2019

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In this article, I want to answer the question of what I am constantly being asked – How to mine the bitcoins in 2018? Currently, mining bitcoins is not as simple as, for example, 5 years ago, we will understand everything in detail, step by step.

Майнинг bitcoin 2017

How to Start Minimizing Bitcoins for Beginners

How do you make a bitcoin mining? A lot of people have asked me this question, I want to give a full answer. And so let’s start with the fact that today Bitcoin is mined only on Asic or with Cloud Mining. I’ll tell you right away, I’ve been calculating for a long time whether it’s profitable to mine Bitcoins in 2017 with Asic, and I think it’s not. Firstly, you need a lot of kilowatts of socket, and pay a lot for the light, secondly, a profitable scheme is when you’re half a year on the minil and was able to sell it profitably, then yes, there is a profit, and the third you need to buy the latest version of the asyk (antminer), and its price will be about 500 – 600 thousand rubles, you immediately have such an investment? That’s what I mean. It is worth thinking about if you have a free and powerful outlet, and so I think not, soon wait for an article will write in detail about the asykis and how to minimize them. If you are still interested in mining bitcoins on an asyk, I advise to see an article about asyk miner.- Antminer s9 overview.

The only thing left is cloud mining, and by the way what is the advantage of cloud mining of bitcoins in 2017? Firstly, you do not need to buy anything physically, secondly, you do not need to pay for the light, thirdly, you do not need to look for a cool place where to contain asykes and how to cool them. So that leaves you with cloud mining.

Reliable Bitcoin Cloud Mining

The only thing you need to sign a contract for at least a year, well, that’s what makes us better, it’s more profitable, especially when you do refinancing. I recommend several sites and services in the clouds.

1.  Hashflare – good site, pays steadily since 2014, works without complaints, there were no complaints to it, except BTC has more air, x11 dash, scrypt and more. Bitcoin power is rented indefinitely.

2.   Genesis-Mining  -also good service, works BTC, ether and moneros, pays well, no complaints. A lot of interesting things, but I liked the first option more.

The capacity for bitcoin mining needs to be rented for a year, so you register for Hashflare or Genesis-Mining, and make money, and don’t fret like the Asians and sleep well at night. I hope I answered your question about where to mine the bitcoins in 2017.

Also, if you haven’t figured it out after registration, read the instructions… – Reliable cloud mining 2017. And where to mine the bitcoins will help you this manual. Mining bitcoins how to start with this question I think I have given a full answer.

How do you minimize 2017 bitcoins with a video card

To date, it is impossible to pinch the bitcoins on a video card, because with the output of the asyks complexity has grown very strong, and the cards can not cope with it. But with the help of video cards, it’s very profitable to mince altokines, such as  EthereumZcashlbrymusicoin. And by the way, it’s much more profitable than on asykes, which is described in detail on this site.

If you want to learn how to get altokoin and earn on the video map read –  Mining for beginners on video card.

To date, the video card is very profitable to minimize the air, a direct competitor to Bitcoin. I hope I explained everything clearly, if something is not clear, ask questions in comments.

Now, traditionally, the answers to popular questions.

Question: How do I start minimizing bitcoins on my laptop?

Answer: no way! On laptops, even alticons do not bother, and you about the batcoins.

Question: What’s the best way to start minimizing Bitcoins 2017?

Answer: Like I wrote above with cloud mining, it’s better… Hashflare.


Question: Does it make sense to mine the Bitcoins in 2017?

Answer: Judging by the predictions of its growth, of course, there is sense.

Question: How do I minimize bitcoins + on my computer 2017?

Answer: the same as about the notebook, no, the current by cloud and asykami.

It seems to be everything, I am waiting for your comments, thank you for your attention, bye.

I would also advise you to read… –  What do you need for mining.

If the site has helped you and you want to help him, or get help in mining you here –  Help site.

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