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Endless cloud mining

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In this short article, we will talk about the topic of cloud mining with perpetual contracts.

Cloud mining with open-ended contracts…

Бессрочный облачный майнинг

Perpetual cloud mining is when you buy a contract for life. That’s how it used to be with hashflyer, but they changed that rule.

But there’s only one firm left… Hashing24, who has fixed-term and indefinite contracts to choose from. Who has been working for several years and is officially registered in Ireland. And they say fixed-term contracts will last forever. But perpetual contracts are much more expensive.

And they’re very popular and they’re probably advantageous, that even sometimes they run out of capacity and they hold an auction.

Облачный майнинг с бессрочными контрактами

But often contracts come in, sign up for Hashing24 and check it out.

Hashing24 -has been on the market for a long time (more than three years), and has proved itself on the good side, not the bench. Disbursements are carried out as it should be. Personally, I have already purchased a contract for 10 terahashay. It is possible to buy only mining SHA-256 (bitcoin).

Any questions? Write in comments.

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15 June at 12:37
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