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Reliable Cloudy Mining of Cryptocurrency in 2019, overview and how to start

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In this article I want to write an overview of cloud mining in 2018, which began to gain in popularity and bring a good income and write a review on it, why began to gain in popularity? Because components for conventional mining have become unreasonably expensive and very hard to find.

(Attention! Do the calculations yourself, the income is different every day!)

(Today it’s more profitable to buy a broadcast mining because it has no maintenance fees. – https:/articles/84-oblachnyi-maining-ethereum-efira.html)

Облачный майнинг

Cloud mining of earnings – what income and payback.

Income is, it all depends on how much you have invested, the payback period is about 5 – 7 months, this is if you withdraw the money but they should be put on reinvestment at least 20%. It will be like that in time the income is bigger, and the mining will not end in a year.

Reliable cloud mining

Cloud mining of cryptic currency or your own farm? What are the pros and cons compared to your equipment, if the investments are equal.

The pros and cons:

+You don’t have to look for a place to buy equipment.

+No need to set up and build a farm.

+So you don’t have to watch out for her

+Easy to purchase

+If the farm is in the apartment, there will be no heat and noise in the apartment with a cloud.

+Nothing breaks, doesn’t hang.

+You sleep well

But as you know nothing is perfect, there are disadvantages.

– You can’t play games (i.e., if you bought a powerful card that you can also play it, but not here).

– If you go to drop this mining, it won’t work with the cloud because you buy power for a certain period of time and the equipment can be sold.

As we see the pros more than minuses, but again, the 2nd minus it is not always a minus, if the mining “bend” believe you do not sell your equipment, the market will be a large oversupply.

In general, if you do not want to worry about setting up, monitoring, buying and selection of components, maintenance of your farm, then cloud mining for you!

Many do not understand how cloud mining works, all you just buy power, that is, the algorithm hash rate that you have chosen for today popular algorithms of cloud mining are bitcoin (sha-256), Dash (x11), etherium ETH (dagger hashimoto), zcash (equihash), scrypt (dogicoins), ltc and others.

And now the main thing is how to start reliable cloud mining in 2018? First of all, we need to choose the site and service of cloud mining, which is very much.


Cloud mining reliable sites


I want to provide reliable cloud mining sites in 2017, which I and my friends used. Who are paying:

1. hashflarein my opinion, the best cloud serviceI want to provide reliable cloud mining sites in 2017, which I and my friends used. Who are paying:about mining – There are Bitcoin, ETH, zcash, scrypt, x11 dash. Pays, checks, there’s reinvestment. Minimum lease for 1 year, which is good. But sha-256 mining is the most profitable for today.

2. Genesis-Mining – real proven cloud mining, works with bitcoin, ether and moneros.

Here’s the best cloud mining top. There are also sites and services of cloud mining, but they are worse than English.

Well, my choice is obvious and I’ll write about how to start a cloud mining from hashflare – in my opinion the best cloud mining. And his reviews are good. Since it’s a proven cloud mining that has been paying since 2014.

how do you make money on cloud mining from hashflare?

Cloud Mining Instruction

(It’s more advantageous to buy a broadcast molding today because there are no service charges.https:/articles/84-oblachnyi-maining-ethereum-efira.html)

Cloud mining where to start? First, register for hashflare.We go to hashflare and we see.

Регистрация hashflare

Cloud mining registration on hashflare – In the water email address, the country we choose yours, in my case, as I am from Russia then Russia Federation. Next password, repeat your password and date of birth, then confirm your mail, you will receive an email. Are you booked?

Cloud mining to buy

All right! Now you need to choose the algorithm of what you want to mine, in our case cloud mining bitcoin (sha-256).


Надежный облачный майнинг биткоинов

Next you need to buy power from hashflare. Choose the algorithm (in our example sha256), any of the red arrows. Next, we choose the speed slider, where the purple arrow is. Below the slider you will see the total cost. And then click on the next one (blue arrow).

Press further and press the green button to select the payment method.



Облачный майнинг купить

You can pay with bitcoin, credit card, bank transfer and paayer. In my opinion, a credit card (UP) is the most convenient system in general. Paid all mining hashflare went.

Then you choose 2 modes, either payment or reinvestment. It is up to you to decide, but I would rather reinvest 20% of the profit.

Many people ask the question whether cloud mining is profitable, how much do you earn on cloud mining, and what is your earnings today? Compared to the simple one. For example, having bought a hash rate such as 60mx/s, the money is the same as the price of two views of the top, block, motherboard, cruisers and so on, but in cloud mining you do not pay for light, do not adjust anything, do not worry about heat and noise, and can reinvest small amounts, which is very convenient, that’s the essence of cloud mining. Now you know how to make money on hashflare. Let’s take a live example by buying sha256, aka bitcoin.

Making money on cloud mining.

Whether it is real to make money on cloud mining, many people ask. We will give you a living example.


заработок на облачном майнинге

As we see a vivid example (20.01.2018). Judging by a screen, cost 1200 dollars, the income in day 9.39. There is a payback 4 months, 7 days. But you forgot the service fee (0.0035 USD for 10 Gh/s). At this speed it is 2.75 $ per day. That is, you get net profit from cloud mining at this speed of $6.64 per day, which is equal to 6 months of payback. I think that’s very cool. That’s not how stores pay off. But I advise 20% of the monthly profit to reinvest back, and the profit will increase, and the contracts will be new. In the end, there will be a staircase, and in a year the mining will be reduced, but it won’t be over. Also do not forget, the complexity of the network grows by 7% every month. But the rate is also growing, and the rate is growing rapidly (600% for the last year). So, the payback is even less than half a year.

You can also minimize bitcoins and store them. And wait for the rate to rise. And then your profits will increase.

So you can sign up at hashflareand make money.

Also read the article how to withdraw money. – Hashflare the conclusion.

A lot of people ask, what are their benefits then and how does cloud mining work? And what are the risks? – They’re even more profitable than us, and the risks are more detailed in this article.- Real cloud mining (at the beginning and the end of the article).

Best Cloud Mining

I am telling you with confidence that the best and proven cloud mining is hashflare. It’s been in operation since 2014. Paying what I’ve personally verified. And many of my friends and visitors to the site have been using it for a long time, so I advise him.

Now our review of cloud mining and review of hashflare:

As I wrote above – If you do not want to worry about configuring, monitoring, buying and selecting components, maintenance of your farm, then cloud mining for you! Cloud mining hashflare is stable since 2014 and always pays.

Now by tradition the answers to popular questions:

Question: Is cloud mining a divorce or not?

Answer: If you choose the proven cloud mapping services that I wrote in this article, then everything is okay, not divorce.

Question: Is cloud mining profitable in 2018?

Answer: it is profitable, because now it is very difficult to find the same top video cards for mining, and if you find it at great prices.

Question: What is the most reliable cloud mining?

Answer: As I wrote in the article, but as you understand, there are risks everywhere, and who does not risk …..

Question: And what are the conclusions of the creators of this cloud mining? if they can minimize themselves

Answer: You pay for the mining for a year, that’s their benefit, they invest this money too, and make profit, just like you. Also after a year they are left with the equipment and they charge a maintenance fee.

Question: Do you earn money from cloud mining?

Answer: A lot of such questions on farms, I keep repeating, depending on how much money you invest, the more you invest, the more you earn.

I think that’s it, thank you all for your attention, wait for new articles. Any questions? Write in comments.

Maybe you’d be interested, or you’d like to do some molding on your equipment. – How to Start Mayning Beginners.

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