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Mining without a video card

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And so, the article is for those who want to mine without a video card and their own equipment. That would not look for a place, not to think how to cool and not to configure. Mining without a video card is possible, and even better in some ways.

Mining without a video card

 Mining without a video card

Many people want to mine without a video card for several reasons. You don’t have it. You don’t want to bother with equipment, purchasing, cooling, and so on. And you will not understand computers, technology, and the like very well. Then cloud mining will come to your aid! Mining cryptocurrency without a video card is very simple.

Best Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining does not work on video cards, it works with the help of asics (hardware) or with the help of cloud mining.  The second option interests us more. What are the advantages of cloud mining? (In addition to Bitcoin mining without a video card, you can mine – Ether, zcash, monero, dash, LTC, and more.)

+ No need to buy your own equipment

+ No need to worry about where to place it

+ No need to look for powerful sockets

+ No need to pay for the light

+ No need to configure it, connect it, and so on

+ Easy to configure

Here are so many advantages. Minus one that you will not be able to play games.  Very convenient and fast payback, so where to get this interesting cloud mining. I will show you some reliable services in this matter. You can also mine ether (eth) without a video card. See the popular cloud mining services below.

Best Cloud Mining 2017

As I wrote above, I recommend two cloud mining, they are reliable. They pay and work for a long time.

Hashflare – Has been working since 2014, and has always paid regularly. In addition to bitcoin (sha-256) – which is the most profitable direction for today. There are also ether, zcash, x11 dash, and scrypt. I recommend it, I have been using it myself for more than a year. I also recommend mining ethereum.

Genesis-Mining is also a good cloud, works with sha-256 (bitcoin), LTC, Ether and Monero.

Here are the most popular and reliable sites with mining clouds. If you do not understand how to configure, there is a setup and purchase instruction at the link –
Reliable cloud mining 2017. And also – Real cloud mining. Also, these links describe what kind of income and profit, and a real example of an investment. Also read about Output from Hashflare.

But what about the mining of ether without a video card, you ask. All also it is on the site
Hashflare, you can also buy power for the ether there.

So I think it is currently worth mining with the cloud.

If you still want to buy your own equipment, I advise you to read –
What you need for mining.

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