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Today we will talk about cloud mining in reality, give examples and small calculations. Cloud mining is real in 2017, and it will be in 2018. So, read carefully, we will describe the process of work, the essence and so on. We will write and give examples about real cloud mining.

(Attention! Do the calculations yourself, the income every day is different!)

(For today it is more profitable to buy the air monitoring, because there are no maintenance fees on it – https:/articles/84-oblachnyi-maining-ethereum-efira.html)

Реальный облачный майнинг

We will give examples of reliable services that have real farms for mining, not any pyramid and so on.

How cloud mining works.

The essence of cloud mining is this, you rent capacity (equipment), and you get the currency. You do not need to put anything at home, pay for the socket, and set up. Cloud mining goes on a machine. You pay extra for the maintenance of the rented equipment, already from your income. And you make a profit. Payback period is from 4 to 6 months, depending on the course (and it only increases), and complexity. I also advise to reinvest each month at 20% of income, that the profit increases, and contracts are extended. Will you tell us what (is) their benefit? I answer, you rent for a year. They buy equipment for you, you rent it and pay for its maintenance. And when the contract is over, the equipment stays with them. And they won’t find much money for so much equipment, you help them with that.

Here we go.

Cloud mining how to start

And so where to start in 2017 – 2018 cloud mining from scratch for beginners or even for kettles. It will be a kind of instruction. First you need to choose a real cloud mining service. There are a lot of them, I will tell you about the most worthy, which I use personally.

1.  Hashflare – Very popular cloud mining bitcoins, works since 2014 and pays well. Contracts for a year. Payback period from 4 to 6 months. Many different currencies, but it is better to choose Sha – 256 (Bitcoin).

2.  Genesis-mining – Same popular and fair playground, but currently not available sha 256.

And so chosen. I’ll describe an example  Hashflare, because it’s more relevant today.

Sign up forHashflare or Genesis-mining, the process is similar.

And so, for example. Let’s register for… Hashflare.

(It’s more advantageous to buy a broadcast molding today because there are no service charges. – https:/articles/84-oblachnyi-maining-ethereum-efira.html)

регистрация хэшфларе

I think it’s pretty clear here. First, the e-mail address and choose your country of residence. Then the password to login, repeat the password and your date of birth. Click on registration. Confirm by mail.

What do I need next for cloud mining? Invest and buy power. How much? The more you invest, naturally there will be more profit. How much does cloud mining cost? 10 Gigahetes costs $1.50. In our example, in my opinion, the most profitable will be sha256 (BTC).

Начать облачный майнинг

Where the red arrows are, you choose to buy sha 256, click on one of the arrows where you feel comfortable. Next, move the slider (blue arrow), at the speed you want, below the slider will see the cost of that speed. and press further (green button). Then there will be a check, and you press the green button “Select payment method”.

How do I pay for cloud mining? At hashflare, you can pay with bitcoins, credit card by bank transfer or payeer.

Как оплатить облачный майнин

Choose how you like it. If you have a credit card, it’s simple. You agree to the rules, as well as read what is written on the payment and press to pay. Next you need to enter your card number and other details. And follow the assistant’s instructions.

Next, let’s find out if cloud mining is profitable.

Profitability of cloud mining

We will give an example of the profitability and payback of cloud mining.

облачный майнинг hashflare доходность

If you calculate, on this screen (made 26.10.17 contribution 1125 $), the income from cloud mining 9 $. Then there is a payback of 4 months. But do not forget to subtract from the forecast the service fee. On this screen by speed, I have service in day 0.00046. That is net profit from cloud mining 0.0010627 that for today 6.5$, and approximately 5.5 months of payback. Plus we take the average growth of complexity of 7% per month, it turns out 6.5 months, this does not take into account the growth rate of bitcoin. Taking into account the growth of the rate, the payback is actually faster. Do you really make money on cloud mining? I think so. Here’s our real feedback. So remember, real mining these days brings in good returns.

Once you’ve earned it, the funds need to be withdrawn. How? – Hashflare money withdrawal.

Cloud mining risks

There are risks everywhere. For example, when you go out on the street, you also risk being attacked by a thief or killer, and so on. Or the risk that you might get cut off from your job. Hashflyer’s been working since 2014. He always pays and makes his own money. So the bench and the risk are minimal. Of course everything can happen in life, the same fire they have. But whoever doesn’t take the risk here…

I hope you enjoyed the article. So sign up for… Hashflare or Genesis-mining and make money! Good luck.

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