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Cloud mining of ethereum (ether)

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And so, a lot of people ask me about cloud mapping of the air (eth), tired of answering everyone. That it’s the same as Bitcoin, but still decided to write a mini guide on the subject. And to write our feedback on cloud mapping ethereum. I also suggest you read the article – Real cloud mining.

Cloud mining ethereum

And so, basically, it’s just like Bitcoin. First of all, let’s provide a list of sites that provide cloud mining, and our feedback on it. Provided sites, only those that we personally use and what we pay.

1. Hashflare -I choose him, normal prices. User-friendly interface, discounted stock frequencies. Convenient function of reinvestment (and reinvestment should be done, 20% of profit). Contracts for one year.

2. Genesis – Prices are higher, but also contracts for two years. The interface is a bit confusing. No reinvestment function. But it’s also a reliable company.

And so, let’s make an example of contract purchase and mining.

Let’s register for Hashflare.

Облачный майнинг ethereum

Go to your private office, click on the menu to buy hash rate. And then we choose ETHASH.

Эфир облачный

With the slider we select the speed, and below it the price will be indicated. Did you choose? Click “Next”, then choose the payment method.

Оплата облачного майнинга эфира eth

The easiest way by credit (debit) card. The simplest way to UP.

That’s all, the payback period is usually six months. Learn more about revenue and profit in the example of Bitcoin.- Reliable cloud mining.

After you earned it, do you know how to get it out? – Hashflare output.

Also, if you want to put a video card on the air, I suggest you read… –Air Mining for Beginners.

Bye, everybody.

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