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Let’s talk to you about the mining (exp). The crypt-currency expanse has an algorithm of mining – ethash, i.e. how much we know about the air. The perspective of exp is very good and the forecast is that the cryptovoltaic expanse will grow everywhere.

 Expanse майнинг

How to Maynitse

Mining Expanse (exp) is very similar to mining eth (ether). Since it’s fork ether. Where do we start?

1. Pick a purse.

2. Pool selection

3. Miner setting.

This time let’s do a little differently, starting with the choice of wallet or exchange expansion.

Expanse wallet

You can use expanse wallet, but it is for long-term storage, it is more convenient to use the stock exchanges where there is expanse. They are really few with this currency, let’s consider the best of them.

Expanse exchanges:

1. Poloniex.com is a good exchange, the only comfortable one left for EXP mining. But I advise you to limit yourself to only minimizing exp on it, if a lot of other currencies, there may be problems, because they do not like miners very much. Other exchanges with EXP are either very bad, or require passport verification.

2. Bleutrade is a good exchange, very fast and comfortable. There is a coin. Here you can sell and buy expanse (exp).

3. ******** – also a good exchange, not much slower. Very many currency pairs. And there’s the crypt currency expanse (exp).

I think I’ll make an example of the Bleutrade exchange. Unfortunately, the exchange has ceased to support EXP. I will convert the example to poloniex.

Now let’s choose a pool for exp.

Expanse pool

I’ll give you the best mining pools.

1. dwarfpool is a big power pool, it’s proven very good. It has over 50% of the network power. 1% fee (Commission). That’s an example.

2. expmine.pro – 15 – 20% of the network capacity, 0% fee, but it won’t be long.

Unfortunately, I have not found more normal pools.

Now let’s start with the tuning of the mapping (exp).

Expanse mining

First we need to find out the address of our Express wallet. We register on the exchange Poloniex.com.

регистрация в poloniex

In the water Name (first line), Last name (2nd), choose your country (3rd), the phone number after the number +7 necessarily put a space (4th), then e-mail, immediately talking to the domain mail.ru does not like (5th), Then your password – a minimum of 8 characters (6th) and repeat the password (7th). After you log in to your account, and we’ll look for your wallet.

expanse wallet

Go to your private office, point at Balances, then click on deposits & withdrawals.

When you search, type Exp, find Expanse. Then click on Deposit.

Where marked in red, this is your exp wallet address. Copy it.

Next, we select Expanse dwarfpool pool. That’s where we’ll make an example. First we need to download the expanse claymore miner. – Скачать тут.

How to Maintain Expse on dwarfpool

Download, unzip to a convenient place for you, then in the folder with the miner open find start.bat right click on it, and click to change. We see the following.

Expanse программа

Downloaded from our site the miner is already set to dwarfpool, let’s take a closer look:

-epool and further address mining pool, in our case dwarfpool

-ewal and then the address of our wallet exp that we learned above.

-epsw and password, in our case “x” because our pool does not require it.

-Continue with the name of the worker (nickname) as you wish, for easy monitoring.

Once you have inserted your data, save changes and that’s it, the mining program is ready. Now we run the star.bat file and see approximately the following:

Майнинг expanse dwarfpool

If you’ve set everything up correctly, then dwarfpool mining has gone. After 30 minutes of mining you should have statistics. Where you can monitor everything, go to dwarfpool.com/exp.

Expanse dwarfpool

Where it’s circled in red, we put our address in there and click show, and we see.

Дварфпул статистика

Current balance is your current balance.

Already paid – how much has been paid

Unconfirmed is not a confirmed balance.

Earning in last 24 hours – how much you earn in 24 hours, in exp, as well – in bits and dollars, depends on the rate of exp (or the last payment in 24 hours). It shows correctly after 24 hours of uninterrupted mining, then we scroll down and see:

Dwarfpool worker

And here’s a list of our worker workmen, in our case flex2, if the workman is red, it means something is wrong with it, or the mining does not work.

Calc Hashrate here is a common hash rate for all the time that would show correctly – you need 24 hours of non-interrupted mining.

Sent Hashrate – this is your current miner or farm speed.

You don’t need the rest.

Once you have collected the minimum amount for withdrawal, it will get you on the poloniex exchange, after which you will need to withdraw it, there is a separate article for this.- How to output from Poloniex.

That’s all, if you have any questions – write in comments.

Expanse our review:

Due to the latest news about Expanse, this currency will grow. There is a prospect.

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