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Pirl coin mining

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Hey, everybody. Today we will tell you about an interesting coin, or rather about pirl coin mining.

Pirl coin – this coin is mined using ethash algorithm. Reward for block, 12 coins.

pirl coin

Pirl coin prospects for this coin I think there is, since it often appears in the top WTM.

Mining pirl coin

What we need is a pirl to lighten up:

1. Create a pirl wallet

2. Choose pirl pool mine

3. Set up the miner.

So let’s get started.

Pirl coin wallet, which to create and choose. I would advise to use a pirl exchange wallet, for quick exchanges and conclusions. So far, there is only one exchanger pirl coin worthy, where a quick exchange.

Cryptopia – good exchange, lots of currency pairs, likes miners.

We register at the exchange, everything is clear there.

Next, we’re looking for a pearl coin wallet.

Pirl wallet

Like in the picture, we go into the bitcoin badge, and click.

Pirl coin кошелек

In search we enter a pirl, find and click deposit pirl.

Pirl обменник

Where it’s highlighted in red, that’s our pirl wallet.

Now let’s pick a pool.

Pirl pool.

1. pirl.pool.sexy – great pirl mining pool, great power, small commission.

2. pirl.minerpool.net – good pirl coin pool, great power, higher commission.

My choice fell on pirl.pool.sexy, because there is a small commission of 0.25% and sufficient power pool. I didn’t like the other pirl pools.

And that’s how the pool was chosen. Now, let’s get to configuring the miner.

Mining pirl.

Configure that for AMD that for Nvidia is the same. For this we will need the Claymore dual miner, which you can download from our website. – Claymore dual miner скачать.

After downloading, unpack to a convenient place for you, find the file strat.bat right click on it and click to change.


You see, like this, we need to change that.

-epool and further the pool address, in our case stratum+tcp://pirl.pool.sexy:10052

-ewal and then your wallet address pirl which we received above on the stock exchange.

-epsw and further we leave x, without changes.

-and then the name of the worker, any of the Latin letters.

We also add -allpools 1 -mode 1.

The result should be something like this.

EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool stratum+tcp://pirl.pool.sexy:10052 -ewal 0x76a4f3c49aa3321a456507ad52936c814d0ad9bd -epsw x -eworker flex2 -allpools 1 -mode 1

Save, and launch.

Pirl miner

If everything is set up correctly, you’ll see something like this. Mining is on.

Then after 10-15 minutes of mining we go to pirl.pool.sexy.

Статистика pirl

Enter your address, and click lookup.

There you will see your statistics, at the bottom of the page is your working workman.

After you dial a minimum of one coin, it will go to the stock exchange.

I also advise you to read about the withdrawal from your exchanger. – Cryptopia output and exchange..

That’s it, there are questions, write in comments or on the forum. https://forum.mining-help.ru.

I also recommend that you read – A passion for 1080 and 1080ti hashritis..

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