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Mining Callisto network (CLO)

# Mining

Callisto network is abbreviated as CLO, it is lined up with the dagger hashimoto (ethash) algorithm. Hardfork CLO coin was made by one of the developers of ethereum classic.

Callisto network

CLO mining

It’s very simple for those who set up the production of the air, because the algorithm is the same, the Callisto mapping in the configuration is very similar. What we need:

1. Choose an exchange where Callisto trades, or a cold wallet.

2. Choose a pool for callisto mining.

3. Set up the miner.

Let’s start in order.

CLO exchanges

Some miners want to use the wallet callisto network, i.e. a cold wallet, but it is not convenient for exchange, plus there will be additional fees for exchange. It will be suitable for long storage. I choose to mint the clo on the exchange. Especially we can store the coins on the pool (which we chose), and when it is necessary to exchange for a fiat, put on the exchange.

Of the worthy ones at the moment.

STEX – Convenient exchange, there is a Russian language, the exchange works with callisto.

At this exchange callisto (CLO) by volume in trading in the top. Click on the link and register.

Callisto биржа

Click registration, if you have another language nearby, switch to the desired one.

Next will be the terms of the agreement.

Clo биржи

We scroll down and check that you agree, click further and we see the following.

Clo callisto на бирже

Here I think everything is clear, enter your e-mail address, then the password, check the boxes you need. Unravel the capsule, and click to send. Then the e-mail will come, to confirm it, and go to your account.

CLO адрес

Click on your mail, then profile.

Callisto биржи где торгуется

After – balance, we search for our CLO coin. Click on the Deposit, then the deposit address.

Callisto network адрес

Вот адрес, копируем его или оставляем вкладку открытой, он нам пригодится в настройке. Now the next step.

CLO pool

There are very few pools for mining, just as I recommend one of them with the stock exchange.

hashcity.org -a good pool, with good protection and a user-friendly interface. This callisto mining pool has a personal account and possibly mining callisto on hive os.

For mining on the pool, we need to register. Click on the link and you can see.

Callisto coin pool

Everything is clear here, first we invent a login in the Latin alphabet (remember, it will be useful when setting up the miner). Then your email address, password, solve the cappuccino and click on the next. Then we confirm the e-mail address, and login to your account. We have registered for the callisto coin pool.

Now let’s move on to configuring the coin pool.

How to callisto coin pool

There’s almost any miner that fits on the air.

First of all, you need to download ссылке.This Claymore miner, it’s already set to pool hashcity.org, it needs a little editing. With this miner, the setting will fit AMD and NVIDIA. After you have downloaded it, unpack it, find the start.bat file with the right mouse button and click to change it. You can see the following.

Как майнить callisto


-epool and then the address of the pool and the port on which to mine, in our case clo.hashcity.org:6666.

-You can use the login that we have specified when registering at hashcity.org, and through the point of the woker, any woker is possible, it is for convenient statistics.

You don’t have to touch the rest of it.

Then we run the start.bat file and if everything is set up correctly, we can see approximately the following.

Майнинг callisto

Mining went, about 10 minutes and see the statistics, go to ru.hashcity.org/profile, enter your login and password.

Пул для майнинга clo

Where marked in red, we choose the currency which is the main one, in our case callisto coin. Where the arrow is your working workman. On the right (not visible on the screen), will be your balance.

Next you need to enter the address that we registered on Stex. To do this, go to your account settings.

Callisto coin pool

Where circled in red, enter the address of the wallet, which we copied on the stock exchange, and where the arrow never forget to turn ON if you need the output. And press to save it.

It seems to be all in the mining, there are questions, write in comments. Also read, after you’ve earned – how to get money out of stex..

If you want to calculate, i.e. the callisto mining calculator at _whattomine.com/coins/283-clo-ethash.

Also, the answer to the popular question of listing clo callisto on the binance exchange is not yet.

I also advise you to read- Exchange Mining.

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