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Setting up Mining Zcash, how to Mining zcash on gpu nvidia geforce, amd radeon 2020 graphics cards

# Mining

Welcome guys, in this article I will tell you about zcash (zec) cryptographic mapping, equhash algorithm. This algorithm is good for nvidia geforce video cards, but Amd radeon video cards are also good at marinating especially on r9 3** series, also if you have less than 3 gb of memory and you can’t marinate then zcash is good for you too (2020). If you’ve never set up mining, I suggest you read this article.– How to Maintain Beginners.

Zcash mining

How to Maintain Zcash

– let’s get started:

All zcash mining settings will be on Windows 7 x64, and I’ll tell you right away that all zcash miners mostly work on x64 only.

We are going to choose a pool for zcash mining.

Let’s choose the Exchange (wallet) zcash where it will drip on meinenoe.

We will set up mining on the examples nvidia gtx 1060 and amd rx 470.

And so we choose the best pool for zcash mining, at the time of writing I recommend a few pools.

Pools For Mining Zcash

1. zcash.flypool.org is the most popular pool for mining z-cash.

The pros:

+ Honest little commission 1%

+ Russian site

+ Easy manner of configuring the miner

+ Large pool capacity


– Very rarely does the statistics fall behind.

2. dwarfpool.com/zec

The pros:

+ Small fair commission 1%

+ Easy manner of configuring the miner

+ For those from Russia, there is a server in Russia, which gives a little ping.


– Not much of a small pool power.

– A little confusing site.

3. zec.nanopool.org.

The pros:

+ Easy miner setup

+ Simple site

+ Not a bad pool power


– Among the miners There are rumors and many claim that the declared commission of 1% is well undervalued.

Also, in order to choose a pool, we have to test which ping is more specific to it. – Find out which ping in the server pool

In my opinion, the best pool for zcash.flypool.org mining at the time of writing is zcash.flypool.org, which is the example we will be setting up zec mining.

Zcash wallet

Now let’s pick out the wallet where I’ll come for the zec coins. You can create a local wallet on your computer, which is a little safer, but I think it is more convenient and profitable all the same to create a wallet on the exchange, which is more convenient, easier and more profitable. For mining z kasha I previously recommended a good and popular exchange poloniex.com, a cool exchange, but there is a disadvantage, it is in English. But now it has a lot of complaints, it blocks accounts, the money is not withdrawn or do not come, and I decided to write to another exchanger. – Binance the ZEC showed up and decided to rewrite it.

Binance – Very good, popular stock exchange. Very fast gaining popularity. It’ll set an example. Likes the miners.

It’s also a good exchange that likes miners. – EXMO (incidentally, there is an article – How to get out of EXMO), If you want to know about polonex anyway, read this.- How to Maintain on poloniex. As well as – How to Maintain on Hitbtc.

And so we go to the Binance exchange and register, there will be mining on binance.

Binance регистрация

Let’s register. And we see.

Zcash кошелек

In the e-mail address below we enter the password and confirm it – it must be in English letters, there must be at least one capital, and the numbers, check “I read and agree …”, and click to register.

Now let’s go to our e-mail and confirm it. Then we go to our Binance account.

Binance логин

Click login, then enter your e-mail address and password.

After you login:

Binance регистрация

You have to check all the boxes (in the red frame) and press “I undersland, continue”.

At first glance, everything seems complicated and not clear, but in reality it is simple, and after a while you may enjoy playing and trading on this exchange, which will increase your income.

Next, we need to know ZEC coin purse.

Майнинг binance

Click “Active” (red arrow at the top), then balance, then look for “ZEC” (circled in red). Where the lower red arrow is, click on “Deposit” and see.

Zcash binance адрес

and here’s our zkash address (circled in red), copy it, and leave the page open (this is where the money will come in for minefins).

And so Poole and the mining have chosen, now the most interesting thing, we will set up the miners on Nvidia and Radion, they have different miners, in our example will be maps from Nvidia geforce gtx 1060, from ati radeon rx 470. Since Zcash is a good fit on Nvidia, let’s start with it.

Mining zcash

For zcash mining on nvidia we will need ewbf s cuda zcash miner or another zcash miner 0.3.4 b – download zec miner

Unpack the archive into a separate folder (antivirus can argue, you need to make an exception) and see the content, and select zcash battnick flypool.bat, right click to change.

miner zcash cuda nvidia

We see the content of the miner zcash file’s bat.

батник zcas nvidia zec miner

It needs to be edited by our pool and purse, even though it’s almost set up, I can still explain.

-server, and after that, we give the address of our pool with a minime, because we chose a flypool should be like this –server eu1-zcash.flypool.org.

Then we specify the port, our pool has port 3333, it turns out to be –port 3333.

Next comes -user, this is our wallet and rig, a set of symbols wallet, you insert your wallet which is listed on the exchange Binance where circled in red.

Zcash binance адрес

Approximately should be –user t1TxMvSSwnFkVrFLNf7qEDmfASRcEkGEU6P.rig1, (the wallet is different) after the rig1 point is the name of your workman, it can be put to your liking, you need it to monitor your farm or map in the pool statistics.

Next, do not change anything, all now run the batnik flypool.bat and if, as in the picture below, then the mining goes. As you can see, the speed hashrate zcash is measured in sol.

Zec cuda miner

How to view the statistics will be described after setting up on the map radeon ati.

For zcash mining on ATI AMD radeon cards another program is required – the popular claymore s zcash gpu miner 12.6. – download claymore s zcash

Extract the miner to a separate folder and see the content, then we need to edit the config.txt file.

claymore zcash miner amd radeon ati

When editing, we see this.

конфиг батник zcash miner amd claymore

Where after -zpool we write the address and port of our pool, in our case -zpool eu1-zcash.flypool.org:3333.

Now -zwal t1TxMvSSwnFkVrFLNf7qEDmfASRcEkGEU6P, where the character set is your wallet, which you copied on the polonix, also through a point you can specify the name of your woker, whatever you want, for the convenience of monitoring the statistics of your farm or sniffer, it turns out like this -zwal t1TxMvSSwnFkVrFLNf7qEDmfASRcEkGEU6P.rig Next, do not touch anything.

Now run the file start.bat, and if you have succeeded as in the picture below, then everything works.

Amd miner zcash

Now that the mining has begun, you need to open your address statistics

We go to zcash.flypool.org and see this at the top right.

flypool узнать статистику

Driving your wallet from the stock exchange, which was indicated in the miner…

And then we see the statistics page.

flypool статистика

Well, I think the picture is clear, the only thing that immature balance means is not ripe balance, after a while it is transferred to the unpaid balance, after the minimum is set your funds are transferred to the Binance exchange. Once you have earned zec, it must be withdrawn, 24 – 25 May will be ready a detailed article on how to withdraw from Binance.

Then we scroll to the bottom and see.

worker статистика флайпул

There will be a list of your workmen, the farms you’ve run, their speed and so on. If the workman is marked in red, it means your farm or video card is not working, you should check it or restart it.

Sounds like almost everything. Now how did your money accumulate on Binance, they have to come out, how do you come out with an article? – Conclusion with Binance.

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You can ask your questions on the forum, and be sure to get an answer. – Forum.


I will answer some questions as they come in.

Q: Is there, if yes, drop the zcash dual miner, and help you set up

Answer: Zcash in dual mode does not work, and as long as the dual miner is not on it.

Question: Zcash overclocking, what to overclock?

Answer: Zcash is influenced by both memory acceleration and kernel acceleration, we should experiment.

Take a look at this:

How to get newcomers on the air

How to get out of Exmo

How to derive from poloniex

Test Gtx 1060 in Mining

Thank you, everybody, if there’s anything you don’t understand write in the comments, I will help you.

Attention! You cannot create more than 1000 comments! We are working on fixing the problem!

You can ask your questions on the forum, and be sure to get an answer! – Forum.

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