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Musicoin Mining or How to Mining musicoin

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Welcome friends of the miners, at your request I decided today to write an article about musicoin mining. Musicoin what is the currency? It is a fork of Equihash algorithm, which works on our popular broadcast, but it can be minimized on maps that are less than 3 gigabytes. Musicoin’s crypto currency has great future prospects, as many popular crypto informers write, the principle is the same as eth, only the coin is fresh, the complexity is small, and the reward for the block is much more. Mining musicoin in the configuration is the same as the air, music has the same principle, if you have never set up a mining advise to read –  How to Maintain Beginners, step-by-step instruction….


And so let’s start with the most important thing, how to mince musicoin and get it:

First of all, we need..:

1. Choose a musicoin pool, it is important to approach correctly, we need a pool with good power, small commission, good ping.

2. Choose a musicoin wallet, where we will store on the exchange or local wallet.

3. Setting up the musicoin miner, will be on the example of nvidia gtx 1060, and amd rx 480.

And so we start how to set up musicoin mining – start with the first one, choose the best musicoin pool, as the complexity is still small, and pools are not enough to consider 3 of them, which in my opinion are the best.

Musoin pools:


1. mus.mole-pool.net -Good pool, 0.5% commission. Normal power. There is a lottery, every day any miner chosen by the system gets 50% commission which earns the pool. There’s also a little ping at the pool. The smallest minimum amount to pay.

2. Musoin.nomnom.technology – Big pool power, small commission 0.5%, which is cool, I personally liked the pool.

3. musicoin.miningpoolhub.com is the same as the first one, but the commission is 1%, it’s a little uncomfortable.

I picked 1 pool mus.mole-pool.net There will be an example on it, with its power and commission + drawing – the most advantageous in terms of profit is obtained. You’re also looking at your ping to the pool, and you’ll be relying on that, too, in more detail. – How do you know ping to a pool.

And so the mining of the musicoin pool we have chosen now, the 2nd step – choose a musicoin purse, the main thing will determine what you need, you can create a musicoin wallet on your computer, or use the exchange, I think through the exchange is more convenient and profitable so we will use it.

Musicoin exchanger which we will choose:


Cryptopia – a well-established exchange with Musicoin. That’s where we’ll make an example.

And so we go to Cryptopia and register:

Регистрация cryptopia

Everything is clear here, first enter your name (nickname) in Latin and numbers, then enter your e-mail address, then password and repeat your password (be sure to use Latin letters small and large, as well as numbers), check I agree to the…. confirm that you are not a robot, and click Register. After that a letter will come to your mail, where you need to confirm your mail.

Now we need to know our wallet, go to the Bitcoin badge in the upper right corner.

cryptopia wallet

Click on Bitcoin icon, then in search you enter Mus, and press Deposit MUSIC (red arrow at the bottom left). And we see.

musicoin wallet

Where the red arrow is our musicoin wallet copy it, where circled red, on this inscription do not pay attention, all norms come. By the way, the musicoin rate you can watch on this exchange.

This is how we picked the pool.http://mus.mole-pool.net/#/, the setting on AMD that on Nvidia is absolutely the same.

Now you need to download musicoin miner by clicking on the link –  Download musicoin miner claymore.

Yes, yes, it’s all the same claymore, download, unpack in a convenient place for us go to the folder find the file start.bat, right click, and click to change.

claymore musicoin

And we see this:

Musicoin bat

where -epool and then the pool address, in our case mus.mole-pool.net, then goes the port, our pool has port 3003. -ewal and then the address of the musicoin wallet, which we copied above where the red arrow, picture repeat below


-epsw leave x, -eworker and then the name of the woker, which is convenient for you, the main thing is in Latin and can be numbers, and -allcoins 1 should be obligatory.

Then we save everything, run start.bat and if everything is set up correctly it should turn out like this:

musicoin mining

Now we need to enter our copied wallet on the site of the pool mus.mole-pool.net, go to the site a little flip down and see.


where the red arrow inserts our address, and click enter, and here comes our statistics.

Where the red bezel – Immature Balance is not ripe balance, Peding Balance is your pool balance, Total Paid is how much you have already been paid per wallet.

Where the blue bezel is exactly what your corker is.

Now all your coins of music will come to you on the exchange.

Now how do you bring out Musicoin:

Specifically, we need to get them out of the stock exchange  Cryptopia,there is an article on how to output it, but it says about libra, our actions are the same only to sell and exchange musicoin for btc and in search type mus read – How to get out of cryptopia. I hope you understand the conclusion of musicoin.

Now traditionally popular questions and answers.

Question: Where to find out the complexity of musicoin network?

Answer: On the same pool of musicoin.nomnom.technology, there is a Network Hash Rate column there and there is the complexity of the network.

Question: what is the musicoin algorithm?

Answer: Equihash is the same algorithm as on the air.

Question: musicoin on what exchangers is there?

Answer: It is almost nowhere, if you take the popular stock exchanges, then only on Cryptopia.

Question: where is musicoin?

Answer: as I wrote above on mus.mole-pool.net, musicoin.nomnom, musicoin.miningpoolhub.com. The rest of what the slag saw.

I think that’s all for now, thank you for your attention, I also advise you to read it:

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Cloud mining.

Also, if you want to help the site or you need help with the mining, then you’re here. –  Help site.

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