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# Mining

Hello friends, today we will talk about how to mine daxxcoin. Daxx is a new coin powered by the dagger hashimoto algorithm.


Daxxcoin cryptocurrency or daxx is a new coin that does not have the biggest profit, but very good prospects. As in my time there was UBQ, I mined 1000 coins per day for 1 day (600 rubles), and after 3 months they turned into 30,000 rubles. maybe the same thing will happen to Dax if we’re lucky. So we need to mine it. And if it has become profitable to mine, then my guide will help you all the more. How to earn daxxcoin.

What is needed there:

1. Select the exchange where the dax will be mined

2. Select the daxxcoin pool

3. Configure the miner

Setting up mining on both Nvidia and AMD is the same.

Choose an exchange. Here I recommend one exchange this  Cryptopia.

Cryptopia – Good exchange, high trading volumes. Many currency pairs. You can also buy daxxcoin there. Also find out the daxxcoin rate.

And so we register on Cryptopia, then search for our wallet.

daxx wallet

Go to the balance (the bitcoin icon), then type daxx in the search, find it and click Deposit Daxx. Then we see:

 daxxcoin wallet

Where the red arrow is, this is your wallet.

Now select the pool.

Daxxcoin pool

Currently, I can offer only one pool, there are very few of them, with more or less good capacity daxx. pool4. life.

daxx. pool4. life – Good pool, good power. A small commission of 0.5%. Minimu for the output of 0.5 dax, output every 10 minutes.

Now you need to download the miner for daxxcoin, it is already configured for daxx. pool4. life, suitable for both nvidia and amd – Download daxxcoin miner.

Unpack the miner in a convenient place for us, and edit the file start. bat, click on it with the right mouse button and change.

bat daxx miner

Here is where-ewal next insert your address that you received on the exchange. Next, we run the miner, if everything is set up normally, it should turn out something like this.

daxx miner

Next, go to your statistics on the pool daxx. pool4. life

Daxxcoin pool

Where is the red arrow, enter your address and do a search. And we find our own statistics.

 Daxx statistics

Where red circled here is clear, Immature Balance – not confirmed balance

Pending Balance – Your balance

Total Paid – the balance paid to your wallet.

Where circled in blue, here is a list of your workers. If the worker is green, it is healthy and working.

Attention correct statistics are displayed after 24 hours of continuous mining.

After you have accumulated and want to withdraw from the cryptopia exchange, read the article – how to output from cryptopia.

Daxxcoin reviews-what I can tell you is a good coin. At the moment, it makes sense to accumulate and store it until it grows.

All thanks, bye bye.

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You can also help the site – Help for the site.

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