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Etc mining or how to mine ethereum classic on a video card

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In this article, I will tell you about ether classic mining, a very good currency with prospects. It was invented to replace the well-known Etherium, since there have long been opinions, rumors and a statement from developers that it will not be possible to mine it. In this article, we will learn how to set up etc mining and mine it. Since ethereum classic has a good forecast and prospects, we will configure it.

 ETC mining
< h2>Ethereum classic mining

To start etc mining we need:

1. Choose a pool for mining etc

2. Choose an ethereum classic exchange or wallet

3. Download and configure the miner etc

And so let’s start by choosing the ethereum classic pool, which by the way is a lot, but we need to choose a profit pool.

Ethereum classic pool

The most powerful and honest pools for mining ethereum classic:

1. etc.ethermine.org -A good pool, with more power. This is the same pool as flypool for ethereum classic. A small honest commission of 1%. I liked.

2. etc.nanopool.org – Also a good pool, slightly less powerful. The commission is 1%.

It is also better to choose a pool to which less ping, do not know how to find out, read – how to find out the ping to the pool.

I believe that today the best pool for mining etc is etc.ethermine.org, there will be an example on it.

Now you need to choose the exchange where the coins will drop ETC.
< h3>Ethereum classic exchange

You can use the ethereum classic wallet, but this is less convenient, plus your hard drive is polluted with block information. Then, as a result of using different wallets, there is not enough memory, and so on, and during the download, the computer slows down a lot. And with the exchange, it is more convenient to change, especially at a favorable rate.

In this regard, I think the best exchange will be Yobit. It is Russian-language, user-friendly interface, and very convenient and profitable ways to withdraw. And so we begin.

Also on the exchange EXMO, the currency ETC has appeared, this exchange likes miners.

Register on Yobit. Click in the upper right corner, register. Enter the logs, then the email address, then the password and repeat it. Check the box that you agree with the yobit rules, confirm that you are not a robot and click register. We registered perfectly, now we need to create an ethereum classic wallet. To do this

ETC Wallet

Click Balances, then enter ETC in the search, find it in the list and click in the input column” +”

 ether classic wallet

And where the red arrow is our ether classic wallet, copy it. We leave the tab open.

So the ether classic pool was chosen, the wallet was chosen, and now the configuration of the etc miner itself for nvidia and for AMD.

How to mine ethereum classic

The miner that is for Nvidia that is for AMD will fit claymore ethereum classic, and is configured the same way.

First we need to download ethereum classic miner – Download the miner ether classic.

We unpack it in a convenient place for us. And we see the Start file.bat right-click on it and “edit”. In our case, the miner is already configured for our pool. Etc setting up the miner:

etc bat

Where-epool and then the address of the pool where we will mine, < strong>attention the pool port has been changed, fix it to-epool etc-eu1. nanopool. org: 19999

– ewal and then the wallet number, here you insert your wallet, which you copied above on yobit. And -eworker, then the name of your worker, for the convenience of monitoring. You can name any worker. Save and run start.bat if everything is set up correctly we run it and it should turn out something like this

 ETC mining.

That’s all mining has gone. Now we will learn how to view statistics. We go to our pool etc.ethermine.org and in the search, we enter your wallet.

 Statistics ethermine.org

Insert the wallet and click Chek Status.

And we see the following

 stat etc

Dashboard tab, here is your ethereum classic mining hashrate. Next, Unpaid Balance is an unpaid balance. Then everything is clear – how many active workers, and balls. The Payouts tab here is the history of payments to your wallet. The rest is not needed yet. ON the dashboard tab, go down and see what your workers are working on.

That’s when everything is good. If it is highlighted in red or yellow, it means that something is wrong with your farm or video card. I hope you understand how to mine ether classic.

Everyone is now waiting for the minimum amount to be paid. And it is on this pool by default 1 etc. But it can be reduced to 0.1, read more here – etc ethmine payout settings.

After the amount you set up came to yobit, you need to withdraw it for this there is an article – Yobit output. The withdrawal of etc occurs in the same way as other currencies.

Now, according to tradition, the answers to popular questions.

Question: ethereum classic mining on a 2 gb card is possible?

Answer: at the moment, yes< / em>


Question: etc what is the mining algorithm?

Answer: this is a classic of the ether, of course dagger hashimoto.

Thank you all for your attention, bye.

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(c) ethereum classic 2017.

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