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Ubiq mining, how to mining ubq coin

# Mining

Greetings friends of the miners, today we will continue the theme of forks dagger hashimoto (air). Today we will talk about mining Ubiq coin, another not a little popular currency, where I raised not bad money in my time.


Mining ubq

In order to mince the ubq coin, we need this.

1. Pick a ubq pool.

2. Choose ubq wallet exchanger

3. Download and configure ubq miner.

Well, of course we will start with the list.

Ubiq pool

Let’s choose the ubiq pool. Actually, there are very few pools today. For now, we’ll pick one because it’s powerful.

ubiqpool.io – Large pool power, small commission of 0.75%.

There are few alternatives so far, but they’re not needed.

Next, we choose as we should.

Ubiq exchange

Which wallet to choose ubiq wallet or exchange, of course more convenient exchange. Here, I’ll recommend one exchange.

1.  Cryptopia -Huge number of currency pairs and alto coins. Convenient.

I choose Cryptopia, it’s more attractive and better for ubiq cryptocurrency. And so we begin to register on Cryptopia, there is nothing difficult in registration. Enter your User name, then your e-mail address. After that the password and repeat it. Then check the box that you agree with the rules, unravel the capsule and click Register. Confirm the mail if necessary.

Now we need to know the online wallet ubiq, or rather its number.

ubq wallet

Click on the Bitcoin icon – these are our balances, in search we enter UBIQ, and click on deposit UBQ.

ubiq кошелек

And that’s where the red arrow is our online ubiq wallet.

Now the third part of the tuning of the ubiq mining.

Ubiq how to mine.

That for nvidia cards that for AMD cards the miner and its settings are the same. First you need to download ubq miner.- download claymore ubiq miner. And start configuring the Ubiq mining.

Now unpack to a place convenient for us, right click on the Start.bat file and change.

We see the content.

ubiq батник

The miner is already set up, we only need to put your wallet, but I can’t explain much. Where -epool and then the address of your ubiq mining pool, -ewal and then the address of your wallet that you copied above on the exchange.

Change save. If all done correctly, run Start.bat should turn out like this.

ubiq mine pool

All the mining is going. Now let’s see the statistics on ubiqpool.io.ubiq

ubiq статистика

Come into Miners and enter your wallet do a search and..:

убик статистика

Where the immature balance is not a confirmed balance. Pending Balance is your balance. Total Paid is how much has been paid for your wallet. At the bottom of Your Workers how many of your corkers are working, if the corker is red, something is wrong with your farm, the video card. I’m hoping the killer’s cube can be explained.

Now do the mini and wait for the funds to come to the Cryptopia exchange. And then you need to take a picture of how to take it off here.- cryptopia conclusion.

I think that’s it, everyone. Thank you. Before the new articles and pampas.

They’re also asking what the ubq has in mind. In my analysis, they’re good.

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