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Mining xmr monero on a graphics card (GPU)

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Welcome friends, in this article we will talk and teach you monero mining on video cards. Especially on xmr there was interest after the last pampa. It even often started to make more profit than on the air. But it concerns more AMD cards. And so let’s start mining xmr on the graphics card. And you can also do the moneoner on the processor for more details… – Mining monero CPU.


There was another harfork, if you see the message you must update your xmr miners before block 168555 (october 18th) or they will stop working, we need to update the miners, we will redo the article soon.

Monero has switched to new algorithm cryptonightv8. We have reworked the article for this algorithm.



Monero mining

Let us start with the fact that the cryptovite monero coin was invented in 2014, but became more or less known in 2016. And in 2017, monero had a good pamp, that interest has become very large and production of monero became popular. The algorithm of monero is cryptonight, it fits well on AMD graphics cards, and a little worse on nvidia. And so let’s start with what we are here for.

How do you mince monero

Xmr mining on gpu is similar to many other currencies, such as zcash, eth and so on. But still, we will look at everything in detail. And so we need to do monero mining on gpu.

1. Let’s choose monero pool mining.

2. Next, choose a monero wallet, where will go the coin monero.

3. And the last one is to set up a monero mining (miner).

Well, let’s start with mine monero!

Monero pool

Here, I can recommend the following monero pools (xmr):

1. xmr.nanopool.org – High power pool, commission 1%, minimum payout 1 xmr. There is an Ssl connection that allows to reduce the commission on AMD cards (more details below).

2. dwarfpool.com/xmr – Normal pool power, commission 1.5%, minimum payout 1 xmr.

3. monero.crypto-pool.fr – Good pool power, commission 2%, payments every 2 hours.

In my opinion, the best monero nanopool is an example. But it’s up to you to choose. In principle, the setting of dwarfpool monero and crypto pool is similar. Other monero pools for mining seemed to me less attractive, the list did not include, there is no point. Xmr pool chose, let’s move on.

Monero wallet.

I still advise you to use the exchange, as it is much easier and more convenient. And so the exchange, which one?

1.  EXMO – I think the best exchange xmr, and more. There are built-in output methods. “Likes miners.” It’ll have an example on it. And what’s good about not needing a payment id.

2.  livecoin -It’s also a good exchange.

Also you can monero xmr wallet, which is less convenient.

How to create a monero wallet:

Sign up for  EXMO, (there’s a monero exchanger).

exmo reg

We have your login, e-mail address. Password and we repeat it, agree to the terms, solve the capsule (I am not a robot). I don’t think it’s difficult.

And it should work out like this.

ексмо работа

Now we need to know the monero address, or rather the address.

монеро кошелек

Go to “Wallet”, look for XMR and click to refill, then in the open window click to create a wallet. and see:

monero кошелек

Here’s your wallet. We copy it, leave the tab open. Now let’s move on to the last item.

Setting up monero

Let’s begin, we can say the main question – how to minimize monero xmr on a video card. Setting up monero batnik, on our example will be mining nvidia gtx 1060 and mining on three rx 580 monero amd. Since the moneric is more profitable on amd, let’s start with it.

Amd monero

First we need to download the miner itself, we will use claymore xmr miner, the best monero miner for amds. Since Claymore hasn’t started to convert its miners to a new algorithm, we are rewriting the article to another miner, this method is also suitable for setting up nvidia video cards.

You can download it by clicking on the link- download xmr stak miner, download the version for cryptonightv8. It will give you an example. There is also a collection of other miners.- Monero Miners.

And so downloaded, unpacked where you can comfortably further open the folder and we have 2 ways. Either run xmr-stak.exe and manually prescribe the config. Or create a star.bat file, which we will do. If you rocked the miner from my site, then start.bat is already created there, you need to edit it.

monero батник

Let’s find out, -O and then the address of the pool we chose, in our case, nanopool. But we have an ssl on it like I wrote in the beginning. That’ll charge us 0.5% less for the miner.

-u and after the purse address that we copied above on the exmo, and after it the point and the name of the worker, on the screen rig1. It is also advisable to add mail after the woker, which would have turned out to be exemplary – the address. woker/email. Attention, if you do not have EXMO exchanger, then you still need to enter the address PaymentID of your exchanger. Example -u adress.paymen_id.

Example with Exmo:

-xwal 4Hm3YrYNgczRAP7jbGCZ7vA8XwbBR8DWMU7Bm9FKZqjxQXPPcwMP1kDbK3mtBSdt2c6TmLCPiMSXa39uBiEBwkg4FVLkqwg2M4kUaoKWCh.rig1/vasya@mail.ru

Save, start.bat. If everyone did the right thing, we can see about this.

claymore miner monero

If you see that, it’s fine. Mining’s coming. But you’ll probably still have the mining on your CPU. After the first run, you will have several text files created. This is cpu.txt and also a video card file, nvidia.txt or amd.txt. To disable CPU mining, you should leave only this code in cpu.txt file – “cpu_threads_conf” : null,

Monero on nvidia

Mining monero on nvidia, we already need another xmr stak miner. It fits both the processor and the nvidia and amd video cards. –  download xmr stak miner, download version for cryptonightv8. We also have a list of other miners. – Monero miner.

Downloaded, unpacked in a place convenient for us. We go in see the file start.bat right click on it, and “modify”. We see this.

Xmr stak bat

It’s the same as the amds. -and then there’s the address of the pool we chose, in our case.

-u and after the address of the wallet we copied above on the exmo, and after it the dot and the name of the workman, in the screen fle. It is also advisable to add mail after the woker, which would be exemplified by the address.woker/email. Attention, if you do not have EXMO exchanger, then you still need to enter the address PaymentID of your exchanger. Example -u adress.paymen_id.

Example c exmo:

-u 4Hm3YrYNgczRAP7jbGCZ7vA8XwbBR8DWMU7Bm9FKZqjxQXPPcwMP1kDbK3mtBSdt2c6TmLCPiMSXa39uBiEBwkg4FVLkqwg2M4kUaoKWCh.rig1/vasya@mail.ru

We leave the rest to it. Save and then run start.bat. you will create 2 files, configs for video card and processor, and a common config.

If you want to disable cpu or gpu separately in xmr-stak:

If you have a processor, you need to go to the cpu.txt file and leave only the “cpu_threads_conf” entry : null,

if you have a video card, you should go to the file nvidia.txt or amd.txt and leave “gpu_threads_conf” : null there,

If we’ve done everything right, we can see about this.

Xmr stak

Mining monero on gpu nvidia gtx 1060 went, as you can see monero hashrate 400+, under overclocking. That’s how to mint the xmr nvidia cards.

Now that you’ve set everything up and the mining has gone. We need to see our statistics. Let’s go to xmr.nanopool.org.

nanopool xmr

Where the red arrow leads to your moneur address and clicks Search.

Here’s your statistics, it doesn’t get accurate until 24 hours of continuous mining. Current Calculated Hashrate is your total monero hashrate. Average Hashrate for the last 6 hours is the average speed in the last 6 hours. Balance is your balance. Unconfirmed Balance is an unconfirmed balance that goes into balance after time. Where circled in red is a list of your active thieves (in kennel after wallet). If the corker is red, it means something is wrong with it, it does not work.

That’s all, now when you set the standard minimum of 1 xmr they will be transferred to you on the exchange. EXMO, you can also buy monero on it. You can also reduce the minimum for payment to 0.3 xmr, more details – Setting up nanopool payment. Monero’s yields are at a good level today.

Do you know how to derive monero from exmo? There’s an article for you. -Exmo conclusion. There is an ETH example, but the output of monero is similar. Only instead of ETH to exchange monero. I hope you understand how to output monero.

Thank you all for your attention, I think.

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If our site has helped you a lot, and you want to help him or you need help in mining, then you are here. – Help for the site.

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