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Bitcoin gold mining, how to mine btg

# Mining

Hello, friends of the miners. In a couple of days we will launch Bitcoin gold network or as some call it Bitcoin gold gpu. Why is that? Because this crypt-currency will be minted on equihash algorithm, which will allow to mince this currency only on video cards. Cool, but let’s look beyond that.

bitcoin gold майнинг

Btg mining

And so the first pools will be started and the first blocks will go immediately after the BTG network is started (Pools are running, mining works!). Naturally, only after the network is started, mining will start. We will write a preliminary article for now, before starting the network. So that you can prepare how the network will start, the article will be updated to 100% of the instructions for bitcoin gold mining. In the meantime, we’ll choose pools and wallets from what we have.

And so the pools are launched, everything works. The article has been updated.


How to mince bitcoin gold

So let’s get started. Bitcoin gold mining will be divided into stages.

1. From the beginning we have to choose a bitcoin gold pool, where we will mince a coin.

2. Next, we’ll choose BTG wallet, or rather the purse where we’ll mince the crypt currency.

3. Choose, download and customize bitcoin gold miner.

Here are the 3 main steps, we will paint them in detail.

Bitcoin gold pool

Since the network is not launched yet, it’s hard to judge which bitcoin gold pool is better. But climbing through forums, searching, making analysis and relying on our experience we have found some worthy pools so far. Once the network is launched, this information about the pools may change. And after launching the network, we have identified the best pools for btg mining.

And so we will provide you with pools for the mining of bitcoin gold.

1. bitcoin-gold.miningpoolhub.com – In my opinion, while the top btg mining pool, no commission! It has 50% of network power. Easy setup.

2. btg.suprnova.cc – Good btg pool, good power, but harder to set up.

Where to mine bitcoin gold, I think it’s bitcoin-gold.miningpoolhub.com. That’s where it’s gonna be an example.

Bitcoin gold wallet.

You can choose bitcoin gold wallet, but it’s not convenient, and it swings 200 gigabytes base. Alternative wallets are still raw, one thing left is stock exchanges. In my opinion, it’s the most convenient option, and it’s easier to bring it to reality. Especially on my sites I have a lot of information on how to withdraw money from popular stock exchanges.

Bitcoin gold which exchanges

Bitcoin gold will be on several exchanges, I can list a couple of worthy ones.

Yobit – the popular Russian-language exchange. Good courses small commission. There is btg. Simplicity of interface.

EXMO -great exchange, loves the miners!

My choice is Yobit. It’ll set an example.

So here we go:

We go to Yobit and register.

yobit btg

Click Register (red arrow). A registration window will appear, enter your login (English letters and numbers). Then your email address, then your password. Confirm your password, tick the box “I agree with the rules”. Guess the captcha and click to register.

bitcoin gold wallet

Click “Balances”, then search for btg. And click Enter +. And we see this:

bitcoin gold биржа

This is our Bitcoin gold address, copy it and leave the tab open.

Now we need to register for the pool.

Come on bitcoin-gold.miningpoolhub.com

btg pool

Click Sing Up, then where Username enters your nickname, then Password invents the password and repeats it (Repeat Password). After that, enter your EMAIL and you will lose it. Then enter the PIN code, of four digits, be sure to remember it! If you need to confirm your mail. Then we enter your account.

Bitcoin gold пул

Click Login and enter your email and password.

Next you need to insert your wallet.

btg пул

Enter the Wallet, where the Payment address drives your wallet, which we recognized on Yobit, then enter the amount of minimum payment. I advise you to put 0.01, and below the pin code that you invented at registration, and click Update account.

Now we need to create a wrapper.

bitcoin gold pool

Go to Workers, and in the middle enter the Worker name and the password below, and they should turn out to the right, it will be necessary to configure the miner, as you can see I have turned out flex.btg (login.worker).

Next we need to download bitcoin gold miner and configure it.

Bitcoin gold miner

Since bitcoin gold coin is mined on equihash algorithm, we can use zcash mining program.

For nvidia video cards it is ewbf s cuda miner. For AMD it is Claymore s zcash gpu miner.

And so let’s start with configuring btg mining for nvidia ewbf s cuda cards with a miner.

Download the miner by clicking on the link – Download ewbf s cuda miner.

Unpacking in a place that’s convenient for you. And edit the file flypool.bat, right click on it and “edit”. And we see this:

конфиг бат бтг

Now we have to edit it there.

-server and then the pool address where we’re going to mine, because we chose bitcoin-gold.miningpoolhub.com, we’ll have europe.equihash-hub.miningpoolhub.com.

–port and then the pool port, in our case 20595.

–user and the account, from your pool. I got the flex68.btg.

–pass x here’s the password you invented when you created the wrapper, I have 1111.

You should end up with something like this:

miner –server europe.equihash-hub.miningpoolhub.com –port 20595 –user flex68.btg –pass 1111

Then we save the changes and run flypool.bat.

btg miner nvidia

You’ll see about that if you set it up correctly.

So we’ve set up the bitcoin gold miner for nvidia.

Now let’s set up btg mining on amd radeon cards.

As I wrote above, bitcoin gold has equihash algorithm, so we need claymore miner which zcash minit.

And so we download the miner. – download Claymore s zcash gpu miner.


Downloaded it. Then we unpack in a convenient place for you. And edit the file config.txt. And we see:


btg bat claymore

Now we have to edit it to fit our pool and wallet.

-zpool and then the pool and port address, because we chose bitcoin-gold.miningpoolhub.com, we have the address europe.equihash-hub.miningpoolhub.com:20595.

-zwal and then your account. -zwal that you created on the bullet, I have flex68.btg.

-zpsw and then the password to the wrapper you were making, I have 1111.

And be sure to add -allpools 1.

We don’t touch the rest of it. It’s got to be like this:

-zpool europe.equihash-hub.miningpoolhub.com:20595

-zwal flex68.btg

-zpsw 1111

-allpools 1

Save the changes and run start.bat.

btg claymore miner amd

If you see anything like this, you’ve got it set up right. Next we need to know the statistics of our farm or video card. We have already entered the address btg. We’re going to bitcoin-gold.miningpoolhub.com.

Статистика пула btg

Let’s go to Dashboard and where Hashrate is your mining speed, and then we’ll look below in order.

Normal wallett Confirmed – here will be your balance that has not yet been paid to your wallet.

Normal wallett Unconfirmed – here will be your balance that has not yet been paid to your wallet.

The rest is not required.

After you have collected a minimum of 0.01 btg (or the amount you have deposited) for withdrawal, they will be transferred to your walletif you don’t know how to make real money with yobit then read. Yobit.

If you don’t know how to make real money with yobit then read Conclusion yobit.

I think that’s it. Any questions? Write in comments.

I also advise if you do not know how to set up the equipment, or do not want to pay for the light. Or nowhere to place the farms, I advise you to look at cloud mining, which makes good profit. – reliable cloud mining.

Thank you all for your attention! New articles are coming soon!

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