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The best asics for cryptovoltaic mining – variety of proposals and their features

# Equipment

Recently, crypt currency has become an increasingly discussed topic. And there’s a fairly simple explanation for that. The first bitcoins appeared back in 2009. And over the past period, this electronic cryptovolta has become simply incredibly popular. It is largely due not only to its independence, but also to the complete decentralization of the entire system.

Лучший асик

Today, asykis for mining are increasingly replacing the usual for many typical mining farms, which operate on video cards. It is necessary to note also actions of developers on mastering of new algorithms. ASIC models offered by them are characterized by higher efficiency and productivity. And the energy consumption of ASIC is less expensive in comparison with coin mining via video cards.

Let’s consider the best ASICs for mining, talk about equipment settings and mining activities in a little more detail and in detail.

Mining and ASICs

The simplest mathematical calculations bring rather unambiguous conclusions about bitcoin extraction. It will only be possible until 2140. After all, asic for mining is becoming more and more popular, and the circle of its users is growing at a very active rate. Just recently, only video cards were used for mining of cryptovoltaic. But the growth in the number of users of the system has provoked a significant decrease in the efficiency of this equipment.

Continuous operation of the system is quite sufficient for obtaining an insignificant source of income. However, one should not forget about the unlimited possibilities of making profit in the field of cryptocarrency mining. In this connection, numerous attempts have been made to scale the process and expand it. Special “farms” were built, and each of them was based on a rather large number of powerful video cards.

But fundamentally new opportunities to increase power were opened only after the invention of ASICs. ASIC – Application-Specific Integrated Circuit. This is a rather compact circuit, which has some integrated task. And its orientation makes it possible to function effectively only in a stream with one-way motion. The difference between the ASIC-miner and typical schemes of general purpose is rather impressive. Current asynchronous algorithms are more efficient. It is connected with involvement of computing functions with the purposeful vector of action. In this aspect, general-purpose designs have a much worse economy and performance.

The use of graphics cards results in significant energy costs. Doubts about further mining have necessitated an upgrade of the system. This is where the efficiency of the asynchronous system was found to be high in terms of speed of processing requests. And they consume much less energy. Today, asynchronous equipment is available in a fairly wide range. This allows everyone to choose the most suitable option for themselves. And not only by capabilities, but also by pricing policy.

The first asyks were characterized by compact dimensions. Their power supply and connection was carried out through USB-ports. But these samples were already morally outdated, and their exploitation was senseless. Manufacturers today offer more advanced and powerful asycks, which can be classified as follows:

  • Professionals;
  • Domestic.

Each of these categories has its own features and distinctive characteristics. The difference between them lies not only in the size of the device, the level of limit and allowable power flow, the volume of the housing of a particular unit. There is also a difference in the amount of electricity consumed. Home models are more miniature, the noise of this type of asynk is minimized and the power supply unit often does not exceed 600 W.

The professional asynk has more impressive features, and its capabilities ensure that computing is carried out at an accelerated pace. It is possible to combine individual modules into a single whole. And for placing such blocks rather impressive in its volume cases are used. The power exceeds by an order of magnitude the similar indicator of home units, and the level of efficiency does not cause even the smallest complaints. Although it was impossible to do without certain shortcomings. The equipment produces a higher noise level and consumes quite a lot of electricity. And when choosing the power supply capacity, you should take into account the characteristics of the device, which are stated in the technical data sheet of the unit.

Aspects of mining on asynchronous machines in 2020

The asynchronous miners 2020 presented on the market have the most various operating capacities. There is also a difference in the indicator of electricity consumption. The choice of asynchronous generators is often not very difficult. It is only important to decide on the main criteria for the selection of this equipment. Among the most important of them, it is worth highlighting such criteria:

  • Algorithm for obtaining coins;
  • Electricity consumption and related costs;
  • The cost of the equipment itself;
  • Power characteristics of the device to be selected.

But which asyk to buy? First of all, it is necessary to define for yourself the required parameters for each of the above aspects. It is worth listening to intuition, as well as carefully study the real feedback from users. To find them in a network will not be difficult. At a choice of optimum capacity it is necessary to remember about the term hashrate. It is he who defines the bandwidth of data processing. And the higher the figure, the more asynchronous income will be. And the more coins the user can collect within one unit of time.

If we consider the issue of energy consumption, it becomes obvious that the working potential depends on the corresponding energy resources of the network. In order to introduce asycks for bitcoin minting, sufficient resources are required for this. That is why this variable also requires special attention.

It is difficult to call the device price tag stable. We can observe its dependence on the current rate of the cryptovoltaic currency. As its cost decreases, even top asic from the professional segment can significantly increase its availability. But even with this arrangement, their price is not affordable to everyone. At purchase of an asyk it is necessary to consider available financial possibilities. After all the rule of dependence of capacity of the device on its cost and power consumption still nobody cancelled.

Work on modernisation of already available devices and release of their more perfect analogues goes today in a non-stop mode. Literally every month, manufacturers are releasing several new models to the market. These include asynchronous miner with a new chip, as well as a number of other devices of this type. Their performance is constantly growing, and the range of available features is optimized for a variety of needs and possibilities.

Which of the manufacturers to give preference to

But which asyk is better and which manufacturer to give preference to? The equipment of each company has certain advantages and weaknesses. It is connected with possibility of functioning exclusively within the limits of the set direction. But the best asyk without problems can be chosen among the products of such brands:

  • PinIdea;
  • Bitmain;
  • Halong Mining;
  • Innosilicon;
  • Ebang Communication;

The list of specialized manufacturers may be continued, but it is the companies mentioned above that have a lot of feedback from non-commercial users. And each of them uses the products of brands in their practical activities. Bitmain from China is in the lead. Each of the manufacturer’s developments is an innovative product, which has an optimal balance of resources and power consumption. That is why the products of this brand confidently occupy a rather significant market segment.

Among the main competitors of Bitmain it is necessary to allocate company Baikal. The devices of this brand are characterized by the use of several algorithms within a single system. Innosilicon is another manufacturer from China. The company has achieved special popularity due to the development of asycks based on Scrypt and X11 algorithms. But its assortment is not limited to this only. Literally recently, new developments were presented. They are based on Blake (2b), Blake 256 and CryptoNight algorithms. They are the priority algorithms for some other manufacturers.

The main specialization of Ebang Communication is the development of asycks with SHA-256 algorithm. One of the latest developments of the brand is rightfully considered the most powerful and productive bitcoin miner.

Let’s consider the most actual asyks of the above mentioned brands in the section of algorithms used by them.

Asics for reception of Bitcoin on the basis of algorithm SHA-256

Bitcoin asynxis based on SHA-256 algorithm functions. It makes it possible to obtain not only Bitcoin crypt currency, but also Bitcoin Cash coins.

Асики для майнинга

Asics for obtaining Lightcoin based on Scrypt algorithm

For Litecoin, the equipment is available in a rather limited range. But the Scrypt algorithm is quite common, and this type of mini asicom can be a number of very promising coins.

Асик лайткоин

Asics for obtaining Dash and X11 algorithm

Dash is the most popular coin for this algorithm. Many devices with high power are available. Their abundance has led to an increase in network complexity in the shortest possible time. And it has provoked decrease in interest to the equipment on X11.

Ashik Baikal BK-G28 is characterized by the presence of multialgorithm capabilities. It allows to hope for higher profit and payback of asyks when working with a number of popular algorithms compared to the performance on X11.

Ashiki to obtain Siacoin based on the Blake algorithm (2b)

The Blake algorithm (2b) prefers the Siacoin (SC) coin. All the work of Baikal is aimed at producing asycks with support of several algorithms at once. And BK-B is no exception. The device supports a number of additional algorithms. Among them are Blake256R8, Blake256R14, as well as Lbry and Pascal.

Асик Сиакоин

Ashiki to obtain Decrease based on Blake 256R14 algorithm

Today, many companies are releasing devices that support the Blake 256R14 algorithm. Its most popular coin is Decred (DCR). Today, such equipment is represented by two companies. Within the table there are specifications of BK-B exclusively concerning Blake 256R14.

Асики DCR

Asics for obtaining Electronium and CryptoNight algorithm

The CryptoNight algorithm prefers to interact with Electroneum (ETN) and Bytecoin (BCN) coins. This is exactly what some manufacturers have initially bet on. But after the presentation of Monero’s asycks it was decided to change the algorithm to avoid increasing the complexity of the network. This caused complete uselessness of CryptoNight to get Monero. In the Baikal BK-N240 (480 KH/s) asycoke also implemented support for Cryptonight-lite. It allows you to get Aeon coins.

Асики CryptoNight

Asics for obtaining Zcash based on Equihash algorithm

And here Bitmain owns the leadership in preparing an asyk for the Equihash algorithm. The currency for it was traditionally received by means of video cards. But what’s the minite of an asyk of this type? Here you can get Zcash and Zclassic coins.

Асики Zcash

Asics for obtaining GRIN and Cuckatoo31+, 32+ algorithm 

Асик грин

Best ASIC-Miners

The table below includes the top asynchronous performance as well as the balance of resource and capacity consumption. Moreover, all of them have passed a real test by consumers for compliance with the declared reliability criteria. The profitability of the asycees and aspects of their payback have been checked. The data on the most profiled coins which are accessible for mining on this or that equipment are presented.

Лучшие асики для майнинга

The cost of the presented developments is not static, and its replacement can take place in quite a short time. Everything depends on the current course of the cryptovite. The more interest is caused by its various variations, the higher the cost has asynchronous and other devices. The growth of popularity and demand for mining instability of the course of cryptovalut does not prevent at all. And updating of the information presented in the table will come on the fact of appearance on the market of new devices from different manufacturers.

On the basis of the available parameters of the above mentioned equipment calculation of optimal indicators of the network load possibilities will not make any efforts. For this purpose, a special asynchronous mapping calculator is used, which is presented in several different variations. Spent resources and regularity of receiving the coins selected by the user also depend on the obtained values. The main role in the speed of obtaining them is assigned to the equipment used in this process. Improvements in the operating parameters of the device have a positive impact on the acceleration of earnings. And the choice of more affordable options will not allow you to count on substantial profits. They are only suitable for additional income if the system is fully loaded. And nothing more.

The most accurate and authoritative asycek yield calculator is available on the website https://whattomine.com. To perform calculations, it is enough to write the hash rate of the required asycee in the corresponding field and specify the command “Calculate”. The rest of the system will do by itself. This calculator asic is simple enough in work, but its possibilities allow to carry out calculation of productivity of system on all presented algorithms.

Aspects of ASIC-miner setup

But how to connect the asyk, what actions to take and in what order? The procedure is not particularly complicated. All that is important is to follow the rules and recommendations set out in the manual. And most of the principles are universal in nature. Although a number of steps depends on the brand name of the equipment and the specific model of the device.

Directly connection of asynchronous devices passes with consecutive performance of such actions:

  • Connecting the PSU. For this purpose it is necessary to connect the device case to the power supply unit by means of special connectors. All the way up to a characteristic click. Connect one of the connectors to the control panel. Most of the connectors are of a standard format and the order of priority is of no importance;
  • Connecting the router to the network cable;
    Test start. Network indicators should signal the start of activity. The fans must be running at low speed;
  • Checking the IP address. Without this, device control is out of the question. The address can be determined using special utilities or after logging into a browser. The router’s home page has all the information the user needs;
  • Control of the device via its web interface. Here you can already set up an asynchronous system, which includes input of the required pool, frequency regulation, power indication. It is also possible to change the firmware when needed;
  • All changes made must be saved. After rebooting the device can be put into operation. To monitor the status, a special tab with the main processes indicated on it is used. You can check the workflow itself and the receipt of the cryptographic currency in a few seconds. To do this, you only need to go to the previously registered account of the pool.

All data concerning the technical parameters of the device and its adjustment aspects can be found in the manufacturer’s instructions. The current temperature conditions require special attention. If the maximum permissible operating temperature of the asynchronous sensor is exceeded, the protection automatically switches off the equipment.

Above, standard instructions on how to set up an asynchronous sensor have been provided. There are also instructions on how to set up the asynchronous generator how to set up the s9 asyk. However, when purchasing this or that model of miner, you should carefully study the instructions offered by the manufacturer. Often, for its smooth understanding of the minor knowledge in English is enough. It is not necessary to forget also about specialized forums. There you can find answers to many interesting questions. Moreover, experienced users who have successful practice of obtaining cryptographic currency share their knowledge.

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