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Cordarar cs850m Mining

# Equipment

We will write a short review of the corsair cs850m power supply in mining, what and how much drags.

corsair cs850m

And so we have with corsair cs850m:

GOLD certificate

Line 12v – 71 Amperes

Breakaway cables

850 WT.

The official guarantee from the manufacturer is 10 years!

Price: 9 – 10 thousand rubles.

In principle, there is no need for other parameters for mining.

On what is tested:

4x RX 480 stitched under a strong acceleration – pulled on hurrah, although many will say that the minimum needed 1000w.

4x GTX 1060 is not straining at all, the floor maximum acceleration.

2x R9 390 under overclocking, no problem.

On each of these configurations, stood for a very long time…

Corsair cs850m our review:

Good quality block, pulls even as I wrote above 4×480 stitched, under overclocking. Warranty from the manufacturer 10 years! Personally at me it already 2,5 years works 24/7 under full load.

There are disadvantages, of course, this price, if you compare it with classmates. But it’s worth it.

I also advise you to read it:

Mining Raisers

Bye, everybody.

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13 February at 16:40
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