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Aerocool acps 1800w atx power supply for mining

# Equipment

I decided to try a power supply for mining Aerocool acps 1800w atx, and I liked it, but about this later.

Let’s start with more detailed information and characteristics of acps 1800w atx.

Price: from 5900 to 7500 rubles, depending on the store. (27.12.2018)

90% efficiency

Total power 1800 watts, 150 amps on 12v line

Connectors 6+2 pin – 16 pcs.

Increased number of Sata and Pata connectors

acps 1800w

These are the main characteristics that are interesting for mining.

Aerocool acps 1800w

Why is this power supply that fits into a standard ATX chassis, specifically for mining?

Special design, for high loads 24/7.

Fan, higher speed, for better cooling. There are also 2 ball bearings, which extend the life of the fan much longer. There’s almost no noise.

Also good cables that can withstand high loads.

Aerocool acps 1800w

There’s a block in this package.

From myself, the wires – that the network, that the wires that come from the block, to the touch of a very good quality. I think there should be no fusing.

I’ve been testing it for a long time. Under maximum card overclocking. It’s easy to pull:

8,000 amd rx 580.

8 video cards nvidia gtx 1070 ti

and so on, no interruptions or overheating. Then watch the video, unpacking:

While there are no complaints, if something happens during a long period of use, I will add it to the article.

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Any questions? Write in the comments.

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