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Mining farm 1060

# Equipment

Let’s talk about mining a farm on gtx 1060. In our example there will be a mining farm on 4 video cards 1060. Let’s look at the components, which power supply for the 4 1060 and the motherboard. And also the video at the end of the article.

Майнинг ферма 1060

Mining Farm gtx 1060

And so components for the mining farm at 4x gtx 1060 3 gb, and the price. Or we assemble a mining farm for 1060!

3 pieces of Palit dual 1060 3gb – they cost me 15k rubles, now everything is much more expensive. Excellent video cards for mining.

1 Palit Storm X 3gb – the same card, worse cooling current, bought it because it was on the stock 12.000 rubles.

The motherboard is from the gigabyte H110 d3 lga 1151.

Processor, RAM, hard disk – any processor, at least two cores, I used the Celeron g3930, 4gb operating system, hard disk, the cheapest media is 60 gigabytes. Price motherboard + per cent + operatives + Waiting = 10.000 rubles.

Power supply for 4 gtx 1060 – Corsair cs850m certificate Gold. He has a very large stock. So fit the same only with bronze, it is cheaper. The price of this 10,000 rubles.

The total we have 77.000 rubles per farm, add 1000 for cruisers. Well, the body for the mining of the farm 1060 comes out 200 rubles (if you do it yourself).

This is the composition of the farm for mining 1060.

But this at normal prices, now 12.02.2018 you will not find such prices anywhere. And the video cards themselves are hard to find, as a lot of miners buy.

Many people ask – for 4 1060 which power supply is better? As I wrote above that 800 – 850 wattnick with a certificate of bronze at least will do.

Farm housing size 1060, I do everything by trying on components and on site drawing. Ready sizes from the Internet do not advise to take, and do everything on the spot at each farm sizes for video cards of their own, as well as under the unit and motherboard.

Watch the video, and after measuring its consumption and income.

For those who haven’t watched the video, the productivity of the mining farm is 4,1060 on the air:

Майнинг ферма на 4 видеокартах 1060

As we can see, the total hash is 96 to 97 mh/s. How much electricity does the mining farm 1060 consume? As you can see in the screenshot 500 – 520 watts. Which is very good. Someone will say that 90 is a lot, but if you want more stable and less hang-ups, that’s it.

Now let’s move on to zec:

Потребление майнинг фермы на 1060 зек

As we can see the total hash rate 1200 – 1250 Sol/s, the consumption of the mining farm for 4,1060 hectars of about 510 – 520 watts.

We will also make a test dual mining.

We chose ether + sia.

4 1060 sia

As we can see, the results are not good. Earnings on the air is reduced many times, and from the second coin, much less increase. Solo, I think better.

How it works in other currencies and in other dual modes, we have a description in the test gtx 1060 on the link. – Mining на gtx 1060.

How do I set the farm to 1060 for mining? If you are new to this issue, you can configure it in the same way as a single video card, there is a detailed article. – How to start a mini.

Mining farm on 4 video cards 1060 income? It all depends on the complexity and course, today’s income ranges from 6.5 to 8 bucks a day. with a good course can reach 10 – 14.

The payback on a 1060 molding farm depends on how much you have spent on it, and it’s waiting to be changed. If everything is bought at a normal price, it usually takes 8 to 12 months. Although the pampas have been paid off in 3 months.

I also suggest you read it:

Mining Reisers – which one to choose.

Thank you all for your attention!

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