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Internet for mining, which one?

# Equipment

Today we will talk to you about the Internet for mining. Find out what kind of Internet for mining, what type of connection is suitable, and what speed is required. As well as the traffic consumed by mining.

Какой интернет для майнинга

What is the Internet for mining

Do I need the Internet for mining (online farm mining)? Of course we do, mining without internet will not work! Any modern Internet connection, such as fiber optic, ADSL, and others will work in the trailer. Even mobile Internet for mining will work in (3g/4g to 10 farms), the main thing is that there is a good connection, and normal ping. But mobile modems should be used with 3g/4g routers.

Internet speed for mining.

What speed internet is needed for mining (internet) – for one farm 1 megabit is enough, even more than that. Unless of course all the programs and drivers are already standing. For mining, you need a stable connection to the Internet.

How much Internet does mining consume – Internet traffic for mining needs about 100 megabytes per mining farm (4 video cards) with the system per day. Excluding antivirus updates, if you have one.

The Internet for farm mining is not so demanding.

Does the internet have an impact on mining? If you have it constantly turns off, of course, the output decreases. Of course, the less ping to the pool, the better! How to know ping, there is an article – How to know ping to pool. Up to 80 to 90 mc is normal. Above is bad.

Does the speed of the Internet (Internet) affect the mining? If you have 1 megabit on the farm, as I wrote above it’s ok, if the speed is higher, it will not affect the mining.

For Bitcoin Mining on Ashika, you need the same Internet and speed as on one farm.

I hope you understand what the Internet and the channel for mining should be like!

Internet to the minting garage.

Or a barn, for example. Here will fit a 3g/4g modem + router with usb input under the modem. The operator has to choose which one has the best signal in your location. If the signal is good, the ineta speed for mining several farms will be enough, the bundle router + modem look like this.

Интернет в гараж для майнинга

Where’s the red arrow, it’s a modem.

Any questions? Write it in a comment.

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Thank you all for your attention, bye.

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