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Hey, folks. I continue to answer the questions I’m asked most often in Skype, telegram and comments. The theme today is a video card raider.

рейзера для майнинга

Video card raiser for mining

First of all, let’s see, there are different types of video card readers. We’ll take apart the more famous ones.

Rasers with additional power – the most popular is a pci laser connects via usb cord to the board where we insert the video card and additional power. As well as which are connected by a loop.

And the raiser without additional power, which are connected only by the loop.

Many people choose an usb raiser.

Which ones are better for mining…

And so of course for convenience it is better to choose those that are connected by USB cord to the board, which in the middle of the picture above. But there are many of them too, the versions and power of the laser is different.

питание райзера

I recommend two types of food as in the picture – 4 pins, and sata food. Power supplies usually have a lot of outputs, and you don’t have to use all sorts of bad adapters. I put half a 4-pin on the farm and half a sata power supply.

Reiser version is 006 (4 pins), and 007 (sata). I’ve never had a problem with these Mining Video Card Raisers, not me, not my friends. Unless you take from a good salesman. I think you’ve chosen the mining video card cruiser.

There’s also a popular type of cruiser:

выбор рейзера для майнинга

Уof this Raiser for mining the price is much lower (if you search) than that of Raisers. But the amenities are much less. About the reliability is hard to say, I had such a year, there were no problems. But if such a razier is constantly pulling, taking out and inserting, there is a chance that the loop will break.

I wouldn’t advise you to put a razier without extra power.

The best Raiser for Mining is the one I indicated in the first case (006, 007 (sata, 4pin). So it’s up to you to choose a mountaineering cruiser.

There are also raisers that have several types of power (white with red), but so far they have been complained about. And then there’s black and red. But while they’ve been working for a month, I can’t say anything, I’ll give you the link below.

Buy some mining razors

I don’t order a raiser for an aliexpress, an Avito or any other salesman. Because they’re trying to save money on purchases, and they have a lot of marriages. I take from proven vendors.

Reisers for minting aliexpress links:

raiser 006 4 pin

raiser 004 sata

and just in case – catering raiser (Black Red)

You can buy a video card raiser for mining using these links.

Any questions? Write in comments.

I also advise you to read it:

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Thank you all for your attention!

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24 January at 15:34
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