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Test Mining Results RTX 2070 Super

# Equipment

The updated RTX Super line of graphics cards from NVidia offers increased performance compared to standard RTX accelerators, at the same price. The recommended price from the manufacturer for RTX 2070S is $500, which will have a negative impact on its popularity among miners, as the cost of standard RTX 2070 should soon fall by 10%. RTX 2070S is based on the TU104 core, which has 2563 CUDA cores and 40 streaming multiprocessors (SM). The memory subsystem has 8GB of GDDR6 and a 256-bit bus. Compared to the usual 2070, the changes only affect the graphics core, and the RTX 2070 super mining should show slight improvements in algorithms that require graphics core performance.

Майнинг RTX 2070 Super

Also in the test, 2060, 2070 both Super and 2080.

Let’s consider characteristics 2070S in more details and we will compare it with other adapters of ruler RTX:

Specifications RTX2060S RTX2070 RTX2070S RTX2080S
Release 09.07.2019 23.10.2018 09.07.2019 25.07.2019
Core Frequency (Boost) 1475








Core CUDA 2178 2178 2563 3072
Gflops (GF32) 7185 7470 9065 11155
Memory capacity (GDDR 6) 8 ГБ 8 ГБ 8 ГБ 8 ГБ
Bit memory


256 256 256
Memory performance
448 448 448 496
Power Consumption (W) 175 175 175 215
Declared price 400$ 500$ 500$ 700$

Based on the table, we can assume that the mining of 2070 super algorithms, which are memory demanding, will not differ from its predecessor in the face of 2070, and the results of coin mining based on the use of a graphic kernel, will not achieve the results of RTX 2080.

Testing RTX 2070S in different algorithms

It should be added that 2070 super hash rate results are based on standard frequency (1800 MHz) and acceleration (+100 MHz on kernel, +850 MHz on memory and PL 100%).

Algorithm RTX2070 RTX2070 S RTX2070 S + разгон RTX2080
ETH 42MH/S MH/s 42 MH/s 42 MH/s 45 MH/s
X16r 26 MH/s 27 MH/s 28 MH/s 30 MH/s
Zhash 77 Sol/s 83 Sol/s 86 Sol/s 90 Sol/s
Beam 35 Sol/s 36.91 Sol/s 38.73 Sol/s 40 Sol/s
MTP 3.67 MH/s 3.79 MH/s 3.89 MH/s 4.1 MH/s
CryptonightR 870 H/s 879 H/s 885 H/s 935 H/s
CuckooCicle 8.4 G/s 8.7 G/s 8.9 G/s 10 G/s
Lyra2z 4.78 MH/s 4.95 MH/s 5.168 MH/s 5.3 MH/s
Skunk 60 MH/s 64 MH/s 67 MH/s 71 MH/s

The result of the RTX 2070 ETH is identical not only to the previous 2070 adapter, but also to the smaller RTX 2060S card. In other algorithms, the adapter exceeds last year’s predecessor by 5-10%, but even in overclocking does not reach the RTX 2080.

Profitable production

The list of the most profitable algorithms for mining can be included: X16R and RT, MTP, CuckooCycle.

Next are less profitable, reserve options for mining: Zhash, Xevan, ProgPow, Ethash and others.

For 2070S mining it is not worth considering coins mined by Asik-devices and half-life, hip projects.

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Small total

Based on the test results, the RTX 2070S does not differ much from the standard 2070, the situation is slightly corrected by overclocking, but even with increasing frequency adapter does not reach the RTX 2080. In our opinion, the main task of RTX 2070S is to bring down the price of RTX 2070. In terms of usage the adapter turned out to be successful, even the reference version doesn’t warm up above 69 degrees, and models from Asus and other manufacturers work at the steady temperature of about 65 degrees. During testing in overclocking mode video card consumed up to 250 watts of power and to build a farm of 6 adapters will need a power supply of 1900 watts or two to 1000 watts. As a result, you can recommend buying a cheaper RTX 2070 adapter or consider buying a smaller number of older RTX 2080 or Ti models.

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