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Relevance of mining on GTX 1080 Ti in 2020

# Equipment

Despite the appearance of the latest NVidia GTX 20XX graphics cards, the past lineup, led by 1080 ti, is still continuously mining cryptovolta in farms around the world. With the release of new graphics cards, prices for 1080 and 1080 ti noticeably decreased, in addition, the secondary market has many options to buy a graphics card 1080 ti after mining. Of course, the card can already be called outdated and losing the competition to the new top, but the price / performance ratio is at a high level to consider buying it for farm assembly. Before considering the 1080 ti molding results, let’s take a closer look at its characteristics.

gtx 1080 ti майнинг

GTX 1080 Ti Specification

Graphic system of the graphics card is based on the GP102 chip created by 16nm technical process, it includes 6 cluster blocks and 28 multiprocessors. The memory subsystem has 11 GB GDDR5X, with a frequency of 5500 MHz.

As you can see from the characteristics, a video card is still one of the most powerful single chip solutions. It can be assumed that GeForce 1080 ti mining results will be equally good, both in algorithms that use memory and algorithms that load the graphics core.

The power subsystem is made according to the scheme 8+8 pin, the maximum operating temperature of the core is 93 degrees, but when used it rarely rises above 75, in addition, we will further consider options to reduce it. To ensure reliable power supply you should use a PSU of at least 600 Watts. If you try to answer the question of what is the best 1080 ti for mining, then first of all you should pay attention to the cooling system operation, the maximum TDP is as much as 250 Watts. Among all the variants on the market we can mention gigabyte 1080 ti mining on which we personally checked and no problems with cooling or settings were noticed. Having analyzed the characteristics of the adapter in detail, we can proceed to the next question, namely – mining for 1080 ti best algorithm 2019, what to choose?

GTX 1080 TI test results in mining

It should be noted at once that testing was performed at factory settings, with a maximum TDP of 250 Watts and standard kernel and memory frequencies. And also used a tablet (increases the hash rate of the airwaves). Under such conditions gtx 1080 ti mining showed the following results:

Ethash 49 MH/s
Zhash 86 H/s
X16R 29 MH/s
TimeTravel10 50 MH/s
Lyra2Rev3 77 MH/s
CryptoNightR 750 H/s
Beam 38 H/s
NeoScrypt 1900 KH/s
BCD 35 MH/s
Hex 21 MH/s

To view the hash of any algorithm of interest, you can use the online calculator to calculate the profitability and learn, for example, 1080 ti zcash, the exact profit at the current rate.

During the tests, the power consumption of the video card was at 240-250 Watts, almost all algorithms, at an average temperature of 68-72 degrees. This is quite an acceptable figure for a 2-year-old video card. Of course the results of hash rate and power consumption can be improved, so further we will consider 1080 ti tuning for process optimization.

Acceleration and power optimization 1080 Ti

It should be noted at once that the settings were made using MSI Afterburner and the BIOS was not changed. The overclocking of 1080 ti for mining affected both kernel and memory frequency (+100 MHz/+700 MHz) and PL, power consumption – 75%.

At such settings the accelerator showed an increase from 8 to 12% in performance tests, for example, Ethash algorithm showed 54 MH/s instead of the standard 49 MH/s.

Then let’s translate the hash rate into profitability and answer the next frequently asked question – how much does 1080 ti mining bring?

Revenue and Payback of mining on NVidia 1080 Ti

When choosing the currency to be mined, you should be guided by the hash rate data, watch the crypt currency rate and know the exact electricity price.

Taking the average value of geforce gtx 1080 ti mining will bring about $1 per day for video cards without overclocking and about $1.15-1.20 per day, excluding the electricity price. This will be more than $30 per month, but you need to know the price per kilowatt of electricity, because the high price will wipe out all profits and can even drive you down.

If you use the simplest and most popular method of calculation – NiceCash, we will see that the mining farm 1080 ti from one video card will bring a month less than $ 30, and when calculating the electricity spent at the minimum rate – more than $ 15.

Would you like to choose the most profitable video card to minimize? Check out the top rated graphics cards by clicking the link.

Relevance of attachments and small total

Taking into account the results of nvidia 1080 ti mining tests obtained in 2020, it can be noted that the video card is still profitable at a low price per kilowatt of electricity. Of course, it is inferior to RTX 2080 and 2080 TI, which bring income up to $45-47 per month, but the price of these accelerators is much higher. When thinking about buying 1080 Ti first of all should pay attention to 1080 ti after mining to buy, which is found quite a lot in the secondary market a good price, about $ 200-250. Such an investment looks much more promising than buying a new 2070 at a similar price, while inferior to the past top in performance. Of course, buying a used adapter is always a risk and it is worth buying such a product only from proven sellers and understand the typical problems of certain models.

As for the relevance of the investment, one video card 1080 ti mining payback will come in about 15 months of use, while not forgetting the ever-increasing demand for equipment and take into account the constant leaps in the rate of cryptovalut. Buying a mining riga of several GTX 1080 Ti and now looks like a good investment, but if you have a decent amount of money, then in our opinion it is better to invest in the purchase of an actual line of RTX starting with the model 2080, which is based on an updated GDDR6 memory and will provide the longest possible life cycle.

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