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Overview and test of the Amd radeon rx 570 4gb graphics card in mining by the example of msi gaming

# Equipment

Greetings to Miners, as the start of sales of video cards amd radeon rx 570 in Russia has not long ago, many people are interested in how it behaves in mining and its characteristics. We decided to make a test and write a review after that to make our review, in our article there will be an example on msi rx 570 gaming x mining video card. I apologize at once for the photo, the 9th of May is not enough time, I had to take a photo on my mobile instead of making quality screenshots.

rx 570 photo

amd radeon rx 570 msi 4gb gaming x

The price of this rx 570 was 17000 rubles, which is a lot, but we had no other choice, plus MSI themselves expensive but also high quality, and so can be found for about 15500 – 16000 rubles.

Characteristics rx 570 msi gaming x (below photo)

Core frequency 1281 Mhz

Frequency memory 7000 Mhz

4gb memory capacity, Hynix.

These are the basic characteristics we need, detailed in the photo.

rx 470 4gb msi gaming x gpu z характеристики

Now let’s start the most interesting thing, what is the speed and profitability of the mining it produces. Since today (9.05.2017) the most stable and profitable coins are the dual ethereum (ether) + decred (dcr) and ZCASH (equihash), we will consider these algorithms.

We’ll start with the drain from the box, without overclocking and firmware.

Speed and hash rate amd radeon rx 570 msi gaming x 4g eth + dcr (Tested on claymore dual miner eth 9.3 and crimson 17.4 drivers) (By the way, if you don’t know how to max out an airwaves read about – How to get newcomers on the air)

Скорость и хешрейт amd radeon rx 570 msi gaming x 4g eth + dcr

As you can see the results are not very pleasing 21.8 mh/s + decree in the photo. But that’s a drain.

Now the same only flashed, with copied timings from 1500 (Tested on claymore dual miner eth 9.3 and crimson 17.4 drivers).

How to flash a video card by clicking on the link – Sew bios video cards.

Скорость и хешрейт amd radeon rx 570 msi gaming x 4g eth + dcr с прошитым биосом

This is already a good result with parameters 1350 kernel, 2070 Mhz memory – 28.5 mh/s + decree on the photo. The result is good but I wasn’t very happy with the price, rx 480 4gb from asus which I bought for 15.000 rubles, at these parameters gives more.

With the new 14.7 miner the hash rate will increase by about 2 mh/s. – https:/articles/16-claymore-s-gpu-dual-miner-etherium-amd-nvidia-skachat-sia-decred-lbry-pascal-8-0.html

Now let’s move on to the zkash. All the measurements were already with a flashed video card.

Speed and hash rate amd radeon rx 570 msi gaming x 4g ZCASH (equihash)

For those who do not know how to maneuver a zkash, read… – how to mince zcash)

The screenshots unfortunately have not survived, I will write them down (tested on claymore miner zcash 12.4 and crimson 17.4 drivers) :

With kernel 1250, memory 2050 – 310 sol/s

Core 1140, memory 2050 – 280 sol/s

It’s a little higher than the rx 470. Basically, the cache has good results.

The power consumption of the rx 570 is about the same as that of the rx 470, but a little more, not much. The approximate power consumption of the amd rx570 is 120 – 130 watts of core, and together with the system (motherboard and processor) about 200 – 230 watts.

Now our review of the radeon rx 570: if you don’t really have rx 470, 480 on sale, you should take crypto currency for mining, but you should definitely flash it changing timings.

Firmware in rx 570 is the same as in rx 470, 480. Detailed article and video about how to flash rx 400 series and 500 series video cards will be on our site soon, please, wait.

By the way, if you don’t know how to mine or can’t do it, I advise you to read this article. – how to get newcomers on the video card.

There’s also an interesting article – Best graphics cards for mining.

Good luck, everybody and happy Victory Day!)

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