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amd radeon r9 390 mining ether, zcash and other cryptology on the example of ASUS STRIX GAMING 2018

# Equipment

Hi miners, today we will talk about the last series of maps, namely the top map at the time for mining amd radeon r9 390 8gb on the example of Asus strix gaming in 2017.

asus strix r9 390

We will protest it, find out what r9 390 hash rate and speed in mining on actual and other algorithms.

asus strix r9 390 майнинг

Let’s start by comparing it with the current vs rx480/580 mining tops.

+390 gives more than 480/580 almost all currencies (zec, pascal, dcr, etc.), except for the air, on the air they give equally

+Don’t have to be stitched to get the maximum speed

Now the downsides

-Energy consumption is 2 and sometimes 3 times higher

-Very warm, much stronger than 480/580, ovens in a word.

-The power supply is much more powerful

But before there was no other choice and everyone bought the r9 390 for mining, in principle it is relevant and profiteering today.

Now let’s start the test itself in mining.

Let’s start with Mining on amd r9 390 ether ETH + DCR in dual mode, on air it gives that in solo mode that in dual the same hash rate and speed. (if you can’t read it) — how to get newcomers on the air)

Speed and hash rate ETH + DCR to r9 390, Claymore Dual Miner 9.5, Windows 7 x64, Crimson Drivers 15.12.

asus strix r9 390 майнинг eth + dcr

as we can see quite good results (29.8 mh/s), but the consumption of r9 390 together with the system 370 watts, a lot of course, well, this is the 300 series. There’s $5 a day from mining on the air today (7.06.2017).

Overclocking and overclocking settings for the r9 390 are not needed, they are of little use (not at all chasing), except to reduce the voltage and a little core, for lower consumption.

Then the next update is ZCASH Speed and hash rate on r9 390, Claymore zcash miner 12.5, Windows 7 x64, Crimson 15.12 Drivers (if you can’t read it, you can’t do it at all). — how to mince zcash).

asus strix r9 390 майнинг zcash

As we can see, it’s not bad either, under a small +20 core acceleration, we got somewhere around 390sol/s.

consumption of 360 watts with the system.

Now test screen r9 390 8gb on other popular algorithms (Pascal, x11, decred, lbra etc.)

asus strix r9 390 хешрейт бечмарк

Now the 2a most popular questions and answers:

Question: Is there a firmware r9 390 for Mainig?

Answer: No, and there’s no need to firmware r9 390, it’s already pressing the maximum.

Question: Which r9 390 driver is better for mining?

Answer: Many Claymore developers recommend the driver for the 300 series Crimson 15.12, I put the last one, I couldn’t tell the difference.

I guess that’s it, good luck to everyone, wait for new reviews.

Also take a look at this.

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Since 390 is outdated, I suggest you read… – best graphics cards for mining table.


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