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Mining on r7 370 amd radeon ethereum, zcash, exp and other algorithms on the example of MSI Gaming 4

# Equipment

Welcome friends, today’s speech will go about another good map for past years’ mining is Msi gaming r7 370 4gb from amd radeon. But there is one good chip you will learn about later.

Msi r7 370 4gb gaming

the card’s power consumption averages 140 watts, which is a bit high. Let’s still protest it. By the way, don’t confuse it with some people calling it r9 370 or rx 370, right it is R7 370.

Msi r7 370 4gb gaming

We will test and find out the hash rate and speed mapping (eth) + dcr, zcash (zec), exp and other less relevant currencies.

Let’s start with the most popular direction it is;

Mining ethereum (etherium) + decred (eth+dcr) in duel on amd radeon r7 370 4gb (for r7 370 2gb mining of the air is no longer suitable, you need to mining zcash or exp about them below) miner claymore dual miner 9.5, windows 7, drivers crimson 15.12 (if you do not know how to read it, you can’t do it. — how to get newcomers on the air)


mining r7 370 eth + dcr

Don’t forget to prescribe -dcri 35 in kettlebuttons as an optimal value. Here’s how you see 10.5mh/s on the air, and 364 mh/s on the dcri, it’s not bad if you start one air with 11 mh/s, which is a bit low, consumption of r7 370 in dual mode with the system 230 watts.

Next, mining Zcash on amd radeon r7 370 2gb, will work for both 2 gb and 4 gb. Claymore Zcash miner 12.5, windows 7, crimson drivers 15.12 (if you don’t know how to read — how to mince zcash).

r7 370 miningzcash

As we can see, 170 sol/s, weakly of course, although for its price is normal consumption with the system 222 watts.

And now remember how I wrote about the chip, here it is mining exp, although the same algorithm that is on the air, but since the complexity is small, it gives speed more than on the air, that’s what happens, and it comes out more profitable than the air + decred.

Mining EXP on amd radeon r7 370, will fit both 2 gb and 4 gb. Claymore dual miner 9.5, windows 7, crimson 15.12 drivers.

r7 370 mining exp

As we see 18 mh/s, which by the way is not bad, and the profit is the highest, consumption is about 218 watts.

Now we know the speed and hash rate of r7 370 on other popular algorithms (Pascal, lbry, x11 and others).


r7 370 хешрейт

And add X11Gost 0.520 mh/s.

Now popular questions and answers from them:

Q: What settings and overclocking should I use for the r7 370?

Answer: Leave it on default, you can add a little more, but it’s not very useful, 370 is not almost chasing.

Question: Can the r7 370 be flashed?

Answer: Firmware that is, some fashionable, but zero will add 0.2 mx / s, meaning no.

As r7 370 is morally outdated, I advise you to read it. – Video card rating for mining.


It’s basically all about her. I suggest you read more.

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